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Staff Pick

When do you think the first snowfall is going to be?

Olivia Kinunen: I have a feeling that it is not going to snow this year, and if it does it’s probably going to be really late in the season. So far it has been pretty dry but lately we have been having some super rainy and stormy days. It still hasn’t gotten very cold yet, though, and there isn’t even any snow on the mountain tops yet. So I don’t really think it is going to snow more than a couple inches this year, but I’m hoping to see a little bit of snow, especially during Christmas break!

Tarrant Sasser: I believe that we will get our first snowfall in the middle of December. Ketchikan is still in the season of fall and has not stopped with the wind and the rain. It has not been very cold so far and our weather shows no signs of snow anytime soon. Even if it does snow in December it probably will not stay for long. Hopefully it snows in time for Christmas because it brightens the Christmas spirit.

Crist Carlson: I think the first snowfall is going to happen during the first week of December, or so I hope. It’s starting to get colder and colder and I think by December 2nd the mountain tops will have some snow. It’s been raining and storming really hard the past couple of weeks so I don’t think it will snow the rest of November. I’m hoping that we get a lot of snow this year because it makes the winter months so much more enjoyable. Without snow I just feel like winter is 10 times longer and the days get so repetitive. I’m looking forward to the first week of December to see if i’m right.

Jenna Miller: My guess is no where in the next ten days, and that’s not just because I looked on my weather app on my phone and noticed there’s no chance of snow for a while. Considering how well of a summer we had this year i think it’s going to snow pretty early and last for a good four or five months. So all you snow loving freaks better get ready to embrace the winter because I have a feeling we are going to get dumped on this year. For the rest of you who despise it, I suggest you lock your doors and don’t come out until the end of April.


Staff Pick

Midterm elections were held Nov. 6. Alaskans had the opportunity to choose a new governor and Lt. governor and United States representative. 


Alex Malouf: Voting is important. It is your duty and right as a citizen of the United States. Get out and vote for what you believe in and stay true to your opinions. Don’t stand for slogans. It will be interesting to see the outcome of the midterms, but specifically the Alaska elections. With multiple strong candidates throughout all levels of elections, this election should be a good one to follow.

Olivia Kinunen: Voting is a very valuable privilege that us Americans have. We are blessed to be able to participate in a direct democracy, and to be able to choose who our representatives are. It is disappointing to me that the voter turnout is not very high, especially in young voters and minorities, but that means my own vote would count even more. Since voting is very important to me, when I turn 18 registering to vote will be one of the first things that I will do.

Crist Carlson: Now that I’m 18 and paying attention to the news and finding my political identity I’m realizing the importance of voting. Voting is very important to me and our country. Voting gives the people a voice and the opportunity for the people to speak and stand up for who and what they want. Knowing that the voter turnout is very low in my community and country really motivates me to get out and make sure I cast my vote and try to make a change. This election is really important for our state because it decides who our governor is going to be for the next 4 years and the direction of the state.

Cody Kemble: Is important to our country. We have to opportunity to participate in direct democracy, which means that we get to choose who represents us and runs our government. Americans must educate themselves and vote on candidates they believe will best serve their community, state and country. America is of the people, by the people, and for the people, so we should participate in voting.

Brandon Wieber: is important and shapes how America and our states are prepared in a way. Even though a lot of high schoolers cannot vote it still is important the ones that can do. I will vote once I’m able to because every vote counts. It is kinda ironic though that a lot of adults say it is important to vote even though this years midterms elections only had a 54% turnout of voters. So where exactly is the other 46%? Do they not care or do they not understand politics?


Staff Pick

Thankfully no one wanted to be this character…Illustration by Isabella Schreckhise


If you could be (not wear a costume) any fictional character for a day, who would it be and why?

Madison Rose: I would 100% be Elastigirl. Not only does she have the advantage of reaching the remote without having to move from her position,  but with her power, my short body would no longer be belittled by short jokes. Instead everyone can face the wrath of my tallness and cower at the sight of my prolonged legs as I step over, crushing them like ants. Plus, dont get me wrong but she’s curvy like a Mcflurry. Aside from that I could also win MVP on the basketball court.  I would just dunk and swat everyone. Last but not least my little legs would no longer be a problem when it came to reaching something on the top shelf, and I can live happily ever after with the giraffes.

