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Freshmen, Take Control

Staff Writer
Hannah Maxwell

Last year in AP Bio, I planted 12 pea seeds. Only six of them grew. The half that did were awesome, the half that didn’t, we had no idea why.
Freshman are like pea seeds. You water them and hope that they all grow up big and strong, but there’s more to it than environment. The factors that will decide if your seed grows are out of your hands. Why does that one seed seem to accidentally grow when another with everything it needed, didn’t.
Freshmen are just starting to bridge the gap between adolescence and adulthood. They still have this cocoon around them. There’s a couple of them that seem destined to be prom kings and queens and others who you hope life is kinder to. In the end, a freshman has to take control of his or her own growth. Part of me wishes I could go back and tell freshman Hannah that she turns out alright. Tell her to keep going, that doing your homework actually does help. I don’t think she’d listen, but at least I could say I tried.
Looking back on it being a freshman was scary, but I found people who were like me in that they weren’t necessarily concerned with high school being the best four years of their lives. They wanted to have fun, while creating a productivity standard and a standard of conduct that I liked, could follow and as a result, I never felt alone. Seniors who gave me the slightest bit of attention, like the star softball player who was in my art class and said hi to me once in awhile, she made a difference. I wouldn’t say we were friends, but she helped me pick my group. She was the type of person I was looking for. Surround yourself with people who have the qualities you’re striving for, set yourself up for success.
People become their friends. If you hang out with a crowd who doesn’t care about school and can’t see the bigger picture, then you are going to become that kind of person. In relationships and friendships you should never settle. Everyone loves attention, but sometimes you have to recognize who is giving you that attention and distance yourself from them.
When you’re always around positive people it makes it easier to be positive. My coach always says, “attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?” Sometimes you need to flip the phrase, do you want to have the same attitude as the people around you? High school is a stepping stone, a foundation, not the peak of your life. All this being said, you don’t have to be the same as your friends. You don’t have to be clones. It’s not about having all the same interests, it’s about having the common denominators, productivity and kindness.
Once you get to high school your daily choices really start to affect your reality. Your grades determine your future options. You don’t need to be a 4.0 student, but you do need to challenge yourself and work hard in your classes. When I was a freshman I wish someone would’ve told me that being a good and hard-working person means more than anything else. Who you are is more important than what you’ve done.


Farewell Third Hour

Lezille Sagrado

Taking journalism has definitely been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in high school. Leaving one of my favorite teachers and favorite class is going to suck, and I’m probably not going to find this anywhere else. Journalism changed my perspective on writing and it became something I want to pursue in college. It’s bittersweet to say that this will be the last thing I write for the Kayhi Current. So thank you for giving me the opportunity to explore something that I’ve grown to love. I will never forget the things I learned.

A Wrestler’s Thanksgiving

Joey Karlik
Staff Writer

Twas’ the night before Thanksgiving and everyone exits their schools. The leaves are gone and so are the ghouls. This is usually a special occasion and everyone should join. I should be eating some juicy pork tenderloin. My friends are all eating, but something is flawed. For I did not join them, and the same goes for my wrestling squad. I can’t even eat my own turkey, being cut with the knife. These are the troubles of a wrestling life.
This year is the last time I will ever have to uphold this horrible tradition. I really love eating food, especially this time of year. Wrestlers have a huge responsibility that no other athletes have to truly do, that being to watch our weight. I walk around at roughly 143 pounds but have to be under 139.
People tell me, “Why do you do this to yourself?” or “That’s unhealthy, stop it!” or even “Do you ever eat?” Yes I do eat, just not as much as you. Every year I do the exact same thing, so I know how I’m going to feel that weekend. My thanksgiving dinner consists of a handful of fruit and nut trail mix, a lemonade vitamin water, a couple slices of lunch meat, and half a bagel. That is indulging myself. I shouldn’t even have the bagel. That’s like a special treat to us wrestlers.
As soon as I eat this though, my wrestling coach, a.k.a my dad, tells me to go run tonight so I don’t become too fat. I run for roughly 45 minutes to lose probably just the lunch meat and the water. I feel guilty to walk around with the trail mix inside of me, but I know I will lose it in my sleep.
The next day, I wake up at around 7 being 140 and unsatisfied. Everyone else is still in bed with a food coma that I never got. I sit on the couch and with a protein bar in my left hand and a shot glass-sized cup of water in my right. I raise my right hand to the air and make a toast to myself and say, “Happy Thanksgiving”.
This year though will be slightly different. I will run with more energy, I will eat with pride. I won’t walk around guilty, and I will raise my toast knowing one thing and one thing only, there’s a last time for everything.

