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When do you think the first snowfall is going to be?

Olivia Kinunen: I have a feeling that it is not going to snow this year, and if it does it’s probably going to be really late in the season. So far it has been pretty dry but lately we have been having some super rainy and stormy days. It still hasn’t gotten very cold yet, though, and there isn’t even any snow on the mountain tops yet. So I don’t really think it is going to snow more than a couple inches this year, but I’m hoping to see a little bit of snow, especially during Christmas break!

Tarrant Sasser: I believe that we will get our first snowfall in the middle of December. Ketchikan is still in the season of fall and has not stopped with the wind and the rain. It has not been very cold so far and our weather shows no signs of snow anytime soon. Even if it does snow in December it probably will not stay for long. Hopefully it snows in time for Christmas because it brightens the Christmas spirit.

Crist Carlson: I think the first snowfall is going to happen during the first week of December, or so I hope. It’s starting to get colder and colder and I think by December 2nd the mountain tops will have some snow. It’s been raining and storming really hard the past couple of weeks so I don’t think it will snow the rest of November. I’m hoping that we get a lot of snow this year because it makes the winter months so much more enjoyable. Without snow I just feel like winter is 10 times longer and the days get so repetitive. I’m looking forward to the first week of December to see if i’m right.

Jenna Miller: My guess is no where in the next ten days, and that’s not just because I looked on my weather app on my phone and noticed there’s no chance of snow for a while. Considering how well of a summer we had this year i think it’s going to snow pretty early and last for a good four or five months. So all you snow loving freaks better get ready to embrace the winter because I have a feeling we are going to get dumped on this year. For the rest of you who despise it, I suggest you lock your doors and don’t come out until the end of April.


Weekend Preview

The Kayhi Wrestling team will compete in the Metlakatla Invitational this weekend. The Kings had a successful weekend at home, while eight of the eleven Kayhi finalists placed first.
They’ve competed in three tournaments and finished first in all three.
Senior Brandon Wieber said the team hopes to bring this momentum into their fourth tournament.
“We expect to continue to win every tournament,” said Wieber. “In every tournament so far we have won by a lot.”
Brandon Wieber has taken first place in all three of the seasons tournaments, and plans to continue the streak.
“I am going to continue to work hard every day in practice,” Wieber said. “I think I can take first place every meet in my weight class. I feel really confident going into this next meet.”

The Kayhi Debate team will be traveling to Juneau to compete against Thunder Mountain this Friday.
Many of the students in DDF are looking forward to this weekend, as this is their first and only meet of the season that takes place in the capital city.
Junior Dametre Martin says he’s excited to get this first trip underway.
¨I am excited to meet with old and new friends and compete against my rivals,¨ said  Martin. ¨Our resolve this meet is about how the United States federal government should impose price controls on the pharmaceutical industry, and it is a pretty hard topic, no matter what side you are on.¨

Swim and Dive
State qualifiers for the Kayhi Swim and Dive team will be traveling to Bartlett High School in Anchorage to compete this Friday and Saturday. Qualifiers include Laura Sherrill in the 100 fly and 200 fly, Jessilynn Sivertson in diving, and Emma Campbell in the 200 free.
“Our times are really close with our competition- like by a few seconds, but I think we’ll be able to pull something off, “ Laura Sherrill. “We all worked hard to get here and I think this will be our best meet this season.”

The Kayhi Lady Kings will travel to Juneau to play in the Region V tournament this weekend.
Although this year has been a struggle for the team, senior Louise Peterson said the love she has for the sport has helped her push through.
“As an individual I expect to go onto the court with energy, positivity, and overall just have fun,”  said Peterson. “As a team, we’re all very excited to make this last trip of the season fun and full of hard work.”
Senior Autumn Yeisley said she feels that she has improved tremendously over the season and the other girls have improved a lot individually as well.
“I plan on giving it my all for my last regions because I have nothing to lose,” said Yeisley.




Weekend Sports Preview

CC to Regionals
Spots at the state cross country meet are at stake this weekend at the Region V meet in Juneau.
The Kings’ best chances to qualify for state are freshman Mickey Lapinski and sophomore Morgan Elerding.
Lapinski finished 6th among 4A runners (12th overall) last week and will try to crack the top 10 and qualify for state. Lapinski said he is going to develop a game plan to put himself in the best position to have a strong race.“I’m going to learn the Juneau course to know how to pace myself,” said Lapinski.
Elerding finished 9th among the 4A runners last week and will try to keep her spot there to qualify.
“I need to stay with the three JD girls and hope to out sprint them at the end,” said Elerding. “They’re all 10 seconds within my time.”  

Football to Barrow
Kayhi Kings football (4-1) will travel 1,300 miles north to take on the Barrow Whalers (3-3) Saturday in their last away game of the regular season. The Kings are coming off a victory at Homer 48-12, and have averaged 51.6 points this season, while the Whalers have an average of 18.8 points.
Senior Tarrant Sasser said he is excited for this weekend’s trip up to the North slope.
“Our defense has been doing great forcing punts,” said Sasser. “And they have been putting the offense in great positions.”

Volleyball to Prince of Wales
The Kayhi girls volleyball team (1-7) will play the Craig Panthers Friday and Saturday with C team starting at 4:30 p.m. both nights.

Volleyball falls to jd

Kayhi volleyball fell 2-0 to the Juneau Douglas Bears at home over the weekend. Friday, the Lady Kings varsity team lost ( 25-5, 25-10, 25-5) and Saturday (23-25, 12-25, and 8-25). The JV team went  3-2 against the Bears.
This is the second time they have faced off against the Bears, losing 0-2 the week before on Juneau’s home court. The Kings now stand at 1-5, with their only win against the Nikiski Bulldogs.  

Volleyball hosts JD

Lady Kings volleyball (1-3) will host the Juneau Bears (2-0). Varsity will play tonight at 7 p.m. and Saturday at 4:30 p.m. The C and JV teams also will compete this weekend. C team will play at 4:30 p.m. Friday and 2 p.m. Saturday, and JV will play 5:30 p.m. on Friday and 3 p.m. on Saturday. Last week, the Lady Kings fell 2-0 against JD.

Volleyball to JD

The Lady Kings Volleyball team (1-1) will take on the Juneau Douglas Bears (0-0) this Friday at 8 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Saturday at JDHS.
“We have a lot more new people this year and they are all just learning how to play,” said junior Mckenzie Merrill.
Although they are a young and inexperienced team, their spirits are held up high.
“We are starting to get our strength back. We lack in height but if we focus and work hard  I think we will pull off a win,” said Merrill. “I definitely think our team has the chance to beat JD, as long as everyone is all on the same page.”
The Lady kings C team will take on JD at 4:30 p.m. Friday and 4 p.m. Saturday. The JV teams will play at 6:15 p.m. Friday and 5:45 p.m. on Saturday.


Volleyball goes 1-1 to open season

Marcus Lee
Staff Writer

The Lady Kings went 1-1 this past weekend in Nikiski. Kayhi lost its first match 2-1 (25-19, 23-25, 8-19) The Kings played once more securing their first win of the year 2-1 (23-25, 25-22, 15-13).
Kayhi Senior Autumn Yeisley said they played really well and believes this trip was an opportunity to grow as team.
“We did good for our first game, but we definitely could’ve done better,” said Yeisley. “I think we really went on this trip to bond and get used to playing with each other.”