Jenna Miller: Stitch is the way to go. Not only is he cute, fluffy, and blue, but he has a personality like no other. Cute, but could decide to tear your head off at any given moment. He’s not only fireproof and bulletproof, but he can also lift anything three thousand times his size. So my understanding is that if I were him I would be indestructible and super strong so what else more could you want? Not to mention that I would have a human waiting on me giving me anything and everything I could possibly want or need. Being Stitch for a day would be a dream come true.

Tarrant Sasser: I would definitely go with Han Solo. Wanted space gangster with a wookie best friend. Cannot beat that. Especially flying around the galaxy on the Millennium Falcon shooting lasers at anything to stand in my way, fighting against the empire with my friends, while ripping people off and smuggling with the fastest ship in the galaxy.

Sullivan Schulz: Batman is hands down the best superhero of all time, that’s who I would be if I were a fictional character. Batman is the ultimate superhero due to his incredible intellect and his wealth. Crime fighting would be the coolest thing, beating up bad guys while also teaming up with some other super cool superheroes. During the day I would be a billionaire and at night I would be the cape crusader who drives around in a tank and fights bad guys. Hands down batman would be the coolest fictional character to be.  


Staff Pick

This weather has me feeling…

Olivia Kinunen:
The weather has me feeling really tired and sad. I wake up and it’s dark outside. I get out of school and it’s already dark outside. I’m really not a fan of it, and it makes me unmotivated to do anything. It has messed with my sleep schedule and now I can barely wake up for school. The cold and stormy weather has made me sad that summer is long gone. I’m ready to be back in 70 degree weather with nothing to worry about.

Tarrant Sasser:
This weather has me feeling tired and rushed. I look outside and it is dark. Even at lunch it’s cloudy and darker than usual. It is not good to live in the dark, and I know it’s starting to take effect on myself and the people around me. We do not have time do anything outside because it gets dark an hour after school gets out. The weather makes me not want to do anything. It drains the life out of everyone and everything. It just seems to dull everyone down. On top of all the darkness, the constant rain and wind does not help at all.

Jared Valentine:
This weather has me feeling warm and cozy. There is a case to be made for staying home in a storm to bake something yummy, curl up in a ball with a heated blanket and some hot cocoa, and binge watch scary movies or a favorite tv show. Like any teenager, I would rather be outside having a bonfire with friends, jumping off the docks, swimming at a lake, or even just soaking up the sun on the porch, but the change in weather isn’t as bad as most make it out to be.

Abbigail Gaugler:
The weather has me feeling bored and unmotivated. Of course I’m excited for the upcoming holidays and Halloween, but the weather isn’t really aiding to the joyfulness of Christmas or Thanksgiving. Being able to go on walks was one thing I really enjoyed doing during the sunny days and I probably still can, but only with multiple layers. It’s also really a hassle having to dry everything off when you walk in from being outside so this time of year is when indoor activities or movie nights become the norm.


Staff Pick: PFD

College savings (or frivolous spending) accounts got $1600 richer yesterday when the Permanent Fund Divided checks were deposited.

If you could spend your PFD on anything in the world, what would you spend it on?

Jared Valentine:  Fortunately and unfortunately, I don’t get my PFD. I’m told it all goes to college funds. If I did get my PFD, however, I would spend it on a bunch of stupid stuff I don’t need. I can save money when money is limited but the $1600 dollars we get this year would be more than enough to justify reckful spending. I would probably start by buying clothes and “necessities” that make everyday life easier. After that I would slowly embrace a vicious cycle of me telling myself “I might need that someday.” For example, I’ve always wanted a paddle board. In Ketchikan specifically the seasons for paddle boarding are very limited and during those seasons I’m usually caught up with work. Even with all this in mind, I would tell myself again, “I might need that someday,” before proceeding to invest in one just for storage in my garage.

