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Seniors, you only have one semester left. How do you feel?
(What kind of progress have you made towards college)

Olivia Kinunen: I am so excited for second semester because I have so much to look forward to. Soccer season is coming up quickly, and soon after that, prom and graduation. I’m also going to have to decide where I’m going to college next year. I will either be attending Linfield or University of Portland, so this semester I’m going to focus on making my final decision.

Brandon Wieber: This semester has already gone by super fast. Just yesterday it felt like freshman year but, the time has come and you have to embrace it. I didn’t start the whole college process until about the start of November and it was stressful. I wanted to play football in college so I had ideas of where I wanted to go. I took my SAT and ACT since most colleges want your scores or will give you scholarships. Then once I got my test scores back I decided to apply to colleges that I believed I could go to or where i’d like to play football.

Jonathan Barron: Senior year has been a blast for me, no doubt the best year school year in my life. The only downside is that it’s going by faster and faster, which means college is approaching. I’ve done all I can to prepare in the passed two years – good grades, high test scores, extra curriculum, AP classes. I have to wait two months before I hear back from my top colleges I applied to, which gives me even less time to choose my path. If accepted, I could be going to a top of the line engineering college while taking out a large sum in student loans. Or, I could go instate, receive less education but be debt free. A very tricky predicament, and as the year continuously goes by both the excitement and stress build up. Regardless, I still look forward to the rest of the year. My last season of track and last semester of high school are right around the corner, and I am going to make the best of them.

Cristopher Carlson: I’m feeling pretty good. I mean my grades are good, I’ve been accepted into the school I want, and I just committed to play college football which has always been a dream of mine. Now that I made my decision about where i’m going I don’t have the constant worry about what i’m doing next year. I still have to apply for some scholarships but other than that my college process is pretty much done. My school is offering me an extra $5,000 which is huge in the long run if I come to school with college credits so i’m enrolled with UAS right now under my Oceanography class so I have to stay on top of that. The biggest part for me now is getting ready for college football because that’s going to be a whole different atmosphere compared to high school especially out in Michigan where they live for football. I started to change my diet and workout plan to what my coaches want and think would benefit me once I get to school in early August.

Staff Pick

New Year resolutions…

Madison Rose: I do not believe in making a New Years resolutions, due to my own shortcomings in the past, and the recent news I wrote about how people don’t stay on top of their resolutions. While I was researching on this topic I found that only 8% of americans stick to their resolutions, and most felt more disappointed in themselves when they could not achieve their goal. The thought that a person can change overnight, or feels the need to make expectations for themselves, seems more like a let down in my opinion. It’s basically giving yourself false hope, and starting the year with distress, leading to failure rather than success. If there is a desire to improve something in your life, make the change because you want to, not because society says to annually.

Connor Wodehouse: I’m all for setting goals, but I’ve been a little behind on the times as of late. Christmas passed by in a blur along with New Years, so I wasn’t really able to get any resolutions down on paper. Maybe 2019 will be a year of my own, I could set my pace and switch it up however and whenever I’d like… Nah, all I want to accomplish for this year is continuing to be healthy, and to be able to look back this time next year and say ‘Huh, not bad for 2019.’ If I think of any more, I’ll definitely get back to you.

Olivia Kinunen: I don’t make New Year resolutions because most of the time they end up being pointless or I end up breaking them right away. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for setting goals for myself but I don’t think that the New Year is the best time to do it. I’m not going to magically change right when the clock turns 12:00 a.m. on New Years Eve, so why should I pretend like I am going to. I’ve also noticed that a lot of people just make New Year resolutions as a joke or because they think they have to and they never actually follow through with it. That is honestly setting yourself for disappointment, and it should not be the way to start a new year.

Jonathan Barron: I have very mixed feelings about New Year Resolutions. On one hand I think it’s important that we set goals for ourselves to make us a better person, but on the other I think that it makes us even lazier because I can’t think of anyone who’s actually ever met even one of their New Year Resolutions. Imagine setting goals to never achieve them. That could mean two things- the resolution wasn’t important enough to achieve in the first place, or you don’t have the will, the want, the need to achieve it. I find myself in that predicament a lot, I know there are areas where I need to improve myself but I don’t know if it’s worth setting as a goal because not achieving something for whatever reason just ultimately makes me an even worse person.


