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Lady Kings take back the Crown

Tyler Slick/Staff Writer

The Lady Kings start a new reign. Winning the 20-21 season to bring home another region title.

Starting in 2014 the Lady Kings proceed to win 6 straight regional titles up tell 2020. In 2020 the Lady Crimson Bears defeated the Lady Kings to change the narrative on the win streak.

On Saturday, March 20th, the Lady Kings win the region title defeating the Lady Falcons 51-29.

The Lady Kings have played the Lady Falcons 5 times in all (adding a region game) and won all but one game which was their 4th game this season. 

Junior Gabby Mas said she the feeling of winning the region title was a feeling she would never forget. 

“It was a crazy and unforgettable day,” said Mas. “It was a great moment to see what we have been working toward pay off.”

The Lady Kings head to state and play East Anchorage first round

Kings Lose Regions but go to State

Staff Writer/Dyllan Borer

The Kings lost the Regions V championship game to Juneau 87-68. 

Sophomore Clayton Olstad led the Kings with 24 points, with seven 3-pointers four of them being from the third quarter. 

Olstad said he knew it was time to turn up the heat, we had to change something in order to win because we couldn keep doing what we were doing and expect to win. 

We finally started competing at the end but it was definitely too late for that,” said Olstad. 

The Kings had a tough time shutting down Juneau Douglas’s Cooper Kriegmont, he scored 42 points on Saturday night. 

Sophomore JJ parker said we just weren’t prepared, we didn’t play how we were supposed to. 

“Everyone in the stands and myself could feel how little energy we had, literally felt like we wanted JD to lose instead of us competing and wanting to win,” said Parker. 

As a team we try to play against the game and not worry about who is and who isn’t watching, but still having a crowd can bring so much momentum after a bucket and we just didn’t have that this year.

Juneau Douglas heard word that they would not be able to compete in the state tournament hours before the Sunday selections. Making it so Kayhi the runner-up, was able to take their place and go to the state tournament. 

Senior Captain Tyler Slick thought he had played his last basketball game of his career. 

Slick said he’s very thankful for another opportunity to play with his team again. 

“I’m glad to put on my jersey a couple more times,” said Slick.

Kings Senior Night

Dyllan Borer/Staff Writer

The Kings have their senior night tonight at 7 p.m. in the Clarke Cochrane Gymnasium.

The Kings will be recognizing three seniors; Joshua Gentry, Kylar Charles, and Tyler Slick.

Joshua Gentry said the year has been a rollercoaster but he is glad that he still gets to make memories and play basketball.

“It’s been a very interesting year,” said Gentry. “We all can attest to that. There’s been ups and downs dealing with cancellations and not knowing when we would play next. As much as we would all like a “normal” year, I am just grateful to be around my teammates, friends and coaches, having fun and making memories.”

Charles agreed with Gentry and is thankful to play games and is glad he gets the opportunity to do his best on and off the court.

“It feels good to get the opportunity to play games and do my best during this crazy time,” said Charles. “I am thankful for everyone working together to make these games happen.”

Slick, the lone member of the 2019 State Championship team, said he is very happy with the season being able to work out and is impressed with the team being able to overcome all of the obstacles Covid-19 has put in their way.

“I am beyond thankful for everyone who did everything they could to make this crazy season happen,” said Slick. “There have been many bumps in the road with games getting cancelled and traveling being an issue, but the whole team came together and did everything we could to make this season count.”

Cheer Adjudication Tonight

Olivia Berg/Staff Writer

The Kayhi cheer and stunt team is going into this competition as reigning Region champions. The pressure is on as they need to figure out how to show their genuine school spirit and Kayhi pride through a video screen to judges who have never stepped foot into our gym.

The Kayhi cheer and stunt team will be performing their Region V halftime routine on Friday March 12th. The Region V tournament looks very different this year compared to previous years. Instead of bringing judges to the location of the tournament, the cheer team is bringing the tournament to the judges by virtual video submission. 

The Cheer team will submit one video to the UCA (Universal Cheer Association) to be judged. The video will consist of 4 sections: sideline cheer, timeout cheer, a situational cheer, and the half time routine. In this video, 25 cheerleaders and stuntmen will be a part of the halftime routine and 12 cheerleaders will take part in the sideline cheers. 

Both the Thunder Mountain and Juneau Douglas cheer teams will be competing against our very own Kayhi Kings. Noel Tilson, a senior and captain on the cheer team, says she is not too worried about their competition. 

