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Staff Pick

What is your resolution or focal word for 2018?

Hannah Maxwell:
Productivity. As I head into my last semester of high school I’ve come to the realization that I have lost my drive. The closer to the finish line, the less motivated I become. So my goal for 2018 is to be more productive. I want to do more than just go through the motions and exist. I hate looking back on days or weeks and not being able to point out one substantial thing I accomplished. Everyday I want to dominate at least one thing, the size of which not being a factor. I’m going to make being productive a habit this year. No more procrastinating the inevitable. Produce. Produce. Produce.

Arick Mattson:
Tradition. My family and I always have a set of guidelines through which we have to make a New Years resolution. The categories are: spiritual, physical, and family. For example, a member of my family can say that this year, they are going to give a talk in church, do one hundred pushups a day, and organize a family activity each week. Our spiritual goals don’t always have to revolve around our church. Sometimes, they can be service oriented, or it can be about reading the Bible. Our physical goals are almost always revolving around exercise, whether it’s in a group or as an individual. Our Family goals have only one rule. It must be a measurable goal through which you are strengthening a relationship, with at least one family member. My goals this upcoming year for each category is one, prepare for a mission for my church, two, run for a specific distance (about two miles a day at least), and three, have a one-on-one activity with each of my younger siblings once a month. Of course I have other goals for this year. However, with this tradition from my family, I am able to focus less on myself, and more about my family, and how I am helping them before I leave the nest.

Brayden Linne:
Finishing. Throughout 2017 I have noticed that many things in my life haven’t been getting done. Take journalism for example, I can have two to three articles nearly completed, but it still take days to finish them. Or in wrestling, I can be winning a match by more than ten points and then get pinned in the final minute. I have so many opportunities in life to finish in a good and early manner, but something in my mind prevents me from doing so. This year that’s gonna change, everything I do will be finished and out of the way as soon as I can. I will finally stop letting things stay unfinished and just get it done.


Liam Kiffer:
Not procrastinating. That is my focal word for the year. Everyday, I go home with a bucket load of homework. And everyday I manage to do about five minutes of actual work before I give up and watch Netflix till I go to sleep. My grades have suffered from this for years and yet something in my mind prevents me from giving a hoot about it. This years going to be different. College is right around the corner and I know that if I want a good secondary education, it’s time to lose the Netflix and start the studying. This applies to other things as well, not just school work. Generally most people do not enjoy doing un-fun things, such as studying, chores etc. But in order to be your best self in life, you have to have an attitude completely opposite of that. Never again will you hear me say, “Oh sorry I didn’t get that done” or “I didn’t have enough time to do that.” This is the year for change in my life. Mr. Lunds iconic saying, “Get it done” has never been more instrumental to my life as it is right now. In 2018 I intend to be everything I wasn’t in 2017. Starting tomorrow, I will change my life for the better.

Trevan Craig:
Industrious. I will push myself to be a better and more hardworking person this year. Laziness is something I intend to part with, seeing I am nearing my final year of Kayhi and I want to finish strong. My goal is to do better than the previous year, to create good habits for when I am graduated and work for a living. I will work hard to achieve this goal because I don’t just want to just progress in high-school, I want to triumph in Kayhi. Beginning this year I will push further to achieve my desires because what I do now in school,  will reflect how I do outside of it and I want to be successful. There are too many people who give up on what they want because it requires a lot of work. I don’t want to be one of those people. I want to be the type of person who dives into the work head first and comes out on top. Hard work isn’t something you make excuses for, you have to embrace it and put forth as best you can. I want to wake up in the morning for school determined and fall asleep satisfied.

Staff Pick

If you had to go through high school again knowing everything you know now, what would you do differently?

Verona Kamberi:
I would have definitely tried out for the Kayhi basketball team. After watching NBA for about a good four years, I think my inner Lebron James would have unleashed on the Kayhi court. Man… I’d score 15 points  and I’d drop nine dimes each game, I’d be so good that the coach would want me on the varsity team. But sadly, I never tried out and I never had the chance to show off my basketball skills. I guess I just missed an opportunity to be the next big thing, and by that I mean be Lebron James. Now I guess I’m just the water girl…

Alex Boegler:
Well, first off I would have a melt down. Then I would pull myself together and get ready for school. I would make sure to not wear socks and sandals, I have learned that is a major fashion faux pas. Another thing I would change, is making homework a priority. I’ve always struggled with that and being able to have another shot of establishing a solid homework schedule would be baller. The final thing I would change is being more confident. I have always assumed that people don’t like me unless they show me otherwise. But, now with my wise senior brain, I know that is not the case. If I had the chance to be a freshman again, I would be more confident in myself and not be afraid to say what I want to say and be who I want to be.

