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PEAKS Testing Week a Success

Verona Kamberi
Staff Writer

           The freshman and sophomores at Ketchikan High School took the Performance Evaluation for Alaska’s Schools test these past two weeks. This was the first year PEAKS testing was done at Kayhi, and everything went perfectly fine according to counselor Natasha O’Brien.
           “PEAKS testing went smoothly,” said O’Brien. “It was well organized, students knew where to go, and the computer systems worked well.”
           The tests are given to measure students in the subjects of English Language Arts and Mathematics. Knowing that the test doesn’t affect their grades, the majority of the students don’t take the test as serious as the teachers want them to.
           “The students know that the test doesn’t affect them at all,” said Cole Maxwell. “So they don’t take it serious, it’s like giving a test in class and telling the students that it doesn’t count as a grade, obviously some are going to try while others won’t.”
           Freshman Tacoma Coronel agrees with Maxwell adding that the whole reason behind the tests is to make the school look better.
           “These tests aren’t really important to the students, but they are important to the teachers,” said Coronel. “The teachers want the school to look good in the eyes of other schools, so they definitely want their students to do good.”
           Even though the the test scores don’t affect the student’s grade, science teacher D Jay O’Brien still tells everyone to try no matter what.
“There were a few individuals that had a cavalier attitude about the tests,” said O’Brien. “But I tried to tell them that everything that is done in this place is to help them.”
           Sitting down for hours and testing can be rough. Freshman Leah Call couldn’t have moved on to the second session if it wasn’t for snack break that helped boost her energy after session one of testing.
           “Staying focused was very difficult for me,” said Call. “But having snack break helped me get through testing .”
           Sophomore Donald Rayner thought the test went great, but doing the test on the computer was something that bothered him.
            “Having the test online was something that I struggled with,” said Rayner. “Next year I think it would be better if they revised their strategy on how they gave the test out, and giving the students time to study for it would help.”
            So is there going to be a next year for PEAKS testing? According to O’Brien, the PEAKS are going to be an every year thing at Kayhi.
           “We don’t have a choice on whether or not we want to do this next year,” said Natasha O’Brien. “It’s state mandate and it has taken the place of the SBAs.”

Kistler and Dossett, fourth in state for DDF

Lezille Sagrado
Staff Writer

Kayhi seniors Audrey Kistler and Luke Dossett placed 4th overall at the State Debate competition this past weekend, the highest placing for Kayhi.
Dossett said he wishes to have spent more time preparing younger debaters.
“I feel pleased with my own performance,” said Dossett. “I’m also grateful for how well my partner Audrey Kistler and I did. However, I wish I got to spend more time with the younger debaters preparing them for their later years in debate.”
Junior Madyson Traudt already looks to prepare for next year’s debate season.
“I think state went pretty well,” said Traudt. “Although our team didn’t place the highest, we all had a lot of fun and reached our personal bests.”

Meet Results
Kistler and Dossett placed 4th overall in debate.
Traudt and and junior Piper Cooper placed 5th overall in debate.
Juniors John Coss and Frances Barry were 2-2.
Dossett placed 6th in extemporaneous commentary.
Coss placed 8th in original oration.

AcDc takes second in state

Lezille Sagrado
Staff Writer

Kayhi’s Academic Decathlon team achieved its best performance ever at the state tournament in Anchorage this past weekend. The team finished second, missing the state title by less than one percent.
Junior Largim Zhuta is already looking forward to another great season and is certain the team can improve to get first place in state next year.
“My plans for improving next year is to start earlier,” said Zhuta. “It’s one of those things with however much time you put into it, that’s the reward you are going to get. As for my goals, I want Kayhi to win its first state title next season. With being so close to winning and seeing the officials bring out the gigantic trophy and give it to Lathrop definitely stung. But I’m still very proud of the entire team, with being the best Kayhi team ever to compete. The dedication, motivation, and the great attitudes everyone showed was phenomenal. With that being said, the future looks promising.”
Junior Max Varela feels content with achievements this year.
“Last year I went to state as an alternate and won only one medal,” said Varela. “This year, my scores were much better and I won five medals total, while also discovering new strategies that improve my study habits. I’m very happy with how the team performed because we were the highest scoring Kayhi team in history.”
Junior Lydia Sumrall competed in the state competition and to have earned a $2000 scholarship for her performance.
“I’m really happy about it, and honestly kind of surprised,” said Sumrall. “I received the scholarship for being the second highest varsity competitor at the meet. I’m genuinely thankful I got it.”

Meet Results
Zhuta won bronze in science, silver in math, silver in social science, and gold in economics. He was also the highest-scoring member of the team.
Varela won bronze in economics, silver in art, and gold in social science.
Sumrall won bronze in music, bronze in interview, silver in essay, gold in literature, gold in art, and gold in science. She also earned a $2000 scholarship as the 2nd-highest scoring varsity student in the state.
Senior Ingrid Anzueto won bronze in music, silver in literature, silver in art, and silver in social science. She also earned a $2000 scholarship as the 2nd-highest scoring scholastic student in the state.
Senior Ingrid Anzueto won bronze in music, silver in literature, silver in art, and silver in social science. She also earned a $2000 scholarship as he 2nd-highest scoring scholastic student in the state.
Junior Charisma Manalo won silver in interview, silver in literature, gold in music, and gold in art.
Senior Gabrial Canfield won bronze in literature and gold in interview.
Sophomore Daniel Neufeldt won gold in science.
Freshman Franklyn Correa won gold in literature and gold in social science.
Junior Megan Cornwall won bronze in essay, bronze in interview, and silver in speech.