Life is a Soundtrack

Brittany Slick
Online Editor

Every time I hear “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol I’m eight years old again, dancing around the kitchen on a Sunday morning while my mom cooks pancakes.
I’m not actually there. But the song just places me right back in that moment.
Everyone recalls memories by different things — sights, smells, sounds, even circumstances like deja vu.
I grew up listening and accidentally memorizing everything from Paul Simon to Kenny Chesney, all of which became a soundtrack to some of the more memorable moments of my childhood.
Uncle Kracker sang “Follow Me” as my friends and I went to lunch last week and we all found ourselves joining in because we knew the lyrics by heart. This song is definitely not on Pandora’s Today’s Top Hits, as it was released in the year we were born (2000). So how did we learn every word when we had no clue what, “swimming through our veins like fish in the sea” meant, especially as terrible twos?
Anyway, listening to that song took me back to driving out to Settler’s, stopping at Ward Cove Deli for bean and cheese burritos– the smell lingering in the hot car the whole drive out. Who knows if I would have remembered that day at the beach with my cousins had that song not attached itself?
I knew I would remember special moments in my life like my 16th birthday party or getting my first dog, but now, the only reason something sticks is because of a song. I have no other reason to file such insignificant moments in my life other than having music that goes with them.
Psychologists say your memories aren’t your memories unless they are from your point of view, otherwise you’re just remembering something someone else told you.
I think that’s why I enjoy music so much. It lets me be in the memory rather than recalling it; like one does when looking at pictures.
Adults always say that since I’m only 17, I don’t even have a fraction of the memories I will have in my life. And that’s true. But right now, I feel like I have a lifetime of them — and the playlists to prove it.
Ask me what I was doing three months ago, I would have no idea. Play my summer music, and I could tell you exactly what I was doing, who I was with, and my mood with each song that comes on.
If I want to throw it back to middle school, I’ll shuffle my 2013 playlist, blasting Ke$ha and Katy Perry on repeat. If I want to relive prom night, I’ll listen to Heartache on the Dancefloor by Jon Pardi. If I’m reminiscing the Watershed Festival, I’ll get in my car and listen to the entire Traveller album by Chris Stapleton.
If organized playlists aren’t enough, I also have a VSCO (basically an unpopular Instagram) that I post pictures on, captioning each one with a song. I have a song for every picture, a picture for every memory.
Pictures are great, diaries are great — but they don’t satisfy the feeling that music gives me. Now that my high school playlist is coming to an end, I can’t wait to see what my college soundtrack will be.


Halloween: Horror to Entertainment


Mr. Cron dressed as Mr. Fama (pictured left) & Mrs. Karlik dressed as a troll (pictured right)

Brittany Slick & Keri Thomas
Staff Writers

As a kid, you are told to never take candy from strangers, never go out after dark, and never use a knife that’s not a butter knife. All of these rules are thrown out the window on one specific day of the year – Halloween.
Halloween has some of the strangest traditions of any holiday, yet it is still one of the most popular holidays to partake in. But, why is that? Throughout the years, the customs have developed, now taking on new purposes and meanings. This has made the holiday less dark, and more enjoyable for all the candy-lovers and costume fanatics.

