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Kayhi Wrestlers at state

Carter Thomas
Staff Writer

The Kayhi Kings wrestling team placed seventh out of 18 teams in the state tournament. Coach Rick Collins felt that the team competed well.
“All in all they wrestled well. We had a couple heartbreaking losses, but for the most part we won matches that I felt we should,” said Collins. “I was really pleased with everyone’s effort.”
Sophomore Andy Collins and Senior Brandon Weiber (who both placed 5th) have really impressed coach Collins.
“Andy Collins looked amazing. He has improved so much this year, and is probably our most improved wrestler on the season,” said Collins. “He ended up with three pins, definitely the most on the team. He really is a dangerous wrestler, it was fun to watch. Brandon Weiber lost his first match to an unseeded wrestler, but then came back and fought through the back side of the bracket.  I thought that was super impressive.”
Senior Brandon Weiber thought the team did better than expected.
“I am happy with placing 5th, but I felt like I could have placed 3rd,” said Weiber. “I did not think we as a team were going to do as good as we did, so that was fun to see.”
Senior Matthew Rodriguez got pinned for his first time ever at the state tournament.
“He made a mistake and ended up getting caught and pinned,” said Collins. “We were hoping to get a victory, but he ended up falling short.
Coach Collins will miss the Patrick Rauwolf and the other seniors on the team.
“Patrick finished with 3rd at state, making this the 3rd time he has placed at state. That is super impressive because many wrestlers never place,” said Collins.  It will be sad to see him and the other seniors graduate. We are just thankful for all the time we got to spend with them.”

State Placers:
Degan Linne (32-6) – 3rd place (103)
Patrick Rauwolf (24-8) – 3rd place (119)
Brandon weiber (31-5) – 5th place (189)
Andy collins (29-7) – 5th place (140)


Kings win 11th straight Regional Tournament


Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 1.05.38 PM

Carter Thomas
Staff Writer

The Kayhi Kings wrestling team took first for the 11th straight regional tournament. Kayhi had 10 region champions. Senior Matthew Rodriguez was selected as the most outstanding wrestler, and took first in his weight class.
“I feel that I did very well,” Rodriguez said. “I had a super close match in the finals, but it feels great to come out on top. I think I had a great weekend.”
Senior Patrick Rauwolf, defeated Kayhi’s own Kollin Houthoofd by dec. 5-2, and felt great after finally winning a region tournament.
“It feels great to take first in my weight class,” Rauwolf said. “After three years of losing in the finals, I finally pulled off a win.”
Brayden Linne was relieved that his ankle injury didn’t affect his performance.
“I was a little bit worried about how my ankle would affect my matches, but I was just fine,” Linne said. “I am really looking forward to the state tournament. I think I have a good chance of being a state champion this year.”
Senior Brandon Weiber went in to the Region V tournament with a winning mindset.
“I went into regions being very confident,” Weiber said. “Mindset is huge when you are going into a big tournament. I told myself I was going to win, and thats what happened.”
Next weekend, 17 wrestlers will travel to Anchorage to compete in the state tournament.

Region Champions:
Patrick Rauwolf
Kai Biagi
Brayden Linne
Carson Cowan
Richard Stuart
Matthew Rodriguez
Degan Linne
Brandon Wieber
Andy Collins
Charlie Blair

State Qualifiers:
Patrick Rauwolf (119)
Kai Biagi (112)
Brayden Linne (145)
Carson Cowan (160)
Richard Stuart (152)
Matthew Rodriguez (125)
Degan Linne (103)
Ada Odden (125)
Brandon Wieber (189)
Charlie Blair (130)
Louisse Bueno (103)
Andy Collins (140)
Hayley Gilson (135)
Kollin Houthoofd (119)
Conor Ray (160)
Benjamin Tabb (135)
Brock Thomas (130)


Wrestling to Regions

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 1.45.12 PM
Patrick Rauwolf looks to close his career with a region championship

