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Who wins the World Series?

Tug Olson: Indians
Cubs, Indians. Game 7. Winner takes it all. That winner is going to be the Cleveland Indians. They’ve got a ruthless bullpen with THE Andrew Miller, who has only allowed one run this entire postseason and has racked up 29 strikeouts. We may not even see the Indians bullpen because they are putting Corey Kluber on the mound, who is looking to be the first starting pitcher to win three games in the World Series in 48 years. These aren’t the 2015-2016 Golden State Warriors, they won’t blow their 3-1 series lead.

Gabe Bowlen: Cubs
Kyle Hendricks is starting on the mound tonight for the Chicago Cubs, and will pitch until the ninth inning with a shutout. Then, Aroldis Chapman is going to relieve tonight and throw nine pitches for three outs to win it. All those college gameday signs will say “Cleveland blew a 3-1 series lead,” and not say “Warriors blew a 3-1 series lead.” Cleveland will get Clevelanded. Lebron can’t save the Indians.

Jack Carson: Indians
The Indians are going to win game 7 because Corey Kluber is lights out. The Indians have a big home advantage and they will be all pumped up ready to go. I think that the Indians bats are gonna come out tonight and they are going to put up some big numbers in the World Series. The Indians are going to blow out the Cubs. I also want the Indians to win because the Cubs beat the Dodgers and that sucked.

Max Collins: Indians
Pitching usually rules the game and I think it will tonight. Corey Kluber from the Indians has had a tremendous season and could give the Cubs a hard time. The Indians have to pay attention to Kyle Hendricks who is starting on mound for the Cubs. Cleveland was the drought city of all sports – until the Cavs won the NBA Finals. It would be cool to see them walk off with the the series. The last time the Cubs won was 108 years ago so as fans we are very fortunate to have two franchises that deserve this victory. The Cubs won the last two and it has come down to the wire, but I still have faith in the Indians.  

Staff Picks

Is Halloween important?

Pablo Orta: Is Halloween an important holiday? Heck no! Should we keep it as a holiday? Heck yeah! Who doesn’t love dressing up and walking up to awesomely decorated houses to get candy? Who doesn’t love carving pumpkins and eating pumpkin pie with loads of whipped cream? No one, that’s who. So while Halloween may not serve a religious, cultural, or emotional purpose, it doesn’t need to. Halloween serves one single purpose, to give kids something to look forward to in the gloomy month of October, and that’s perfectly fine.

Avery Olson: Define the word important. We definitely don’t get to miss school for this “Holiday”. Halloween seems like the ugly friend of Christmas. I’ve never been a fan, but it’s fun to have an excuse to eat all that leftover candy.

Tug Olson: If you break Halloween down from a fundamental standpoint, you’ve got costumes, the ability to stay out a little later than usual, and free candy. To me, not a single one of those is important. These aspects make Halloween fun, but as I get older, the interest level of dressing up, goes down, and I have homework, so I can’t stay up all night hyped up on candy. Halloween is even losing it’s pizazz this year, falling on a Monday. We all can attend school dressed outrageously for one day and that’s about it because you’ve got to get up and go to school the next day. Some people love dressing up and getting in the scary mood, but for me, Halloween isn’t that important. I would rather just go home and watch My Name is Earl.

Jacob Smith: Halloween isn’t really a holiday. It’s like an excuse to wear weird, scary, or just gross stuff in public. Through the years, I have found less involvement in the madhouse that is Halloween. I’m in that awkward in between stage where I can’t Trick-or-Treat, but I can’t go to those adult parties, so Halloween turns into my typical night, Netflix and sit alone. So to some people, Halloween is this “WHOO! Chocolate all night long!” and all in holiday. Others just kind of brush it off and wait for Thanksgiving. I like Halloween, and I like my fun-sized Snickers, but I don’t want to leave the couch dressed up as Harry Potter to get some.

Mey Tuinei: We go to school, we go to work- is this even a holiday? Important? Debatable. If I wanted a night of stuffing my face with candy and watching scary movies, I’d just do it. This doesn’t mean I’m against others dressing up and seeking the thrill of being scared. I have my splurge days and girls’ nights to take a break from everyday life, to let loose and have fun and America has days like this, Halloween.


Staff Picks: Clowns, should you be worried?

Gabriel Bowlen: This fall has been full of clown sightings, especially in the southern part of the country. I’m honestly thinking about going to Walmart and buying my own clown mask. Not to join them, but to blend in, like camouflage. But really, the best way to avoid these clowns is to just go the other way, or if you can’t go anywhere else, just notify someone, and especially notify the cops. If an officer of the law is scared of a stupid clown, then I think people should worry. Other than that, you should just stand your ground, and not panic.