Staff Pick

What’s going to be the best part of your winter break plans?

Alex Malouf: I’ll finally have some time to get my boat ready for next year and finish up old projects. It will be nice to have no school for a couple of weeks too. Hopefully it snows during the break and we have a snowy Christmas, that would be the best part of my break.

Olivia Kinunen: The best part of break will be seeing my grandparents in Spokane. My family wasn’t planning on visiting them this year, so it was a nice surprise to find out that we were going to see them. I will be missing the Clarke which is disappointing but I’m very excited to go ice skating and spend some time in the snow down south with my family.

Carter Thomas: The best part of my winter break plans will be the CCCC and spending time with my family. I am excited to cheer on the Kings during the tournament. I am also looking forward to spending time with my family, especially because my sister is home from college.

Logan Ohmer: Definitely all of the treats i’m gonna make. I love baking, and I love cookies, so it’s the perfect pairing! I’m also looking forward to break for the obvious reason, sleep. And last but not least, work


Staff Pick

How do you prepare for finals?

Alex Malouf: Each class is different. I cram in study time for my math final as close to the test as possible. If I do it more than a few days in advance, I will forget everything. English based classes and finals requiring essay writing are more manageable for me. I prepare everything and lay it out. Essentially I have the essay written in my mind before I even get to the class. Finals are only as bad as you make them.

Olivia Kinunen: I haven’t ever dedicated much time to studying for finals. I listen and take notes in class, so doing the final reviews that teachers pass out is usually enough for me to go into the tests and do well. In math and science based classes I’m normally able to have a notecard which I usually do the night before the test. I try not to put too much content on these notecards either, just things that I always seem to forget or mess up on. English has never really been an issue for me so I spend little to no time studying for my English finals.

Cody Kemble: I don’t start studying until a couple days before, because if I study too far in advance I’ll just forget everything. The review that teachers give are the best tool for finals, I almost never look at anything but that. For math I have found that the review is almost always identical to the actual test, so if you know how to do the review, you’re good. I’m not one that will sit there and stress about finals and spend a bunch of time studying. I’ve never failed a final either, the lowest if gotten is a 67 and the highests was a 98, both on math finals. I’m pretty streaky and that because I don’t really have a plan for studying for math at least. For finals with essays, I have already written the essay before hand.

Connor Wodehouse: To tell the truth, I don’t do much studying. I’ve always done well grade-wise when I don’t study, so I’ve never really had much trouble getting ready for finals. Listening in class and knowing that YOU know what’s up is what’ll get you there, and on the day of the final itself? Be chill, yo. You know it, you got this. And if you don’t, then you probably should’ve studied.


Staff Pick

I will do my Christmas shopping…

Olivia Kinunen: I will do my Christmas shopping a week before Christmas. I hate to say it but I am terrible at Christmas shopping. I am super forgetful and never know what to get anyone. I end up throwing something together for my family and friends a few days before Christmas and hope for the best. It’s not like I want to be this way, I try to be good and put stuff in my shopping carts online…but I forget to order it until it’s too late. Hopefully by the time I’m an adult with my own family I’ll be better at Christmas shopping, but that’s not anytime soon.

Carter Thomas: I will do my Christmas shopping online and in town. I usually try and order two weeks before Christmas, because of how long the shipping takes. Usually I order through amazon, because my family has a prime membership and gets free shipping.  But, it is hard to remember to get everyone something, and often I end up going to Walmart and Tongass to get the last few presents in the days leading up to Christmas. I have ordered the majority of my gifts online, but I usually procrastinate on a few family members or friends.

Abbigail Gaugler: I tend to do my Christmas shopping at randomly spaced out times. For my family, it’s mostly online shopping because I don’t want to risk them seeing it in the car or at all. If it’s friends then I don’t really care when I get them gifts. It’d be before Christmas of course, but whether it be from Walmart or a fancy gift shop across the world depends on the person. Occasionally I’ll buy something on a summer vacation and save it for a Christmas gift, but that’s only if it’s special.

Jared Valentine: Christmas shopping? For what? Isn’t Santa responsible for all of the presents?


Staff Pick

What’s your favorite part about basketball season?