Joey Karlik:
Having all of that knowledge and this scenario would be having too much power. Would I do it for my own personal benefit or do the right thing? Honestly I wouldn’t change anything for my high school course. My high school experience has been very productive. I’d still wrestle, play soccer, and maintain a 4.0. My friend group wouldn’t change as well. With all that in my mind, I may smack myself in the head and take wrestling seriously my freshman year. It probably would be more likely to take a state title or have more region titles. With the information I have, I see it as my obligation to use it to change other people’s life–like the inner Boy Scout tells me to do. Before anyone makes a bad decision, I would warn them not to do whatever the are about to do. I’d be the ultimate guardian angel around the school.

Largim Zhuta:
If Marty McFly taught us anything in Back to the Future II is that you get rich if something like that happens. If you have to go through high school again knowing everything you knew the day of graduation, you might as well get rich of that info. Once that is figured out, I would do a lot of things differently. I’d participate in different activities and try to get different friends and acquaintances. I have had an awesome high school experience, and I have amazing friends. I wouldn’t change it out of spite, but out of curiosity. What if I had done ballet and soccer in addition to basketball? What if I had learned to play an instrument? What if I had different best friends? Most of what I would do would be selfish, I wouldn’t try to change the course of history because frankly what’s the point to it? Would it be because I sincerely care to change the course of history for the better, or would it be for the egotistical and assumed praise I would get for doing it? Through the deliberate changes, I undoubtedly would cause changes I didn’t intend for, or change relationships, or aspects of my life that I never thought of. All in all, I wouldn’t want to replay my life, I would love to live out another version of it, mostly out of curiosity.

Dante Troina:
Okay, anyone who would complain in this situation isn’t seeing the bigger picture at all. Sure, high school is made up of long, boring days where nothing exciting seems to go on, but why would I have to go to high school when I could just bet my money on scores from football games that I remember pick a perfect bracket, or tell all my friends that the Falcons will blow a 28-3 lead before it happens? I’ve had a conversation about this situation happening before, and people have told me that if I were to bet money, it would be cheating; my response: “So what?” If you could go back with all of your future knowledge of life, what would you do? Sit around and complain about it, or maximize your potential as a human being for the next four years?

Keri Thomas:
I’d try out for sports like cross-country, volleyball, and softball. I have always been very competitive and never truly embraced that side of me as a dancer. It would be great to try new things. I am a planner and knowing what was going to happen before it did would be great! But would it actually? Some of the best things in my high school years weren’t planned or thought out. If this hypothetical was true, I probably wouldn’t actually try out for other sports with the fear of changing my friends and personality. The truth is that of course there are things I wish I could go back and change, but I love where I am right now and wouldn’t want anything to interfere with that. So no, I wouldn’t do anything different because I believe things happen for a reason.

Staff Picks

My favorite Christmas tradition is… singing loud for all to hear.

Keri Thomas:
My favorite Christmas tradition is being with my family and making our chocolate mint Christmas cookies. We’ve made this recipe every Christmas my entire life, and it quickly became my sisters and I’s favorite. We would beg our mother to make them every year. These cookies require a lot of time and effort so, my sister and I decided to learn how to make our favorite cookies ourselves, which are known to my family as “the Christmas cookies”. This tradition has continued every year, no matter what. Even though they are delicious, my favorite part about making these cookies isn’t eating them, It’s making them with my sister. It’s always been a great way for us to bond. Now that she is gone most of the year in college, I don’t get to see or talk to her as often. That makes this special time during the holidays even more valuable to me. My favorite aspect of Christmas traditions are how they bring family together and bring back good memories.

Leighton Bullock:
My absolute favorite Christmas tradition is when everyone is home for the holidays. My mom makes this amazing Norwegian Christmas cake called ‘Julekaka’. Its a traditional Norwegian sweet bread that is topped with some homemade flavored frosting that my mom makes. It’s a recipe/tradition that has been passed down my mom’s side for generations. Every year our family can’t ever get enough of it. As soon as it’s in the oven, we can’t wait for it to finish cooking so we can devour it. Sometimes she’ll spend the entire afternoon making different kinds of it only for it to be gone so fast because the rest of the family can never get enough. My mom normally experiments with the recipe too, sometimes she will add dried cranberries, raisins, or almonds, and extra sugar on top. But, what makes the Julekaka so special, is that it’s something we only get to savor during the Christmas holidays. It’s a holiday staple for our family every year, and I don’t think it will ever get old, But, I know that every year when Christmas is over the whole family is gonna miss it.

