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Lady Kings Fall to the Bears

Largim Zhuta
Staff Writer

The Lady Kings were unable to fend off the dominant Juneau-Douglas Bears. The final score for the matches were 0-8 Friday night, and 0-9 Saturday evening. The Lady Kings struggled to get the ball on the Bear’s half and keep it there.
Kayhi remained largely on the defensive against Juneau’s brutal offense — which got them three goals within the first 20 minutes Friday night. Saturday evening, the Kings were able to keep the Bear’s scoreless for the first 24 minutes before they caught fire.
The King’s finished the season with an overall record of 1-10-1 and a conference record of 0-7-1.


Lady Kings Host JD

Largim Zhuta
Staff Writer

The Kayhi Lady Kings Soccer team (1-8-1, 0-5-1) will face the Juneau Douglas Crimson Bears this weekend for the last games of the season.
The Lady Kings are not only going up against the dominating Bears, but they are also going up against history. Kayhi has not beaten JD in about five years – over 20 games, 1600-plus minutes of game time.
However, the Bears are not invincible. The Thunder Mountain girls tied JD 2-2 two weeks ago. Kayhi tied the Falcons three weeks ago at home.
The Bears are going to be missing two high caliber players in tonight’s game due to an injury and a red-card suspension — an uncanny resemblance of the circumstances of the Kayhi Boys soccer win over JD last weekend.
Seniors Farren Linne and Sydney Nichols can taste the bittersweetness of going out to play their last set of games dawning the maroon and white jersey.
“I was definitely a little sad after the last practice yesterday,” said Nichols. “I’m going to miss the competition and all the travel to the other towns.”
Linne expects to share Nichols’ sentiment later tonight.
“It hasn’t hit me yet, but I think after we start playing it will,” replied Linne.
“I have known and played with so many of these girls since I was little, it’s going to be sad to not be able to do that anymore.”


Soccer Hosts TM

Collette Rhein
Staff Writer

Kayhi boys soccer will end the season at home against Thunder Mountain this weekend. Friday JV will play at 3:45 and Varsity at 7:15, and on Saturday JV is at 11:00 and Varsity at 3:00. Senior recognition will take place before Saturday’s varsity game. Head coach David Mitchel is sad to see this big group of seniors, that he’s been coaching for years, go.
“We are out of the race for the conference championship so it’s kind of a combination of honoring the senior and still competing and trying to win,” said Mitchel. “It’s kinda sad at the same time because ya know you’ve been coaching this group for five years through the Schoenbar program so it’ll be sad for me to coach them for the last time. I’ll try to be nicer to them maybe this weekend.”
Junior captain Brayden Linne is looking forward to these last few games with the seniors.
“I’m excited for the seniors, gonna go do bigger and better things but it’s sad knowing that these are their last games. Playing with them for the last time, I mean I’ve played with them my whole life so, it kinda sucks knowing that I’m never gonna play with them again,” said Linne. “We definitely improved a lot, at the beginning of the year we were not scoring any goals and now we actually can pass and score but we definitely improved a lot.”

Soccer defeats JD

Kayhi boys soccer (5-9, 3-3) beat Juneau-Douglas for the first time in over a decade as part of a split with the Bears over the weekend.
Junior captain Brayden Linne said Friday’s 1-0 win was a huge accomplishment for the team.
“Going into every year we all know that the main goal is to beat Juneau,” said Linne. “So knowing that makes this win even more crazy.”
Even Kayhi soccer alumni know how big of an achievement this is for not only the team but the program as well.
Former Kings defender Brandon Corporon (2017) said that he was really happy for the team.
“It was honestly pretty awesome to hear the news,” said Corporon. “We have been waiting for this to happen for years now and this year’s team to finally do it makes me very proud.”
The one goal of the game was scored by junior Mark Jasper in the beginning of the second half of the game.
“Scoring the game winning goal against Juneau was definitely the highlight of my year,” said Jasper. “It was extra special because it was kind of the main goal of our season.”
Head coach Dave Mitchell said that he was very happy for the community and especially his players it was been their goal since they were little kids.
“The players get the credit for sure,” said Mitchell. “We have a very dedicated group of players. You really need 11 players to play well and work hard to hold Juneau to zero goals. We haven’t beaten them in that long and I don’t think we have held them to zero either so that was pretty impressive, so yeah. It’s a huge win.”
Kayhi lost 4-1 Saturday.

Lady Kings Fall to Falcons

Kayhi girls soccer fell to the Thunder Mountain Falcons this past weekend 1-0, and 2-0. These were their last games against the Falcons this season.
Senior Leah Benning said the team was disappointed in the outcome, but happy about their performance.
“As a team, we played some of our best games of this season,” said Benning. “Playing Thunder Mountain is always a fun match because we are such even competitors.”
The Lady Kings will play their last games of the season next weekend against the Juneau-Douglas Bears.

Soccer Heads to Juneau

Kayhi boys soccer is traveling to Juneau this weekend. They will play JDHS Friday and Saturday. Captain Braden Linne is excited to have two more chances to beat JD.
“I’m excited,” Linne said. “These are our last games, our last chance to beat JD. I think it’s gonna be a close game.”
Friday and Saturday
JV – 5:00 pm
V   – 6:45 pm

Lady Kings Battle Falcons

The Lady Kings (1-6-1, 0-3-1) soccer team will be playing the Thunder Mountain Falcons this weekend in Juneau. Kayhi has already played Thunder Mountain twice at home earlier this year losing 5-0 and tying 0-0.
Senior Farren Linne said the team is looking to end this season’s series against the Falcons with a win or two.
“This weekend’s games should be very competitive,” said Linne. “Last time we played them it didn’t end exactly how we wanted it to but it was nice to at least tie and we are expecting to have a pretty good matchup.”
The Lady Kings’ assistant coach Meo Rhein said they want to challenge Thunder Mountain in some specific areas.
“Trying to push our offense to some measure of success is kind of our goal this weekend,” said Rhein. “We know we can defend well for 80 minutes against them as we’ve done, but we really want to push our offense forward and finish with a few more goals than we have so far this season.”