Cody Kemble: The best part is the CCCC tournament. It’s great because it’s during Christmas break, so I don’t have to worry about school or anything. We usually have a shootaround in the morning and then a bunch of us will go down to the Landing and have breakfast after. It’s pretty fun to spend a bunch of time with your teammates and then go play in front of the home crowd. Our games during the Clarke are usually at 9:15 p.m. and the stands are always packed.

Kyle Smith: My favorite part about basketball season has to be beating JD on their own court. Their pep club is always crazy and loud. Their fans are all super annoying, and most of their players are too. It always feels good to beat them on their own court and send them and their families home silent, or complaining about the game. I’m not really friends with anyone who plays for JD so it makes it that much better.

Marcus Lee: My favorite part about basketball season is the Clarke Tournament. Most of our home games is during the Clarke and I love playing in front of the community. Our attendance for the games skyrocket, especially with kids coming home from college, and the visiting teams along with their families who have never been to Alaska. Last year our first round game against Metlakatla-the gym was packed and loud. Reason because Met likes to haul their whole village to Ketchikan for the tournament. Christmas is my favorite holiday so it’s only right that my favorite part about the season falls in the mist of Christmas break. Playing basketball everyday along with the absence of school is nothing but happiness for me.

Ashley Huffine: My favorite part of basketball season is the Clarke Tournament. There is nothing better than playing in front of our home crowd, the gym is always packed and there never seems to be a time when the crowd isn’t roaring. With so many teams coming to play from all over, it brings more competition and gives you an opportunity to meet people. It’s my senior year so there is going to be a lot a bitter sweet moments like senior night where we play on our home court for the last time and get to take a moment to thank all of those who have helped us through it all and list our favorite memories together.

Madison Rose: The best part about basketball season is playing hard and expressing my passion for the game on the court. The satisfaction comes from the intensity and hustle, along with the feeling of doing a good play. Aside from game time, building relationships and connecting with players, teammates and coaches make it all worth while. Most all my favorite memories are behind the scenes, when we go shopping, mess around and get hyped before a game. For instance; as we won our 5th region title, the team dumped sprinkles all over Lund’s classroom, a memory I will never forget.

Staff Pick

What do you do with your Thanksgiving leftovers?

Alex Malouf: With my Thanksgiving leftovers I make sandwiches piled high with a variety of ingredients. Usually I stick to the basics: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and cranberries all stuffed onto toasted bread. It’s the classic leftovers sandwich. You seriously can’t beat it. Read my article on proper sandwich etiquette. However, as the days pass by after turkey day and the leftovers swindle away, your options become limited. At that point I take bread and any scraps leftover and smother it all with gravy.

Cody Kemble: Thanksgiving leftovers are the most clutch leftovers of all time. I like to make sandwiches with the rolls, turkey, stuffing, and everything else. My favorite food item is definitely mashed potatoes and gravy, even in the days following it. You can never go wrong with throwing gravy on all the leftovers. The past couple years, my family has had prime rib for Thanksgiving dinner. It isn’t really the same as typical Thanksgiving leftovers and I miss the traditional leftover scene.

Brandon Wieber: If my family has a big get together for Thanksgiving we usually hand out left overs or at least a majority of it. Our family keeps the meats but we’ll give away the rolls, most deserts (besides apple pies), and other little finger foods. The night after, my parents usually make grilled sandwiches with turkey or the ham. After a few days and the leftovers aren’t gone then we’ll usually throw away the very last bit. Although, the next couple days after Thanksgiving we don’t make food, we just eat what’s left.

Abbigail Gaugler: We usually have the styrofoam carry-out plates filled with as much food as possible and hand them out to people as they leave the house. The food that doesn’t make it out the door is fixed for the week afterward. Our fridge is usually on the verge of breaking from the impact on the inside. For at least four days, breakfast, lunch, and dinner consist of turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, and some kind of pie. Leftovers of the leftovers are thrown away.

Sullivan Schulz: At my family’s Thanksgiving dinner, we often have multiple meats like ham, turkey, and sometimes prime rib. Though I enjoy it the most after Thanksgiving when you get to make a sandwich that includes all 3 of the meats. Occasionally I’ll throw a little bit of stuffing in there for little extra something. Altogether though, the post Thanksgiving sandwich is the way to go.