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PSAT set for next Wednesday

By Catey Mendoza
Staff Writer

Sophomores and juniors will be taking the PSAT in the auxiliary gym and library on Oct. 15. The test is designed to prepare students for the SAT.
The signup deadline has already passed but Kayhi counselor Natasha O’Brien said some extra tests were ordered for kids who still want to take it.
On average, students in Alaska who have taken the PSAT first tend to score about 200 points higher on their SAT said Mrs. O’Brien.
“I think that’s partly because they get some practice with the format of it, maybe makes them a little less nervous, and when you get your results back you get study suggestions so you know what you are good at and what you still need to work on,” Mrs. O’Brien said.
Senior Hailee Miller said the PSAT helped her prepare for the SAT because then she knew to not answer the questions she didn’t know.
“You get docked a quarter of a point for every question answered incorrectly, but if you leave an answer blank then you don’t get penalized for it unlike the ACT which doesn’t subtract any points for wrong answers,” said Miller.

Freshman officers elected

By Cheyenne Mathews
Staff Writer

Winners of the freshman class SBA officers were announced Oct. 3. Candidacy was decided after speeches were given on Sept. 30.
President Michael Starr said the whole class was his family.
“I was walking past a vending machine and it said ‘share a coke with your family’. Well, I would share a coke with you because you are all my family,” said Starr in his speech.
Vice President Kody Malouf  said he was a visionary that could change the school.
“As most of you already know, I’m a visionary and when I want change, I change it… dream on dream big, with me on your side there’s nothing we can’t accomplish,” Malouf said in his speech.
Secretary Nate Eisenhower said he was active in school and would make a good secretary.
“Having school spirit and showing it is very important to me,” Eisenhower said in his speech.
Eisenhower won unopposed. Malouf and Starr beat opponents Arick Mattson and Mey Tuinei.