Then: According to Matt Soniak from, the tradition of carving Jack-O-Lanterns came from the old legend of Stingy Jack who, after a life of mischief, was punished by having to wander earth as a ghost. People would carve ugly faces in turnips to ward Jack away.
Now: Pumpkin carving today is seen as a fun, family event where kids carve cute faces into pumpkins and put them out as decoration.

Then: Wearing scary costumes on halloween came from the idea that on this night, dead spirits walked the earth. Dressing up was a way to disguise yourself so the ghosts wouldn’t bother you.
Now: Finding a Halloween costume every year now is a fun way to be creative or become one of your favorite movie characters.

Then: On Halloween night or All Souls Day, people believed souls would be wandering the earth before going to the afterlife. The tradition of setting out food for the spirits as they would travel through, turned into what we call Trick or Treating.
Now: Trick or Treating is the main event on Halloween night for kids; full of running around with friends to go get unnecessary amounts of candy from neighbors.

Then: Originally, a black cat was the symbol of the devil. Since cats were household pets, people started assuming the owner of a black cat to be a witch, which they used to help them perform black magic.
Now: Black cats are considered a sign of bad luck, but during Halloween they are used as decorations and banners as a symbol of this not-so-scary night.

Then: The traditional black and orange colors of Halloween came from the idea that October 31st marked the end of the autumn harvest (orange) and the beginning of a dark and cold winter (black).
Now: Although everything is still covered in these colors, nobody really remembers their origin. The colors just sort of stuck.

So why do we still include these crazy traditions in the 21st century? We, as a society, have monetized and commercialized the Halloween holiday, alike all others. The scaring is supposed to be thrilling. The haunted houses and costumes are supposed to be funny. When we carve pumpkins and light them, we aren’t thinking of it as warding off evil spirits. Like wrapping Christmas presents, their only purpose now is entertainment and decoration. We have turned a dark and scary day into a light-hearted parody of its past purpose, making it only more fun and entertaining to society.



November Culture

Dante Troina
Staff Writer

The last two months, in terms of music and film, have been some of the driest times in culture in my high school career. No event warranted a build up in hype, and many promising projects fell flat. November is the month where the culture is supposed to get back on track, with a handful of album releases, sports seasons in full swing, and blockbuster movies hitting theaters, there are many things planned that should keep the culture moving into December. Here are a list of things I expect to happen before ABC Family starts having their Christmas marathons.

Taylor Swift’s 6th studio album, Reputation, will be her best billboard performance yet… And her worst album to date. It would be no surprise to me if Reputation beats out 1989’s 1.2 million copies sold first week. Music is easier than ever to stream and buy these days (Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL) and sales numbers for top artists have been at record highs and inflated astronomically since Taylor’s last release in 2014. There hasn’t been a solid female pop album all year, and the last big commercial release was Katy Perry’s dud in June. Swift could easily sell 1.5 million first week, especially with a starved, ever-growing fan base. While Swift may set records, Reputation will be a disappointment. For the record, I’m not a Taylor Swift hater, I could sing every word to the majority of the songs on her last two albums (and who doesn’t love Shake It Off?). I would love for this album to be successful, but none of the three singles up to this point have been groundbreaking or that enjoyable at all. Look What You Made Me Do was a mess of a song, it tried using the same formula as Shake It Off (beat switch, annoyed of ‘haters’, mad voicemails) but didn’t have anywhere near the same catchy tune, and completely abandoned the light heartedness attitude that made Shake It Off fun. The second single for the album was forgetful and doesn’t even deserve a title mention, and the recently released Gorgeous wasn’t bad, but sounds eerily similar to the far superior Blank Space. Taylor has proven to consistently make good music for years, but the experimental phase she’s going through right now doesn’t appear to be working. She seems more focused on the controversial headlines she’s been in (hence the New York Times font on her cover) and, no pun intended, is putting her reputation above making good music.