Grace Clark:
I don’t celebrate Christmas, but if I did my favorite part would be gathering around a super toasty fire in my living room, and watching a super funny holiday themed movie with my family. I used to celebrate Christmas when I was little, since then, my family’s religion has changed. Although I don’t celebrate it at home, I really enjoy going to Kyle’s house and spending time with his family because they are so welcoming.

Arick Mattson:
I love when my family and I circle around the hospital and say a prayer after singing Silent Night. I love how the community comes together and is able to be of one voice, and of one purpose. I live in a household centered around Jesus Christ, and the prayer around the hospital is a time for me to be at peace with myself, and feel good about my choices in life. In my family, Christmas is a time to give and to serve. What better way is there to serve, than to spend your time singing and praying for the sick and injured? With the additions made to the hospital, and the previous success that the hospital prayer has had, I have no doubts that this year will have more people than ever. I hope that everyone will be able to come so that we can all have a fun experience, and be able to give some of our time in the name of the Christmas spirit.

Kaitlyn Smith:
Every Christmas Eve, my Mom buys these ridiculous Christmas pajamas that we have to wear Christmas Eve night, and on Christmas morning. She purposely buys really bright colored, and kind of embarrassing ones, and it’s a tradition we’ve been doing since I was a little kid.
Jaret Warstler:
My favorite tradition is on Christmas day when our family gets together at my house in the morning for a Christmas breakfast and to open presents around the tree. We normally get together at around 8:30 a.m. in our pajamas and have a breakfast feast. Then we all go down in the living room and bump Christmas music and make a mess with unwrapping presents. After the presents, we open our stockings which is really my favorite part. Later in the day, we all get together again at a relatives house and we have a roast beef dinner. After we eat we then also open a few more smaller presents.


Staff Pick

Given last week’s upsets in college football, what teams are going to make the playoffs?


Dante Troina:
Clemson vs. Miami is a win if you’re in game, as is Georgia vs. Auburn. Auburn dominated Georgia just three weeks ago, so Georgia will come out with revenge on their minds, but Auburn will still pull away, as they are just a better team on a hot streak right now. Tigers 31-20. Miami and Clemson are two of the best four teams, but since they play one another, one of them won’t be able to make it. Clemson is the gold standard for consistency over the last three years, but The U has risen to the occasion and then some for every big game this year (Notre Dame). This game could really go either way, but I think on a big stage, Miami will get pressure on Kelly Bryant and force him into turnovers late. Miami 35-31, turnover chain and all. Oklahoma is the next team I think will make it. They already beat TCU with their second stringers in for the second half, so 52-28 Sooners. The Wisconsin/Ohio State game is where the committee can really get in a tough spot. Wisconsin is who I want to win, but they lose games like these every year. Urban Meyer will come up with a gameplan to beat them in a close, low scoring game. That win will give the Buckeyes a slight advantage over Alabama, Ohio State will have 4 top 25 wins to Alabama’s 2, one of which is against a team who lost to Troy at home. The Buckeyes will also have a conference title, so they’re my fourth team for the playoffs.

Kody Malouf:
The college football playoff is a madhouse this year. There is one undefeated team left (Wisconsin), everyone is good, and no matter who the CFB playoff committee selects, people are going to be pissed off. There are so many deserving teams and only four spots, the committee has an impossible job this year. With that in mind, I’m going to just put four teams in that have a chance, knowing that there are at least 10 teams that deserve to make it and I will definitely be wrong. Clemson in currently ranked #1 so they’ve got a very good chance. Oklahoma sits at #2 with the current Heisman front runner under center all while riding a seven game win streak, so I’ll give it to them. Auburn just knocked off the former #1 team in Alabama, and the last seven winners of the Iron Bowl have played for the National Championship, Auburn gets in. And last, it’s hard not to jump on the Miami bandwagon. The swagger, the poise, the confidence, I like the way they play and they could very well get a playoff berth based on those attributes alone, so I’ll sneak in Miami for my last spot.

Wyatt Barajas:
It’s hard to tell even at this point in the season because of the way it is chosen. It’s not all about what your record is. But if I had to choose a team to win it all it would be The U. They have had a strong season beside last week’s loss. They are the most all around strong team with a single mission, victory. The way it is chosen can be good, but also kind of bush league. The lack of watching college football may be why I have this opinion, but I’m still right.

