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Cross Country Recap

Dyllan Borer
Staff Writer

Cross country is the one sport where not only you’re racing against opponents but also the clock. 
The boys finished second at regions this year, 32 points behind Juneau Douglas. The girls were third, 49 points behind the first place Crimson Bears.
The boys were led by sophomore Brent Capps, who consistently kept breaking his PR and improving throughout the season. 
“What makes Brent so special is he just can’t stop running,” said Coach Woodward. 
As the season went on Brent kept on getting closer to getting first but didn’t quite accomplish that; however, he did place higher. Brent dropped a whole 2 minutes over the course of the season to finish off with a PR of 17:02 in the 5K.  Brent puts in the extra work that most people don’t and it pays off. 
“Brent runs any chance he has. He even runs home from school,” said Lapinski. 
Freshman Anneliese Hiatt (9th at regions) led the girls squad this season with her top time at 20.29, the first girl to break 21 minutes since 2015. 
“Just like Brent, Anneliese loves to run. That girl will always be running, I see her all the time when I’m around town,” said Woodward. 
Owen Woodward finished 8th in our home meet Sep 21. Owen was in the middle and never really stood out until regions. 
“I was worried that weekend because Owen was palling around with Brent and he had put on so many miles heading into regions and he had to be tired but he had his best race ever and dropped a whole minute,” said Woodward. “He kept up with Brent for as long as he possibly could. He was top three for our team for the first 2 miles. He went in as the 8th alternate.”.
Kayhi will be losing five seniors this season. Junior Morgan Elerding said next year will be different next year without the seniors.
“Ashley Cyr is the one I’m going to miss the most, I’ll miss just being on a team with her cause she is one of my closest friends. I always have a lot of fun with her on trips,” said Morgan Elerding. 
The team traveled to Craig, Petersburg, Juneau twice, Sitka for Regions, and Anchorage for state. They also hosted one home meet this season.
Kayhi brought 7 boys and 7 girls up to race in Sitka for regions. In the past years it has always been the top team and the top 10 individuals who attend state. At the coaches meeting Coach Woodward was informed of something new to Region V. 
“The morning of regions I found out about the change they implemented last year- switching us from  1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, to Division 1. They made some further changes on how many individuals we were aloud to take to state. We can now take 12 instead of 10,” said Woodward.

Cross Country Regions at Sitka

Kayhi cross country will send seven boys and seven girls to Sitka for Regions to race Sep. 28. The top team and the top ten individuals for both sides will head to state Oct.5. 
“The competition got steeper this year,” said junior Morgan Elerding. “My freshman year I placed 7th in Regions, and I have the same time now as I did then and I place 15th now.” 
The boys race will start at 11:40 and the girls will follow after them at 12:55. The 4A portion of the competition will consist of Kayhi, Thunder Mountain and Juneau Douglas. Elerding talks about her confidence in freshman Anneliese Hiatt on qualifying for state.
“Anneliese Hiatt has a good chance to make it to state,” said Elerding. “She is top 9 right now and just needs to stay up with the front of the pack on Saturday to make it.”
Sophomore Brent Capps is Kayhi’s top runner on the boys side. Last weekend Brent came in second to Dominic Baciocco from Sitka.  
“I believe that I can get first this race putting in everything I’ve got,” said Brent Capps.

Cross Country Takes Third

Dyllan Borer
Staff Writer

Kayhi boys and girls both placed 3rd at home last Saturday. The Lady Kings finished with 88 points and the Kings with 64. Brent Capps, top finisher for the Kings and 2nd overall with a time of 17.02 shaving 22 seconds off his previous PR. Anneliese Hiatt was the top finisher for Kayhi, finishing 11th overall at 20.40, also creating a new PR for herself. Mickey Lapinski came in 2nd for the Kings and 6th overall with a new PR. 
“It is almost impossible to get a PR every race especially with different courses. I feel great being able to beat my times consistently,” said Lapinski. “It’s definitely a confidence booster heading into regions.”
Kayhi will head to regions this weekend in Sitka.

Weekend Recap

Cross Country wins again
Kayhi boys and girls place first in Craig last Saturday. Four boys finished in the top ten. Kayhi’s top runner Brent Capps finished first overall with a time of 17.24, setting himself a new PR. The girls had five finish in the top ten. Freshmen Anneliese Hiatt and Junior Morgan Elerding both set a new PR.
“I’ve been waiting all season for this, nothing feels better than knowing you’ve improved and did so much better,” said Elerding.  
Hiatt finished first running a 20.48.41. Elerding finished second with a 21.12. Hiatt is the first girl to break 21 minutes since 2015 when Erika Rodanhisler ran a 19.53. Kayhi will have there only home meet this weekend Sep. 21 at Ward Lake. 