“Thunder Mountain has always been our biggest competitor,” said Tilson. “But this year TM only has two stunt groups, whereas we have six.” 

Cheer Coach Jaylyn Merrill said in a normal year, the cheer team is judged at a game of their choosing during the tournament. They will be evaluated on their overall performance, technique, material, skills (stunting, dance, tumbling), showmanship and ability to lead and engage the crowd. 

“This year, our competition and score sheet will mimic the State Cheer Competition,” said Merrill. “It will also be held and judged virtually. Judges will still be looking for the same things, but will be expected to examine that through video.”

Merrill said that even though this year has been uncertain, her team has pushed through. 

“They are ROCK STARS, that’s all I can say,” said Merrill. “They have learned the same amount of material and tried to progress and gain new skills with a season that started 6 weeks later than normal.”

Cheer and Stunt Team Senior Night

Olivia Berg/Staff Writer

The Kayhi cheer and stunt team will be recognizing the nine seniors on their team this Friday night at 7 p.m. before the girls varsity basketball game against Mt Edgecumbe. 

Noeloni Tilson, a fourth year member and captain on the team, said she is feeling sad as her time on the cheer team comes to an end this week. 

“I remember being on JV cheer looking forward to my senior year,” said Tilson. “My senior year came faster than I imagined, which is exciting but also sad.”

Charlie King, a second year member and captain of the cheer team said that cheer has led her to be a better person and has taught her valuable life lessons. 

“Through cheer you learn how to fail,” said King. “But as a result you gain strong relationships with your teammates through picking each other up and dusting each other off.” 

Amanda Dale, a third year member and captain of the team said that her time as a cheerleader has flown by too fast. 

“Honestly I am quite sad that my years of cheerleading are coming to an end,” said Dale. “It feels like just yesterday I was a sophomore, so excited that I had made the varsity cheer team.” 

First year member of the cheer team and stuntman John Call said that he is surprised how quickly his time as a Kayhi King has gone by and he wishes he would have enjoyed it more. 

“My advice for future members of the team is to try new things,” said Call. “Take chances, make memories, and make the best of your high school years…they go by quick!” 

Tilson said that all the bruises and sprains are worth the rewards of having wins and growing closer with her team. 

“I love this team.” said Tilson. “It’s been a long and hard 4 years but I’ve been shaped into a better person being a part of this wonderful team.”

The cheer and stunt team will recognize their nine seniors, Noelani Tillson, Charlie King, Amanda Dale, Lauren Scarzella, Remi Cothren, Morgan Elerding, Savannah Yeisley, Patrick Garcia and John Call

Dance Preforms Region Routine Tonight

Makena Johansen/Staff Writer

K-Highlights Senior night preview

The K-Highlights dance team will be recognizing their 5 seniors tonight before the Kayhi girls varsity game.

Senior and Co- Captain Olivia Berg said setting up senior night her last three years as an underclassman had always been fun. Making the night special for the seniors has always been her goal, hoping the underclassman will be reciprocating the same for her now as a senior.

Berg said she loves dancing and performing, and that ending is bittersweet.

“I am excited to graduate and go to college next year but I will miss having the aspect of dance in my life, especially the K-Highlites and my coaches,” said Berg.

Olivia has been dancing for 15 years and 12 years with her Coach Alma Parker.

“It’s crazy how fast 4 years have gone by. My whole life has revolved around dance and it’s a little weird that it won’t matter anymore if I have good kicks or not,” said Berg.

Senior and Captain Nena Jones has faced many obstacles this year, on top of the challenges of covid Nena was diagnosed with EIB (Exercise Induced Bronchospasm). This makes it hard to breath when doing a lot of exerting physical activity without medication.

“Although it gets hard when performing a routine I know I need to execute, I don’t let it stop me,” said Jones.

Jones said one of the biggest struggles from a captain point of view would be making the most out of nothing. 

“I overcame that by keeping up the positivity when we did get to be together. Our leadership team discussed that we needed to keep up the energy when we were together to replace the sadness of not being able to perform,” said Jones.

Jones says with her last region performance coming up she feels content, like she’s achieved a lot even though they hadn’t had the year they wanted. She is happy she got to spend her last year with her bestfriends on the team.