Kyle Smith:
I don’t watch college football very much at all. That being said, the four teams that will make the playoffs this year will be Clemson, Oklahoma, Auburn and Alabama. I have no idea who is good and who is not, but by looking at the rankings I feel like this is a good educated guess. All of the teams I have picked are in the top five. A couple of years ago when I used to watch more college football, these teams that I’ve picked were good. History repeats itself, so I know these teams will be in the playoffs.

Liam Kiffer:
I have to agree with Kyle on this one, I watch maybe one college football game a year. Even though I’m not too familiar with who’s good and who’s not, I certainly know who the most popular teams are, and I mean if someone like me knows about them they have to be good. My four picks for the college football playoffs, in no particular order, are Alabama, Auburn, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma. My boy Baker Mayfield is on track to win the Heisman and take his Oklahoma all the way. If I were old enough to bet, I’d put all my money down on Oklahoma.  

Staff Picks

At the halfway point of the NFL season who do you think will win Super Bowl 52?

Kody Malouf: The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to win, no doubt in my mind. They’ve been at the top of the NFL power rankings all season and their lately average defense has finally caught up to their outstanding offense. Now that their offense is continuing their success and the defense has returned to former top five glory, the Steelers are ready to make a final push and climb the stairway to seven. Also, let’s not forget last time we predicted a sports championship, “Which wild card team has the best chance to win the World Series?” I predicted right. I know what I’m talking about.

Liam Kiffer:  Many may not think of the Browns as a powerhouse, but given they’re 1-24 in the last 25 games, they’re due for a ship. The first half of the season was led by inexperienced quarterback DeShone Kizer who threw for a whopping four touchdowns, on a side note he has only thrown 12 interceptions so far. The Browns only lost this week to the Lions by a miniscule of 14 points. Kizer only threw one interception making it the team’s best game of the year.  I am certain that they will ride this momentum all the way to Super Bowl 52.

Hannah Maxwell: There’s no way that the New England Patriots don’t make it to the Super Bowl. Zero chance. Tom Brady will lead his team to yet another Lombardi Trophy. It almost seems unfair how good he is. The Eagles’ have a pretty easy schedule, so it would be surprising if they weren’t 8-1. The Chiefs, the only team to have beaten both the Patriots and the Eagles, started hot, but now Hunt and Hill are coming back down to earth. Moral of the story, the Patriots are the best and Bill Belichick knows how to win.

Joey Karlik: I would love to see my boys, the Pittsburgh Steelers and my little seven year old cousin Lance’s Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl. The black and gold bumblebees have been pretty dominate these past couple of years and I think this is their year. Philadelphia is on a hot hand and could beat the up teams in the NFC. The thing is though, Wentz is too inexperienced to lead his team to hold the trophy up in Minnesota. I will take the the experienced Big Ben 27-19. But honestly, I love football so much that I probably won’t care who plays for the trophy. Unless New England gets in again, Brady just stop being good already!

Wyatt Barajas: I don’t care because I don’t watch that much football because they are being outlandish in their protests. If the Miami Dolphins win the Super Bowl, it will not make me very happy because they are acting like un american men. The NFL is more about who is not standing and respecting our flag than actual football. No team will truly win because they will not have the gratification from full fan support.

Leif Stephens: As much as I would love to see the Seahawks take another Super Bowl trophy back to Seattle, I think the Los Angeles Rams will head to Super Bowl 52 along with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Rams have recently returned to Los Angeles after being in St. Louis since 1995 and they’re winning their way to the top of the league. Overall I think the Rams will come out victorious over the Steelers by large. I predict the first half of the game will be pretty back and forth score wise which will keep the game interesting. But when the second half gets going the Rams will completely dominate the Steelers and send them to the locker room cryin.

Staff Pick

Snow is…

Hannah Maxwell:

Snow is a reminder of how beautiful nature can be when it’s left alone. I love snow capped mountains. I’m sure if you zoomed in on them you could see all the boot prints that go from ridge to ridge but from afar they look like a snow cone before you pour the syrup on it. I’ve been privileged enough to grow up in Alaska and Montana, two of the prettiest places on planet earth. Both of which have gorgeous mountainscapes which are covered, almost year round, with a layer of glistening white powder. Honestly I never loved playing in the snow, I hated how cold and wet I got, but I will never get tired of looking at it. Flying into Anchorage as the sunsets behind the snowy mountains, is a view that cannot be paralleled.