Henning Pankow: Many of these people dressing up as clowns are doing it for attention and to get a reaction out of people. In many ways they are like the classic elementary school bully. How were you supposed to deal with a bully? Don’t fight back or show emotion or give them any reason to keep pestering you. Simply remain calm and report him to the principle. This same tactic works with these clowns. Don’t freak out and scream because that’s exactly what they want you to do, just back away and call the cops. If they do inflicted harm against you, you have every right to fight back, so it may be smart to keep a weapon on you if there have been sightings of clowns near you.

Juan Orta: This clown problem is nothing to be worried about. It’s nothing but a couple of immature guys running around the country trying to make the news headlines. But, if you are seriously concerned and think that you and your loved ones are in danger, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to carry around some pepper spray. Although, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that you need a gun or any sort of lethal weapon to keep you safe. If you happen to spot a clown in the street, instead of turning to violence and beating the clowns like many people have this past week, stay out of their way and inform the police. Just to be safe and don’t let your kids run around the neighborhood alone this Halloween.

Izaak Jensen: The clown problem people have been seeing has been nothing real. About ten percent of the clown sightings are real while the rest are fake, planned out videos, fabricated to make a scene. The chances of you driving down a spur road and seeing a clown are not very high. That clown would either have to be very lucky and probably be all hot and sweaty from wearing costume all day with a chance of no one going by at all. It doesn’t seem like there are enough psychopaths in the world to account for all the clown sightings that have been uploaded on the internet. I don’t think this is anything to even be concerned about.

Staff Picks

Staff Picks:  What is the best outdoors brand?

Jackson Pool: Grundens is the best outdoor brand. It’s the perfect gear for rugged Alaskans. Grundens gear keeps you dry and warm, while also being comfortable. Whether it’s fishing, hunting, or hiking, I always have my rain coat, rain pants, and my favorite hat, which all happen to be Grundens. As long as I live, I’ll be sporting my Grundens.

Alec Simmons: Sitka Gear hands down is the best outdoor gear money can buy. It’s able to handle the weather in Alaska, as well as in warmer conditions, where it enables comfort to users. I have had no problems with the gear over the years. I have the Timberline pants as my outdoors pant. The Gore-Tex knee pads are rugged and are perfect for the timber or alpine. The Kelvin Lite hoody and an underlayer coat called a core lightweight hoody which match well while I sport my Timberline pants. With the gear I have comfort has never been a problem and it has kept me warm in my time wearing them outdoors.

Jack Carson: The best outdoor brand is no doubt Patagonia. I have used plenty of Patagonia in the past years whether it is fishing, hiking, or backcountry skiing. Patagonia beats The North Face or REI because Patagonia has more to offer on several different levels of outdoors. North Face is great, I love it, but they don’t have a fishing section or make waders like Patagonia does, that’s why Patagonia has the one up on North Face.  It’s always a great feeling knowing that your gear you wear won’t you down, and that’s why I wear Patagonia.  

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Staff Picks: Who won the Presidential Debate?

Avery Olson: Who won the debate? Did anyone? After eliminating the zodiac killer and throw-money-towards-colleges Sanders, here we stand. When looking at the two, Hillary and Donald, (Yes, we’re on first name basis) we pick apart the pros and cons between both but looking at all of America… How the heck did we narrow it down to these two hypocrites. Right now media is more focused on making memes out of them than what’s best for us. Is this the future I’m supposed to look forward too?  

Kyra Welker:  I don’t recall watching a Presidential Debate, rather, I watched two grown children quarrel on live television. The majority of the time I truly believed I was watching a comedy show, but in reality these two, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, will have their names printed on every ballot across the United States by November. Thank you America for keeping these two in the running to lead our country. Instead… #FeelTheJohnson (Gary Johnson), and maybe then we could have a president who could lead us like a mature adult.

Jacob Smith: In God we DO NOT trust either candidate for president. This debate was pointless, and didn’t get me to lean either way. A debate is not supposed to be a roast, a debate is supposed to be an intellectual confrontation between two adults, not immature children yelling back and forth. Politicians were always thought of as noble people, with values. But this has taken a lot away from the title of being a politician. We need a real leader again. Trudeau, 2016.

Pablo Orta: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump get lost on a deserted island, who stays safe? America!!! I’m glad I ended up having to work so I could avoid watching this whole debate; because after the first thirty minutes of what I would consider to be childish bickering, I lost complete faith in the future of America. I’d rather have Gary Busey as president than have to pick one of these two oafs.

Mey Tuinei: Who won the presidential debate? Those of us who kept the television shut off. To be capable of leading a country, being civilized role models is a given. Social media and these debates perceive Hilary and Donald to be the complete opposite. I stopped caring about the election a long time ago when real candidates crumbled under “Make America Great Again” slogans and a woman whom I would send complaint emails to but we all know how’d that turn out.