“I know that these years dancing together have been the happiest years of my life and I couldn’t imagine dancing without them by my side. Although I’m not ready to leave this team, I know that in the end I not only made new friends, I have a new and forever dance family,” said Jones.

Senior Jhenna Day has been dancing for 13 years, she says to  leave it all on the dance floor.

“My advice is to laugh off your mistakes and not be too hard on yourself, we all mess up at some point and it doesn’t do any good to dwell on the mistake,” said Day.

Senior Jhasen Seludo says his favorite dance experience is performing during regions. Showing everyone their routines and everything they’ve been working on is rewarding. 

“The whole experience of performing in the gym, the hype of the crowd, the high energy from everyone in the gym, and just the love and support was amazing,” said Seludo.

Senior Maegan Chua says her favorite dance experience is also regions. Having meetings in their hotel hallways, crying is costco, and making tiktok videos are what made Maegan feel more connected and loved by her team.

“It was a week full of tears, laughter, anxiety, and so much more feelings that words can’t describe,” said Chua. It was a chaos behind the scenes but we all managed to look put together and unshakeable; the feelings I felt that week is what made me feel like a true K-Highlites member. The ones that made Khighlites less of a sports team, and more of a family”

The K-Highlights dance team will be recognizing their 5 seniors, Nena Jones, Olivia Berg, Jhenna Day, Maegan Chua, and Jhasen Seludo.

Last Dance for Seniors

Makena Johansen/Staff Writer

Preview Region V K-Highlights

Senior Olivia Berg says the K-Highlights Dance team feeds off the crowd. That hasn’t happened much since Covid has prevented spectators at the at home basketball games. But luckily for Berg and the rest of the team, there will be fans next week at the Region V adjudication. 

The K-Highlights dance team will be performing their region’s routine at half time at the Kayhi girls basketball game against Thunder Mtn. Wednesday March 10th.

“I am thankful that we get to have fans because we feed off the crowd. I feel the team will perform better with our fans cheering us on from the stands,” said Berg.

The K-Highlights Dance team has received/accomplished the highest ranking score (Superior) the last 9 years and are aiming for the same this year. With submitting their regions routine virtually they are working their hardest to portray their theme in a spectacular way to catch the judges eyes.

“It is important to me that we end the season strong, we have had to fight for our season and this is one last thing we have to fight for,” said Berg. “Upholding our superior title and ending my senior year on a high note would make all the challenges we’ve faced this year worth it.” 

Coach Alma Parker said the scoring this year will be the same as previous years. The judges will be from UDA (Universal Dance Association). The judges will also be aware of the fact that the dancers are wearing masks, dancers were previously judged on facials.

“Facials and things pertaining to showmanship will be scored, not differently, but the judges will be acknowledging that the dancers are wearing masks and you can’t see them smiling, instead it will be chins up, or if they’re eyes are projecting more confidence,” said Parker.

Parker said at first she was nervous about the virtual adjudication, when you watch a video you have the opportunity to slow it down, rewind, and stop at any time. She is treating the virtual competition as if it was in person, the judges only have one opportunity to watch it, a one shot deal. 

“Coach Christian and I are very proactive in ensuring that we get that same treatment from last year and previous years as we face this year’s virtual adjudication,” said Parker.

Parker said every week is a different challenge, it could be 50% or 100% capacity, they face their challenges day by day and are flexible with each new change and are adapting to the new “norm”. 

“Our team has been able to be creative in solving problems that we’ve faced each time. They work harder together knowing that they’re all facing the same problem, it’s not just one person facing covid it’s the entire school and community, knowing that it is also beneficial that people are more flexible,” said Parker.

Junior Avery Thomas said regions this year are different in various ways. Judges and teams aren’t coming here and there isn’t a dedicated time for dance and cheer to be adjudication like in the past. 

“We decided to do it on a game night during the halftime of a girls basketball game, which is amazing we could find a day to do it,” said Thomas. “Although it’s different, I am so grateful for my coaches and my team who came together and pushed through to create this amazing year.”

Thomas says recording the routine can be difficult with trying to get the right angles.

 “Finding the right angles and getting everyone in the frame, it is quite frustrating at times,” said Thomas.

The dance team has not performed this whole year with masks. With the UDA enforcing a new rule of wearing masks the dance team has to learn and adjust to wearing them.

“Another stressful factor is masks. UDA (Universal Dance Association) came out with a rule saying that the only way you could be adjudicated was to wear a mask,” said Thomas.