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Sherrill Places 6th at State

Gabe Bowlen
Staff Writer

The Kayhi swim and dive state qualifiers wrapped up their trip to Anchorage with one qualifying for finals. Kayhi sophomore Laura Sherrill qualified in the 100 yard butterfly with the third seed, and placed 6th in finals. While placing 7th last season with a 1:01.46, Sherrill bettered her time and placement in finals this year with a 59.46 and finishing with 6th.
Sherrill said there was a lot more competition this year than last.
“It was a lot more difficult to qualify this year,” said Sherrill. “Everybody had such great times this year.”
As a freshman qualifying for state, Kayhi freshman Zoe Spencer said hard work got her where she wanted to be.
“I focused on going to practice and working on my stroke technique,” said Spencer. “I wanted to perform as efficiently as I could.”

Swim and Dive Qualify 5 for State

The Kayhi swim and dive team placed 4th overall in the Region V Swim and Dive Tournament. One point behind Petersburg, the Kayhi men’s team placed 5th with 67 points. With the women’s team, Kayhi placed 4th with 66 points, 38 points behind Thunder Mountain. Four swimmers and one diver from Kayhi qualified for the state tournament this weekend in Anchorage.

State Qualifiers:

  1. Laura Sherrill 100 yard butterfly
  2. Emma Campbell 500 yard freestyle
  3. Maury Meiresonne 50 yard freestyle
  4. Zoe Spencer 100 yard breaststroke
  5. Jessilyn Sivertsen diving

Team Standings

  1. Thunder Mountain High School
  2. Sitka High School
  3. Juneau-Douglas High School
  4. Petersburg High School
  5. Ketchikan High School
  6. Craig Panthers


  1. Sitka High School
  2. Juneau-Douglas High School
  3. Thunder Mountain High School
  4. Ketchikan High School
  5. Petersburg High School


Swim and Dive Regions Preview

The Kayhi swim and dive team is traveling to Juneau for the Region V Swim and Dive Tournament this weekend. The meet starts Friday evening, and continues on Saturday morning. Last season 6 swimmers and divers qualified for state. Laura Sherrill, Emma Campbell, Maury Meiresonne and Jessilynn Sivertsen are all returning this season expecting to qualify again.


Swim Ends Regular Season

Gabe Bowlen
Sports Editor

The Kayhi swim and dive team placed fourth overall in their last regular season meet in Sitka. The Kayhi girls’ team fell two points behind Juneau-Douglas with 316 points, and the Kayhi boys’ team finished 47 points behind Juneau-Douglas with 232 points. Kayhi will be traveling to Juneau on Oct. 27th for the Region V Swim and Dive Tournament

Men’s Scores Friday

  1. Thunder Mountain: 333
  2. Sitka High School: 283
  3. Juneau_douglas High School: 279
  4. Ketchikan High School: 232
  5. Petersburg High School: 189
  6. Craig High Schools: 57

Women’s Scores Friday

  1. Sitka High School: 495
  2. Thunder Mountain High School: 372
  3. Juneau-Douglas High School: 318
  4. Ketchikan High School: 316
  5. Petersburg High School: 206
  6. Craig High School: 23

Men’s Scores Saturday

  1. Thunder Mountain: 340
  2. Sitka High School: 289
  3. Juneau-Douglas High School: 259
  4. Ketchikan High School: 197
  5. Petersburg High School: 173
  6. Craig High School: 45

Women’s Scores Saturday

  1. Sitka High School: 437
  2. Thunder Mountain High School: 322
  3. Juneau-Douglas High School: 285
  4. Ketchikan High School: 251
  5. Petersburg High School: 212
  6. Craig High Schools: 24

Kayhi Swim Trip to Petersburg Cancelled

The Kayhi swim team’s trip to Petersburg was cancelled this weekend due to a case of Crypto in the Petersburg swimming pool. The Petersburg School District decided to drain the pool and hyper-chlorinate the water they put back in. The Kayhi swim coach, Patrick Burda, made the decision to not go to Petersburg, fearing that the swimmers might bring Crypto back to our own pool.

Kayhi Swim and Dive take 3rd


The Kayhi girls swim and dive team took 3rd place and the boys took 4th place in their only home meet of the season. Sophomore Emma Campbell took 3rd in the 100 free (1:00:93) and 2nd in the 50 free (27.21). Despite Campbell’s goggles coming off in the 50 yard swim she still took 2nd place.
I lost my goggles, said Campbell. “I ran to my coach after and asked if I could swim it again and he told me no. This next meet I’ll definitely get that back.”

Notable Preformances:
Laura Sherill 1st-  Womens 100 butterfly
Maury Meiresonne 1st- Mens 100 butterfly

Team Standings:

1. Sitka 176
2. Juneau Douglas 128
3. Ketchikan 92
4. Thunder Mountain 90
5. Petersburg 46
6. Craig 3

1. Thunder Mountain 119
2. Juneau Douglas 114
3. Sitka 90.5
4. Ketchikan 79