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NOSB preps for State

Preston McLaren
Staff Writer

The defending state champion Kayhi NOSB team is preparing to defend their title this weekend in Seward. The team placed 3rd on their research paper and have been preparing for hours for the upcoming competition.

Julie Landwehr, science teacher and supervisor of NOSB for ten years is getting ready for state and hopes for a repeat.

“Throughout our team, at least one person has hit every science in the school with extra focus on marine sciences,” said Landwehr. “The questions are really broad so it’s hard to prepare, we try to see where our weaknesses are and strengthen them. We have a team of mostly all 4-year members and I hope to win state again this year so we can head to Mississippi!”

Last week the Kayhi NOSB team gave a presentation on what NOSB is all about on Feb. 5. They presented the same presentation each period of the school day to inform all students who wanted to learn about it and to help the members further study for the upcoming challenge.

Senior Caity Pearson and veteran member of the NOSB team has been preparing all year and thinks they have what it takes and is ready for the upcoming competition.

“We are super pumped for state this year,” said Pearson. “We have been preparing for a long time and we’re super happy about getting 3rd on our paper. We seem to do better every year so I’m super excited for this year and think we have a great chance!”

Academic Athletes Head To State

The Kayhi Debate team will be traveling to Anchorage this Friday for the state meet.
The resolve is the same topic the students had in January at the home meet, “Should the United States end its arm sales to Saudi Arabia?”
Junior Dametre Martin is feeling excited for state.
“It’s a combination of excitement and stress,” said Martin. “The excitement comes from being able to perform at a higher level, along with the stress that comes with all of the preparation.”

The AcDc team will be traveling to Anchorage this Friday to represent Kayhi in the state tournament.
Senior Dan Neufeldt spoke aboout his confidence in the upcoming tournament.
“I’m very confident that I can place high in my respective categories.” said Neufeldt, “I am a little stressed, but am prepared for whatever they throw at me.
Kayhi especially wants to place high at state so they can repeat last year’s national victory.
“I’m hoping that we pick this victory up at state, so we can advance to the national tournament,”said Senior Grant Dulay. “Winning the national tournament last year really showed the school that AcDc is something to care about.

Kayhi’s National Ocean Science Bowl team (NOSB) will compete in the state level quiz and the Tsunami Bowl this weekend in Seward.
Kayhi’s NOSB team, The Saber-Toothed Salmon, are seeded 5th for the jeopardy style quiz.
The quiz is in two parts. Half is multiple choice, and the other are short answer questions.
Along with the questions, the team will present their 15 page research paper which will be tacked on to the teams final score.
Team co-captain Laura Sherrill said the questions are all related to the ocean.
“They have to do with policy, biology, chemistry, marine life, anything that pertains to the ocean,” said Sherrill.
The Tsunami Bowl will be held on Friday and Saturday

NOSB Members:
Laura Sherrill (Co-Captain)
Caity Pearson (Co-Captain)
Anne Coss
Remi Howe
Talisa McKinley