Joey Karlik:
Snow is lovely. Untouched snow is like a work of nature’s art… unless you live in Ketchikan. The word “snow” doesn’t exist in these parts. The word is replaced with slush. Everywhere else it’s amazing. Back in the day, snow here was the best. My particular favorite was the winter of 08’. I loved waking up with my little sister and throwing snowballs at her. Then my uncle would come in and stuff our faces into the snow, freezing our faces off. We would go inside and sip on hot chocolate and watch the classic christmas movie series–Star Wars. We would repeat this sequence every day ( sadly, we fell for our uncle’s pranks every single day) until the snow went away. I do miss those winters and I would kill to get that type of snow back. I really don’t care for this brown slush we have to call “snow”. Take me back to 2008!

Brittany Slick:
A precursor to slush. Ketchikan snow has a tendency to show up beautiful, white and powdery one day, only to get washed away and turned into brown slush the next. I feel like it just gets everyone’s hopes up. Don’t get me wrong, I love the snow–the pretty white stuff you sled on and make snowmen with… not the dirty brown muck that gets sprayed up your car window everywhere you drive. Take Monday for example: the first little snowfall of the season that made everyone excited was washed away overnight, leaving the roads bare or clouded with slush. It’s like Mother Nature was like “Look how pretty winter is going to be…..sike!”. How cruel.

Marcus Lee:
…pretty, it’s unique. It’s a privilege and also very overwhelming. Do you remember looking up at the sky and trying to catch snowflakes? Do you remember waking up and school being cancelled due to the crazy amount of snow that went up to your knees. I remember it all, I remember the ups and downs and I mean that literally. Making snow ramps and jumping them with my favorite blue sled. Snow for me is all about making memories, I think it’s awesome to live in place that gets snow. Not everyone is fortunate enough to get that amount of snow and the amount of joy you get while playing in it. With all that said there are times where snow can be very tragic. I’m older now and I don’t play in snow as much as I used to. Being older and having more responsibilities can be very stressful and snow can be another weight on your shoulders. For example snow can be very hard to drive in. With the amount of money I have, I can’t afford to slide off the side of the icy North Tongass roads. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like you grow out of playing in the snow, that being said I would never pass up a snowball fight.

Keri Thomas:
Snow is the symbol of an impactful memory. Often times for Christmas my family goes over to Craig to be with my grandparents for the holidays. This trip was especially snowy and my 8 year old self could not wait to go sledding. My mom couldn’t come over until the next day so my dad’s friend, Pippin, took my sister and I out to go sledding. I’m not quite sure how long we were there before I went down the hill by myself and SMACK I hit a totem pole head on and was knocked out cold. My sister cried and later told me she thought I was dead. Pippin throws me in the car and frantically tries to find a hospital but they were all closed for the holidays. So Pippin decides called up her friend who owns a clinic in Craig and had him open it up to get me X-Rays and medicine. Luckily I was completely fine, but remained unconscious for the next 12 hours. I had to take a lot of pain meds and can’t even begin to explain the headache I had. Of course, I don’t remember any details from this event and had to ask my family members what actually happened but the one thing I do remember about that day was seeing the snow.

Rosie Kacenas:
Snow in Ketchikan is a disaster. One morning you wake up and everything is covered in powdered sugar… but by noon it’s gray, slippery and dangerous. I definitely enjoyed snow more when I was younger, I hate driving in it now. When you’re little you don’t have a care in the world about whether or not the roads are icy or dangerous, because if they are you don’t have to go to school! But now that we all have our own cars, we’re forced to face the third-gear drives up Jefferson to make it to school. However, it’s still so pretty and always reminds me of having so much fun as a little kid that it’s hard to be upset when it snows. It’s also basically the beginning of Christmas, so, obviously I’m excited about it. Last year I wasn’t here for the blizzard, but everyone I talked to said it was terrible. Now that we have snow in the beginning of November, I’m a little nervous to see what this year brings. I can understand why my mom gets so stressed out when it snows!


Staff Pick

It’s the 10th anniversary of the iPhone! Have smartphones helped or hurt society?

Payton Simmons:
Smartphones are a tool. People say they have hurt society, others say they’ve helped. I believe there are pros and cons to each side. I more so agree that the smartphone has helped our society. It allows people not only to easily communicate, but to even collaborate on their smartphone if needed. The Apple Store offers a massive variety of different apps that can be used as tools. The iPhone is a laptop in a little device. Every new iPhone that comes out applies new updates where it makes social media, games, camera options, and the overall phone so much better, and more addicting. So many people are wrapped up in social media, and being able to not only access it from a laptop but on a phone is crazy cool. The smartphone is portable and has bettered technology today. I feel that the smartphone does at times get distracting and overused. It’s addicting and it becomes a necessity that isn’t really a need. Today’s technology is so advanced that it does everything for us which is making us lazy and less knowledgeable. Some don’t even knowing how to read a hand clock because they are so used to looking at their  digital smartphones.