Olivia Kinunen: If I could spend my PFD on anything I would put it towards a vacation to Italy or Ecuador. Traveling the world has always been something that I want to do so I can experience different cultures, meet new people, and see new things. One of the worst parts of traveling is the cost, though, so if I save up money from work and my PFD’s it will all add up eventually so I can take a trip somewhere around the world. The reality though is that I will probably end up using my PFD to pay for gas, food and for college which is super lame.

Madison Rose: Extra money is always a good thing to have. Even though I am a heavy shopper and do enjoy buying things that benefit me, I am also a smart shopper and usually invest my money towards something with more worth. Some of the many things that I do not wish to spend money on but need to include gas, food, movies, fees, activities, material, fundraisers, and fanciest of them all a trip to Europe. This is something I have been working for, because it does not come cheap. With the help of a PFD, I can accomplish this goal more easily. College is another important thing for me to consider saving for.

Connor Wodehouse: The cost of the Close Up trip to Washington D.C is around $2000, that would be a quick and easy use of a PFD. That, or there’s this pretty sweet accordion on Amazon I found for $178.99. Like, who can you think of that plays accordion? That’s right, after this year’s PFD Connor Wodehouse is gonna break it down on the accordion, probably. Plus a little college saving on the side never hurt anyone. But the reality is that it’s probably going into savings, that would be the most money-wise thing to do in my opinion. Not all of it though, just most of it. Some would go towards Kayhi activities, some for the accordion, the rest? That’s for either myself to figure out or for college.

News of the year

Top news story of the year…

Gavin Salazar: I believe that the biggest news of the season would be the ACDC winning nationals and the boy’s soccer team beating Juneau for the first time in forever. I thought it was really cool to see the Academic Decathlon team win state and then about a week or two later I heard that they won nationals. It was a great thing for not only this school but our community. On to the soccer team, I felt very happy for them to finally beat their big-time rivals Juneau-Douglas. It was very exciting to see that happen.

Kyle Smith: I would have to say that it is the ACDC team winning Nationals is the top news story of the year. Not a whole lot of people really knew what the ACDC team did until they had won nationals. It was the first time they have ever taken first at the state tournament and then went on to win Nationals as well, the first team from Alaska to do that. There were some insanely smart seniors on the team that were the main reason they went as far as they did which is really cool to see. It was the best achievement and top news story this year by far I would have to say.

Verona Kamberi: Hands down ACDC but Y’all… I would say me joining PE class was the news of the year. Congrats to all the sports teams and clubs for winning, but I think Verona Kamberi doing PE was more of a surprise than any of that. Y’all know I was beyond terrified of sweating and running, but that changed. I remember walking out of class the first day with my big hair and my flaming red forehead thinking this was going to be a long semester, but I was wrong. I have enjoyed a year of kickball, handball, and my favorite dodgeball. Now, no athlete leaves a sport without an injury and for sure I’m not leaving PE without an injury. I now have a pinched nerve in my pinky finger and a big fat bruise on my leg. Anyways, good luck to everyone next year!

Wyatt Barajas: The soccer team beat Juneau. That hasn’t happened in so long. I know we won’t ever hear the end of it but it’s a big thing for Kayhi. Every year as a school we know it won’t happen but this year they proved us wrong. Maybe next year they could continue on and beat them again.

Marcus LeeThe biggest news story this year was for sure the Academic Decathlon Team winning nationals. They are the first Alaskan team to win a national championship and you can definitely see that their hard work had paid off. The ACDC team spends more hours practicing in school and out than any other sport at Kayhi. The hard work and dedication to be on the Academic team really take a special person to endure that much time of your day. When I heard they won state I was not surprised at all, especially when they took second last year. When I heard that they were going to Nationals, I had no expectations of them winning. I remember vividly Mr. Lund telling Largim, “You guys are going to get creamed.” You were wrong Mr. Lund, congrats to ACDC.

Chanell Browne: The girl’s basketball team winning regions for the 5th consecutive year in a row. Keeping the winning streak going, this was a record breaker in the Kayhi books and made history for winning five region V tournaments in a row. This was a huge accomplishment for the team to succeed in “The Drive For 5” and for the seniors who are now able to say that they’ve never lost a region tournament. What made this even cooler was the fact that it was on our home court in front of our town.