Staff Writer
Carter Thomas

The Kayhi Wrestling team will compete in the regional tournament in Juneau this weekend. The Kings have won 10 region V tournaments in a row, and hope to continue the streak. The Kings will compete against Juneau Douglas and Thunder Mountain for the title. Senior Patrick Rauwolf (ranked 3rd in state) believes that he will be able to take first in his weight class, despite his loss in the finals last year.
“I did lose last year, but I am much more confident,” Rauwolf said. “I really only have a few easy matches to win my weight class.”
Senior Brayden Linne (ranked 1st in state) was named the most outstanding wrestler last year for the second time in a row.
“I think Ketchikan is going to dominate,” Linne said. “I think I will win my weight class, and our team will win the tournament. The regions tournament is pretty easy for us to win, and you can see that in the last 10 years.”
Coach Rick Collins has high hopes for Brayden Linne.
“He is definitely outstanding. In my mind he should win the region tournament, and will be a state champ this year”
Coach Collins said that Brayden has been dealing with an injury since the Lancer Smith.
“He’s been going some light wrestling, but hasn’t been going 100% due to the injury. He is not getting full reps, so I am worried about that. I expect him to win a state title reasonably easy this year. The ankle injury will make it a little bit harder.”
Collins believes that the team will win the regional tournament.
“I certainly expect us to win regions,” Coach Collins said. “JD and Thunder Mountain are combined, and they definitely could be better. We’ve got 6 guys that are expected to be seeded and placers at the state tournament. I would expect all 6 of those guys to do extremely well in the region tournament.”
Senior Brandon Weiber (ranked 3rd at state), a 2x regional champ,  believes he can win this tournament easily.
“I think I will win my 3rd straight regional title this weekend,” Wieber said. “Although the competition in my weight class is decent, I believe I can take it easily.”
Junior Sullivan Schultz, who took 2nd in regions last year, has a tough road to first place.
“I believe I will go to the finals. Taking first will be difficult, because of how hard my opponent is, but I believe if I work hard I can win”



Tonight is the annual rent-a-wrestler auction, it will be at 5:30 in the Kayhi commons. Tickets are $10 for a a pulled pork sandwich and a side of coleslaw. Made from the Kayhi culinary students.

Junior Sullivan Schulz (170)  and senior Brandon Wieber (189) are members of the team.

Wieber: Sully are you ready for tonight? Your third ever Rent-A-Wrestler auction.

Schulz: Yeah I’m excited, I’m getting auctioned off with a Misty Fjords Tour for two. How much you think you’re going to be sold for this year?  

Wieber: Bro, I’m going to be sold for at least $250. I have $225 worth of donations from O’Reilly’s. A 67-piece tool set, light bar, emergency kit, and a hand truck, pretty good deal. It’s pretty sweet that these companies donate so much to us and they don’t get much back besides some appreciation.

Schulz: Dude! No way you go for more than me, I’m saying I go for at least $350. Last year I only went for $200, but this year I think that my Misty Fjord tour should be a huge hit.

Wieber: Debatable….
I’m thinking whoever loses has to buy the other person 3 pieces of pizza from Gold Pan or a skookie. Actually, if you go for $425 i’ll take you to lunch for the rest of the week.

Schulz: You’re on bro… I’m going to embarrass you when I go for at least $150 more than you. Same goes for you, you beat me or go for 425$ I’ll buy all your food at regions.  

Wieber: Dude, you just typed the dollar sign after the number! Lund’s going to be mad.

Schulz: Bro chill out, he told us not to worry about editing while we were typing.

Wieber: Well to be good on and off the mat you have to make sure you don’t make sucky mistakes. So, since you made a mistake on this debate you will not go for anywhere near $300.

Schulz: Yeah okay, think what you want Wieber. I wonder what we’re gonna do this year, sometimes the jobs the people have us do sucks sometimes.

Wieber: Yeah true, one time though I went to a cabin and power washed their dock. I stayed out there one night and they fed me a really good dinner.

Schulz: Last year, I helped my uncle move a fridge and a freezer, and he’s still talking about me owing him more work.

Wieber: This being my last year showed me that helping people is a nice thing to do and i’ll miss being able to do just this.

Schulz: Yeah the work sucks, but it’s so worth it. With the money we earn from the auction, we get to go on dope trips like Juneau and Wasilla.

Wieber: If you think about it, what if we go as a duo or get bought by the same person. All my stuff and all your stuff. Those people would be getting a good set of items, especially with two huge guys.

Schulz: If we went as a duo we could go for double the amount we thought. My items combined with yours would be appealing to people.

Wieber: Yeah that would be sick, class just got out, I’ll see you tonight bro.