Kody Malouf:
Smartphones have helped society more than anything else in human existence years. The wheel, the plane and splitting the atom all pale in comparison to mankind’s true gem, the iPhone. Without smartphones there would be no Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat, and I think we can all agree that those are without a doubt, all integral parts of what it means to be human. Imagine for a second, a world without memes. Ok now stop imagining that because that’s pretty much hell on Earth and nobody should ever have to endure that. That hell would be our reality had Steve Jobs not invented the greatest tool in history. How did people even survive before iPhones? Having to actually talk to people and make conversation? Why not just text them? You can’t use emojis in real life, so there really is no point in talking to anyone in person. IPhones are more that just a memer’s delight though, my iPhone lets Apple know where I am at all times, it sends my private information back to them for “diagnostics,” it even knows where I live! And now the FBI can hack into my phone whenever they feel like it! Thanks Apple!

Kyle Smith:
Overall, I think that smartphones are hurting society. People are addicted to their phones and they aren’t enjoying things they normally would if there were no smartphones. For instance, communicating verbally. People are hiding behind screens rather than meeting the person they are talking to and using their voice to communicate. People who text or just use their phone in general while they drive is another reason I believe they hurt society. Phones and driving cause about 330,000 injuries a year. Without phones I think that people would be outside more and they would be more productive in general. Even though phones make it way easier for communicating and advertising, I feel like people are addicted to their phones. People use their phones for games, social media, FaceTime, shopping, and watching Netflix. Whenever people are using their cell phones, nothing really gets done. Like in school for example, when students are on their phones in class they are not accomplishing anything. Which is why I believe that if we lived in a world without cell phones, the world would be a more productive place.

Jenna Miller:
Unlike past generations, our generation relies on smartphones. In a way, that has hurt the upcoming generations. You look at infants and they know more about the function of the iPhone better than you do, when past generations only had their imagination and the outside world to play with. Today, the technology that we have is a way to calm kids down and to keep them occupied. That might work, but I feel there are better ways to do so. Our technology is a way for people to hide behind a screen and talk trash without having to worry about what that person is going to say. Our technology has also made an impact on our communication skills. Instead of talking to someone in person or having a conversation on the phone, we text. I believe that social media has made a huge impact on our lives as well. I don’t think it has bettered any of us in any way. On social media you find mean comments, gossip, bullying and a lot more stuff that shouldn’t be acceptable. This results in depression, insecurities, always feeling like someone is judging you and more. iPhones have made this society lazy in the aspect of not wanting to learn anything new because we have access of anything imaginable by a click of a button. I do think that social media and iPhones control everyone’s life, but without them, we’d be lost.

Hannah Maxwell:
Smartphones have become an integral part of society. We could not function without our phones. Imagine going on a trip and having to buy a map because your phone can’t show you the way. Smartphones have made life so much easier, even too easy in some aspects. But it’s not the phones fault people are lazy. The app store changed the way we interact and go about our daily lives. Information spreads like wildfire now, you no longer need a computer or magazine subscription to stay up to date. Smartphones have given us the power to do virtually anything in a matter of seconds. With great power comes great responsibility, people will use smartphones to get out of going out and living their lives, but that’s not what they were intended for. Smartphones were created to better mankind and I think they’ve done just that.

Chanell Browne:
iPhones have had a big impact on society over the past 10 years. In my opinion, they have helped a lot and have become a very useful tool to most people. The iPhone helps with communication, easy access to stats, records, news, and the internet. It’s a huge source of entertainment in this day in age. The best part, is that iPhones are portable, you can bring them with you almost everywhere. They have really become a huge benefit to society with all these options that you can access with them. But, I have mixed feelings about them and their effects on society. They can be very useful, but they have also caused a lot of social issues over the course of time. People all across the world have become attached, some even addicted to these devices. So addicted, that they can’t even put them down while driving, or walking on the street, or through the store. There have been an excessive amount of car accidents caused by texting and driving over the years of which these smartphones have been around. They are a major distraction to our generation. Smartphones have made such an impact on society that if we got rid of them, there would be total chaos everywhere around the world.