Frontrunners for championships will be established in College Football… This November is setting up to be one of the wildest months in college football history. With no clear picture of a frontrunner available yet, and only eight teams without a loss, there will be plenty of high stakes games come Thanksgiving time. Most of the races for conference titles are between three or more teams, creating an all out battle royale for the four slots in the playoff. Alabama will have to go into a dangerous Auburn team’s stadium to determine the SEC East winner, Washington and Washington State will meet in what could be their most high stakes rivalry game to date, and there are about 5 teams in each of the BIG-10 and BIG-12 that can possibly take the crown of their conferences.

Here’s my prediction for the final four teams:

  1. Penn State (13-0)
  2. Auburn (11-2 w/ win vs. Bama)
  3. Alabama (11-1)
  4. Oklahoma State / Washington (12-1)

Superhero films, both Marvel and DC, will return in glorifying fashion… Marvel will continue their ever lasting string of good movies, and DC will build off of the pulse that Wonder Woman gave it in June. Both Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok will be solid films, and both will perform very well at the box office. If I were a betting man, the safe choice for one to be a better movie would be Thor, but there is a part of me that is more than excited to finally see a Justice League on the big screen. There will be tons of converted Marvel fans that only want the Marvel Universe to have great movies, but why would anyone not want two great superhero universes? Thor is the closest thing to a guarantee to be a solid film, but Justice League has been all over the place in production. If both movies are made to the fullest potential, November will be one of the best movie months in recent memory.

Travis Scott and Quavo’s album will (finally) drop… And it will become an instant fan favorite. Collaboration mixtapes like this one aren’t meant to win Grammys, but this one will be nominated at next year’s show; maybe not for best album, as it won’t have a concept or touch on social issues, but there will be a handful of songs that are pure gold off of this tape. Every song Travis and Quavo have done together have been incredible, Oh My Dis Side will go down as one of the best songs from this decade, and the preview snippet of Re Run isn’t able to be quantified through words; it sounds like the club song of the century. There are many reasons to be excited for November, but this is definitely the best thing that could come out of this month.

My Mom: Taken For Granted


Illustration by: Zoe Spencer

Keri Thomas
Staff Writer

Looking at colleges online is a common thing for my mom and I to do on the weekends. Recently, we were looking online at dorm rooms for the University of Montana and all of a sudden something struck my mom as she sat up and looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “I can’t believe you’re really going to leave”.
At first, I was kind of confused. We both knew this was coming all along, we had been looking at colleges all summer. But in this moment, I realized what it all meant, not only for my mother, but for me.
Next year I will be off on my own, being an independent adult like I’ve always wanted to be. But it will not be easy without the help and support of the biggest role model in my life, my mom.
My mother is a kindergarten teacher. She’s the mom who is extremely caring, sweet, protective, and patient… but times ten. Because of her, I’ve never had to worry about the simple things in life like money for food and shelter, and advice on everyday problems. My mom is someone I can vent all my feelings to and who will always genuinely care about them. Her questions about school, dance, homework, and boys always seemed nosey to me; but now I realize it helped us create a great bond and made it easy for me to share my feelings with her.
When I was searching for colleges, I never thought about the reality of leaving my mom. I knew I had a great life because of her, but now I don’t know if I ever gave her credit or appreciated what I had. Realizing it will all be taken away is when I started to truly appreciate all my mom has done for me. My sister, who is currently in college, calls my mom almost every day which seems crazy to me. She would have been the last person anyone would expect to do this, but it shows that everyone needs a person like my mom in their life to support them and love them.
I love my mom more than anything and it’s hard to believe I won’t be living in the same
house as her, that I won’t talk to her every morning, or go on walks with her after school. It’s hard to have someone who has made such a big impact in my life suddenly be miles and miles away.
Being able to realize this now before we are apart has made me cherish this last year with my mom even more. Making an effort to realize what you have can help you avoid taking the important things in life for granted. We want to live in these moments, not wish away our lives or dwell on the memories. Treasure the people and fortune you have now, because you never know when it could be gone. I want to enjoy my life fully and even though senior year is stressful and jam packed, I hope I can take a step back every once and awhile and be able to truly be in the moment and enjoy my senior year.