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Kayhi Softball Goes 0-4 in Weekend Series

The Lady Kings softball team played Juneau-Douglas and Thunder Mountain over the weekend. Thursday, the Lady Kings lost to JDHS in a close game of 6-5. Friday, the Lady Kings lost 3-0 against TM. The first game Saturday, the Lady Kings fell to TM 10-3. The second game on Saturday the Lady kings lost 6-5 to JDHS.
On Thursday, the Lady Kings were tied at the bottom of the 6th inning, but JDHS took up one more run in the bottom of the 7th inning leaving Lady Kings with the lose.
Senior Taylor Moody is unhappy with the results but hopes to fight harder next weekend.
“We didn’t have any good games this weekend which set us back from our goal, but we know all the major errors we made,” said Moody. “Next week’s game is the last game before regions and we will be coming back for a win then.”

Kayhi Softball plays Rivals JDHS, and TMHS

The Lady Kings softball team (4-2) are playing Juneau-Douglas and Thunder Mountain in Juneau this weekend.
Last time the Kings faced the Falcons they split games, April 21st the Falcons won, 11-4, and April 22nd the Lady Kings won, 13-12. The Lady Kings also split conference games against Juneau-Douglas. On April 28th the Lady Kings lost to the Bears, 12-1, and April 29th the Lady Kings defeated the Bears, 17-16.
Senior Kassi Montero is positive for the games to come and knows that her team will do well.
“I feel very confident in my team, I believe all of us will execute the things we have been working on this week to get where we need to be,” said Montero. “I know what we are capable of, so it should be a good weekend.”
Game Schedule
JV @ 4pm vs JDHS
Varsity @ 6pm vs JDHS
JV @ 4pm vs TMHS
Varsity @ 6pm vs TMHS
Varsity @ 12pm vs TMHS
Varsity @ 6pm vs JDHS  

Softball Completes Weekend Sweep Over Sitka

The Lady Kings played Sitka over the weekend. Friday, the Lady Kings defeated the Sitka Wolves 7-6. Saturday, Lady Kings stayed on top with a score of 9-7 beating the Wolves, and completing the weekend sweep.
On Friday, the Lady Kings were behind at the bottom of the 5th inning, 6-5, but bounced back with two more runs to wrap the game up with a win for the Lady Kings. On Saturday, Kayhi started with a lead at the bottom of the 1st inning, 4-0. The Wolves scored 5 runs in the bottom of the 6th inning, 8-6. Both teams scored one run in the seventh, Lady Kings win 9-7.
Sophomore Kayloni Bermudez  and her energetic team are glad with the results of the games.
“This weekend we beat Sitka in both conference games and tied in the non conference, so now it puts us at 4-2,” said Bermudez. “We are determined to beat Sitka in both conference games, and we did. Moody and Slick pitched great for all the games. Being at 4-2 gives us a better record, and we are now closer to our goal.”

Kayhi Softball Plays Sitka in Road Series

This weekend, the Kayhi Lady Kings softball team will take on the Sitka Wolves in a road series. Last season, the Sitka Wolves stole the Lady Kings chance for state by one conference game, losing one of two games they needed to compete at state.
Sophomore Jenna Miller believes in her team and is hopeful for the upcoming weekend.
“The last two weekends we played JD and TM. We split with both of them, so our overall record is 2-2. This weekend, we play the Sitka Wolves. Although we’ve had trouble beating them in the past,” said Miller. “We’re hoping to go in and win both our conference and nonconference games. Our team this year is both mentally stronger and more prepared than ever. I do believe that we are going to come out of this weekend with a better record, and closer to our goal.”
Game Schedule @ Moeller Field
JV  @ 4pm
Varsity @ 6pm
JV @ 12pm and 2pm
Varsity non-conference @ 4pm
Varsity @ 6pm

Kayhi Softball Splits With JDHS

Last weekend,the Lady Kings softball team split conference games against Juneau Douglas. Friday, the Lady Kings fell to JDHS 12-11. Saturday, Lady Kings defeated JDHS 17-16.
On Friday, Kayhi went into the 3rd inning with a 3-0 lead, at the bottom of the 6th inning, the score was 11-8 with Kayhi still in the lead, JDHS scored 4 more runs stealing the game for a win.
On Saturday, Kayhi blew a 6-2 lead and trailed 16-13 going into the bottom of the 6th, scoring 4 runs winning the game.
Sophomore Grace Clark now seeing what was up ahead against their team and seeing what they can do to win.
“Now that we have seen some of the competition, we know what we are getting into,” said Clark. “We know what we have to get done so that we can improve for next time.”
Sophomore Maya Parker was not too happy on Friday night’s game but was ecstatic on Saturday’s game winning against the Bears.
“This weekend we played together as a team but not to our full potential. We lost our first game because of some crucial errors and it really hurt the team morale,” said Parker. “The second game we played much better and we were focused throughout the game and we stayed positive and came out with a dub.”

Lady Kings Softball Hosts Rival JDHS

This weekend, the Lady Kings face off against Juneau Douglas. Last season, Kayhi beat JDHS twice in their six meetings. Sophomore Maya Parker hopes the team will improve on their defensive skills and getting the bats going early.
“This weekend I am really excited to play JD,” said Parker. “Last weekend we did good but it took us awhile to get our bats moving. Hopefully this weekend we can get our bats moving early and keep our defense strong.”
Senior Kassi Montero is thrilled to compete against Juneau Douglas this season.
“We don’t know what to expect from JD,” said Montero. “But from what it was like last year, we are expecting to be evenly match this season with our improvements.”
Last weekend the Lady Kings split both conference games with Thunder Mountain, giving up 23 runs and surrendered 35 hits.
Game Schedule @ Dudley Field
JV  @ 3pm
Varsity @ 6pm
JV @ 9am and 12pm
Varsity @ 3pm
Varsity non-conference @ 6pm