Dodgeball Weekend

Joey Karlik
Staff Writer

The Kayhi wrestling team had its first Dodgeball tournament last weekend and racked up a lot of success, raising over $1,500 total. Teams were charged with a $50 participation fee and spectators were charged a $2 entrance fee.
           There were over 10 teams that participated including three middle school teams and one all girl team.  Blizz Inc. was the team that made it in the record books with their team taking home the inaugural trophy. Assistant coach Greg Karlik is hoping to keep this fundraiser going for as long as possible.
           “Rick, Matt, and I saw a similar version occur over in Craig when the middle school team was wrestling there this year,” said Karlik. “We hope to keep this thing going for as long as possible. We may have to tweak some things like smaller things or fine tuning the rules but it turned out to be a great fundraiser that we don’t mind doing every year.”
           Blizz Inc.’s co-captains Kody Malouf and Justin Albecker loved the idea of a dodgeball league and would love to do it again next year.
           “We loved it all, the intensity, the spotlight introductions, our team name, just all of it,” said Albecker.  “We are hoping to do it again next year.”
            “I would love to have a bigger audience next time, because this thing, I feel like, should start growing over time and love to become repeat champions with more people this time.” said Malouf.

Boys take first, girls third in Clarke Cochrane Christmas Classic

Gabe Bowlen
Staff Writer

The Kayhi boys (5-0) took home the Clarke Cochrane Christmas Classic tournament championship on Friday with a 76-67 win over Service. The Kings trailed by as many as 17, and scored 30 points in the fourth quarter to win.
On the girls side, the Lady Kings (4-2) lost the semi-final game to West Anchorage 49-35 and had to settle for 3rd place after a 45-33 win against South Eugene.
Senior AJ Dela Cruz won the overall three-point contest along with the girls division, while freshman Kristian Pihl took home the win on the boys side of the competition. Marcus Lee won the free throw contest, and was crowned All-Tourney MVP. Jake Smith won the dunk contest and was selected to the All-Tourney team. For the Lady Kings Brittany Slick was named All-Tourney.

Tournament scores:
Kayhi vs. North Pole (73-46)
Kayhi vs. Thunder Mountain (74-63)
Kayhi vs. Service (76-67)
Kayhi vs. North Pole (54-29)
Kayhi vs. West Anchorage (49-35)
Kayhi vs. South Eugene (45-33)

DDF seniors Kistler and Dossett go undefeated

Lezille Sagrado
Staff Writer

Kayhi debators Audrey Kistler and Luke Dossett won the final debate, going undefeated throughout the home tournament 7-0.
“I felt the meet went well and a lot of our debaters, actors, and speakers found success in different areas,” said Dossett. “We have seen a lot of improvement this year from our new members as well as our older members. I am excited and blessed to have won the final debate. I feel Audrey and I put a lot of effort into this meet and preparing for it, the results truly show how much we cared about doing our best.”
The teams of Piper Cooper and Madyson Traudt, and Seth Chernick and Shania Olsen were both 4-2.

Meet Results:
Speaker Points- Audrey 2nd place, Cooper 4th, Malouf 5th, Coss 8th, and Dossett 10th
Reader’s Theater with Command Performance- Dossett, Thomas Brooks, Frances Barry, Arick Mattson and Chernick took 1st
Humorous Interpretation- Mattson 2nd
Duo Interpretation- Cooper and Brooks 2nd
Original Oration- Rachael O’Conner 2nd and Ellowyn Wood 3rd
Extemporaneous Commentary- Mattson 2nd and Karri Montero 6th
Dramatic Interpretation- Orion Denny 5th


Wrestling wins 9th straight Region V title

Izaak Jensen
Staff Writer

The wrestling team won its ninth consecutive region title along with the team sportsmanship award at Mt. Edgecumbe over the weekend. On top of an individual region title, sophomore Brayden Linne was named the Outstanding Wrestler for 4A Southeast Tournament. Haylee Stewart was the first Kayhi wrestler to compete in an All Girls Southeast Wrestling Tournament, she will compete in the All Girls State Tournament.
“Our overall performance was pretty impressive,” said junior Max Collins, who won his third-straight regional title. “We have worked hard all season, so it was nice being able to showcase our abilities at the Region tournament. I’m ready to go to state and compete hard along with my teammates.”
Kayhi had 20 state qualifiers that will compete at the state tournament. Of the 20 state qualifiers, 11 won individual region titles.

Region champions:
Connor McCormick 98
Matthew Rodriguez 106
Vince Tenebro 113
Brayden Linne 120
Sean Tavares 126
Troy Harris 132
Tim Rodriguez 138
Max Collins 145
Grant Collins 152
Brandon Wieber 170
Cameron Harris 182