Staff Pick

10 days left of school I feel…..

Joey Karlik:
I have mixed feelings. I feel relieved. I feel sad already. I feel a ton of different things. All the hard work that I did during the school year has been completed. All my high school goals have been achieved. AP tests are done. My school athletics are about to be done. I finally got my Eagle Scout. I couldn’t be happier. But, I am gonna miss it though. For some people, It’s the last time I’ll ever see them. Social media doesn’t count as talking. I want to hang out and talk to all these people but I know it’s probably not going to happen. This school isn’t just a school to me either. I grew up in the school. I walked around as a toddler in my mom’s classroom playing with geometry shapes as toys and having plenty of injuries from corners of tables. It was like a second home to me. Before I start making movies for a living and hopefully becoming famous, I’m going to get the most out of this island and the people on it.

Largim Zhuta:
I have been trying to decipher my emotions about the matter for the past month. I have been fortunate enough to have been extremely busy with soccer, academic decathlon and homework so I haven’t had the time to be sad about it. I’m quite excited to set out on the next phase of my life. I’ll get to meet new people, see new places and the usual “new” things seniors spew. But for the same reason, I am excited to leave, I am sad to leave. It feels as if the years of relationship and reputation I have cultivated will go to waste. I have invested so much into them; knowing they will wither away as we go our separate ways makes it tough. I have been comfortable for so long now, I fear anything that isn’t so. Then again, the only thing sadder and scarier than leaving Kayhi would be never leaving Kayhi. Leaving it now before the memory of it gets sour or bland is the best way I could do it justice. I have nothing but awesome memories with awesome students and teachers here. I don’t think I could repay what the teachers, students, and community have done for me in my time here. Thank you.

Brittany Slick:
I feel like it’s not real. I was just a freshman yesterday, I don’t believe I have 10 more days of high school left. There are so many emotions with being a senior and graduating: excitement, sentiment, ready to leave, or wanting to stay. I honestly don’t know which emotion to feel yet. When I think about it too much, I get really reminiscent and sentimental. The idea of never again sitting in a classroom with the people I grew up with is really sad to me. Never playing another high school sport. Never sitting in pep club at the CCCC. Never being in the same place at the same time with all of these people..ever again. Everyone always talks about how there are lots of “lasts” your senior year. But no one ever talks about how those “lasts” turn into “never agains”. But of course, there is the other side of me that is really excited to graduate and close this chapter. It is time to fly from the nest and I feel as ready as I’ll ever be. I’m excited to get out and find new people and have new experiences– but I will never forget Kayhi and everyone who helped me get to where I am today.

Verona Kamberi:
I can’t even describe how I feel. Y’all I was a freshman a couple of years ago and now I am preparing to walk down the carpet. You know that fancy carpet at graduation reminds me of the red carpet that celebrities walk down on. Anywho, I am graduating in 16 days and It’s bittersweet. I won’t be able to come back to classes and talk with the freshmen or even just sit in the office to talk to the staff. Now now, I don’t cry but when I do I ball my eyes out. I’m excited for college and exploring other places, but I will miss Kayhi deeply and the people here.

Hannah Maxwell:
Terrified and excited all at the same time. Part of me wants to go home after the third period and the other part wants to spend as much in this cocoon as I can. This year has flown by! I honestly thought there was way more than 10 days left. It’s all starting to feel way too real. Kayhi has been good to me. When I first moved to Ketchikan I was pissed at my parents and now I don’t really want to leave, this community is like no other.

Kody Malouf:
I feel like there is no word to describe how I feel. I know I’m ready for summer and college but boy is it scary. Hopefully everything goes well, I’ve pretty much just been improvising and figuring it out as I go along so I hope that keeps working. Other than that, I have no idea what’s going to happen. That’s both terrifying and extremely exciting and kind of a relief. Thankfully Mr. Lund has prepared me for everything that lies ahead, so that makes me not worry as much as I would otherwise.