Top finishers
Brent Capps (17.24)
Mickey Lapinski (17.34)
Dwight King (18.23)
Charlie Blair (19.06)

Anneliese Hiatt (20.48)
Morgan Elerding(21.12)
Ada Odden (22.13)
Paige Boehlert (22.52)
Jenna Walker (23.15)

Ketchikan (23)
Petersburg (39)
Thorne Bay (99)
Mt. Edgecumbe
Craig (122)
Metlakatla (152)
Klawock (176)

Ketchikan (28)
Petersburg (46)
Wrangell (49)

Football falls at home
Kayhi football(1-3) suffered their 3rd loss 9-8 last saturday to the Nikiski Bulldogs. Kayhi trailed Nikiski at half 3-0. Kayhi made an offensive change at half, senior Alex Malouf came in at quarterback in the third quarter to score the Kings only touchdown of the game. At half time senior captain Kristian Pihl and senior Alex Malouf took matters into their own hands. 
“We need to start making adjustments and fix what we have been doing wrong,” said Pihl. “We need to start being a second half team.”
Senior Jordan Geary had one recovering fumble after the half. 
“I came out after half with a whole different mind set,” said Jordan. “We switched quarterbacks and the offensive line changed their blocking scheme to adapt to a defense we didn’t see in film,” said Geary.

Volleyball battles but loses to TM
The Lady Kings volleyball team (0-4) fell to the Thunder Mountain Falcons (2-0) last weekend. On Friday, Kayhi lost 3-0 (25-8, 25-9, 26-24). Saturday night, Kayhi lost  3-0 (25-18, 25-15, 25-17) although the outcome of the games didn’t go as planned starting freshman Linsday Byron feels that the team is starting to come together. 
“We actually played really good because we’re beginning to be more of a family rather than being in our small cliques.” 
Senior captain, Erika Rauwolf said that the teams steady progress is very noticeable. 
“On Friday night we played more aggressive, we had good defense and we will eventually get to where we want to be. I’m very happy with our progress we have made from our first games of the season to now,” said Rauwolf. 
The JV2 and JV also played this weekend, the JV2 team went 3-0 and JV team went 3-1.


CC travels To Craig

Kayhi cross country heads to Craig this weekend for their 4th meet this season. Kayhi boys and girls won their meet last weekend in Petersburg. Mickey Lapinski, Kayhi’s top runner last weekend, said that this weekend’s race will be completely new.
“We are training hard going into the last couple of meets of the season. I have not done the Craig course yet so it will be totally new to me,” Lapinski said. “ Coming off of a winning weekend towards the middle of the season was reassuring and a confidence booster, especially on a harder course.”

First CC meet at Juneau

Kayhi Cross Country travels to Juneau this weekend in their first official meet of the season. Three of 4 state qualifiers returned this year led by sophomore Brent Capps. Sophomore Mickey Lapinski just missed qualifying for state last season and believes the team will have some great races this weekend.

“We have some real strong runners this year,” Lapinski said. “Not just upper classmen but the freshmen and sophomores this year are looking really strong and I can’t wait to see how they perform this weekend in Juneau.”



Brandon Wieber
Staff Writer

Kayhi’s cross country team had a successful year with plenty of runners reaching their goals and getting their PR’s and being able to qualify and get five kids to state.
“Times were faster this year compared to last year,” said head coach Leigh Woodward. “We had a younger team this year since we had a lot of people graduate last year.”
The 2018 season was filled with a bunch of good times, plenty of girls getting 21:16, 22:33, and 22:07. Two freshman boys in specific, Brent Capps and Mickey Lapinski really out showed this year.
“Mickey and Brent were beating everyone,” said Woodward. “Mickey did have a bad race during regions and wasn’t able to qualify for state, but throughout the season they both were very very good.”
Jacob King really surprised a lot of people. He never took top three in any meets until regionals, he took 10th, the top time of his career at 18:05.
“Jacob just came and destroyed,” said Woodward. “He didn’t want regions to be his last race.”
Over the 2018 season there were 34 runners (24 boys, 10 girls). Out of the girls Ruby Mccue cut her time by 2 ½ minutes.
“She really did amazing her first year,” said Woodward. “I definitely feel like she’ll be one of our top runners again next year.”
The cross country team traveled to Sitka, Metlakatla, Petersburg, Juneau and Anchorage. They also had one home meet. First year Senior Ivan Credito had a PR of a minute and 45 sec.
“I really like how he came out on his only season ever and did pretty good,” said Woodward. “In our home meet he finished with a time of 18:44.”
Dwight King, brother of senior Jacob King had a time difference of six minutes and seven seconds. He had a time of 24:25 in the first race and ended with 18:18 in the home meet. By far the most outstanding time difference of the season.