Wrestlers 8th at Lancer Smith

Carter Thomas
Staff Writer

The Kayhi Kings Wrestling team placed 8th out of 39 teams in the Lancer Smith Invitational in Anchorage over the weekend. South Anchorage won the tournament with a score of 268, followed by Colony (219.5). Kayhi also lost the duel matches against Wasilla. Four wrestlers placed in the varsity bracket, and two placed in the JV tournament.
Senior Brayden Linne sprained his ankle during the duel matches on Thursday, and was not able to compete in the rest of the tournament.
“It was disappointing to not be able to wrestle in the tournament,” said Linne. “I should be able to wrestle in three weeks, hopefully in time for the region tournament.”
Senior Patrick Rauwolf (19-5) placed 4th in the 119 weight class, but feels he could have done better.
“Although I placed the highest on the team, I could have done better,” Rauwolf said. “It was pretty disappointing when I lost the 3rd and 4th match by two. I know when state rolls around I will perform much better.”
Senior Matthew Rodriguez (21-3), who placed 5th in the 125 weight class, feels he did a great job at the tournament.
“I think I performed very well in the Lancer,” said Rodriguez. “I think I have a really good shot at taking state this year, despite my struggles last year. The top 6 people in my weight class all have had 1-2 point matches, so it will be exciting to see who wins it all.”
Andy Collins (24-5) placed 5th place in the 140 pound weight class, defeating Wayne Newman (27-4) of Homer high school by a forfeit. Degan Linne (26-5) placed 5th in the 103 weight class, pinning Lathrop’s Andrew KIllian-Dalrymple in 3:54.
Two wrestlers placed in the JV tournament. Kollin Houthoofd placed second in the 119 weight class, getting pinned in 2:04 by Tyler Foss of Wasilla. Brock Thomas (4th place) knows what he needs to work on to be competitive at state.
“I feel that I did my best,” said Thomas. “But I know what I know what I need to work on before I go to state. The guys in my weight class are competitive, and it’s going to be a challenge for sure.”

Top Teams:
South Anchorage- 268
Colony- 219.5
Lathrop- 183
Wasilla- `139
Bethel- 97.5

Placing Kayhi Wrestlers:
Patrick Rouwolf (12) – 4th
Matthew Rodriguez (12) – 5th
Andy Collins (10) – 5th
Degan Linne (9) – 5th
Kollin Houthoofd (9) – 2nd (JV)
Brock Thomas (9) – 4th (JV)




Weekend Preview

The Kayhi Wrestling team will compete in the Metlakatla Invitational this weekend. The Kings had a successful weekend at home, while eight of the eleven Kayhi finalists placed first.
They’ve competed in three tournaments and finished first in all three.
Senior Brandon Wieber said the team hopes to bring this momentum into their fourth tournament.
“We expect to continue to win every tournament,” said Wieber. “In every tournament so far we have won by a lot.”
Brandon Wieber has taken first place in all three of the seasons tournaments, and plans to continue the streak.
“I am going to continue to work hard every day in practice,” Wieber said. “I think I can take first place every meet in my weight class. I feel really confident going into this next meet.”

The Kayhi Debate team will be traveling to Juneau to compete against Thunder Mountain this Friday.
Many of the students in DDF are looking forward to this weekend, as this is their first and only meet of the season that takes place in the capital city.
Junior Dametre Martin says he’s excited to get this first trip underway.
¨I am excited to meet with old and new friends and compete against my rivals,¨ said  Martin. ¨Our resolve this meet is about how the United States federal government should impose price controls on the pharmaceutical industry, and it is a pretty hard topic, no matter what side you are on.¨

Swim and Dive
State qualifiers for the Kayhi Swim and Dive team will be traveling to Bartlett High School in Anchorage to compete this Friday and Saturday. Qualifiers include Laura Sherrill in the 100 fly and 200 fly, Jessilynn Sivertson in diving, and Emma Campbell in the 200 free.
“Our times are really close with our competition- like by a few seconds, but I think we’ll be able to pull something off, “ Laura Sherrill. “We all worked hard to get here and I think this will be our best meet this season.”

The Kayhi Lady Kings will travel to Juneau to play in the Region V tournament this weekend.
Although this year has been a struggle for the team, senior Louise Peterson said the love she has for the sport has helped her push through.
“As an individual I expect to go onto the court with energy, positivity, and overall just have fun,”  said Peterson. “As a team, we’re all very excited to make this last trip of the season fun and full of hard work.”
Senior Autumn Yeisley said she feels that she has improved tremendously over the season and the other girls have improved a lot individually as well.
“I plan on giving it my all for my last regions because I have nothing to lose,” said Yeisley.




Wrestling Hosts Bill Weiss

Carter Thomas
Staff Writer

The Kayhi wrestling team will be hosting the Bill Weiss tournament this weekend, the only home meet of the year.
Seven seniors will be honored before the championship finals Saturday night.
“After two straight tournament wins this season, we are excited to compete at home,” said senior Brandon Wieber. “We want to show our friends and family our skills, and hopefully win our 3rd straight tournament.”

Thursday Oct. 25: Starts 5:15-8:30 p.m.
Friday Oct. 26: Starts 4:30 p.m.
Saturday Oct. 27: Starts 10:30 a.m.
Senior Night: before the Championship
Championship Finals: Starts 6:30 p.m.  

Brandon Wieber
Patrick Rauwolf
Brayden Linne
Matthew Rodriguez
Jaret Warstler
Richard Stuart
Gavin Bolshakoff