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Liam Kiffer
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One of my earliest and scariest elementary school memories didn’t happen at a school. It took place in Aisle 5 at the local Safeway. Nine-year-old me was walking up to go find a box of cereal when I ran into my 1st and 2nd grade teachers chatting up a storm right in front of mye. I have no memory of what they said or what they did, but the thought in my head as soon as I saw them have stayed with me every since.

“What are my teachers doing here? They can’t hang out together. They’re probably talking about how bad of a student I am!”

This moment scarred me, as It showed not only do teachers have lives outside of school, but they even have outside lives with other teachers!

David Mitchel is a government and history teacher at Kayhi.

“I actually do spend time with quite a few of the teachers at Kayhi,” said “Mitchel. “I hunt, fish and socialize with lots of teacher like Mr. Pader, Mr. Lund, Mr. Cron, Mr. Fama, and Mr. Collins. “

Mitchel has known lots of these teachers since he was a student at Kayhi.

“I’ve known Mr. Sivertsen, Mrs. Karlik and others since I was a little kid and I even stop by their houses sometimes,” said Mitchel. “ Mr. Collins was actually my student teacher for Biology when I was a senior at Kayhi.”

Jeff Lund is an English and journalism teacher at Kayhi.

“I spend  time with Mr. Pader. We have hunted POW and Gravina together,” said Lund “Mr. Raber came with us to POW a couple years ago but I usually do a deer trip or two with Mr. Pader every season.

Some teachers including Mr. Lund and Mr. Mitchel are apart of an all male book club that meets once a month. This book club includes some of Kayhi’s own male teachers as well as other guys from the community.

“Mr. Pader, Mr. Mitchel, Mr. Cron, and Chad Frey (Schoenbar teacher) are part of book club,” said Lund. “They are the only teachers in the club.”

Mitchel describes the club as “wonkishly manly”.

Allegra Machado, the girls conditioning, technology into marketing, and entrepreneurship teacher at Kayhi spoke on some of the female teacher friendships in the school.

“Mrs. Woodward is actually one of my best friends,” said Machado. “We spend lots of time together outside of school. I consider myself pretty good friends with most of the female and male teachers in the school but Mrs. Woodward is my closest.”

Woodward has two young boys and Machado has three that are close friends as well.

“Max (Machado’s oldest boy) is practically best friends with Liam (Woodward’s youngest boy),” said Machado. “It’s nice having our kids being as good of friends as we are.”

Being teachers, it would be assumed that most conversations between them would revolve around school.

“Conversations with fellow Kayhi teachers do tend to gravitate toward school,” said Mitchel,

“Yet, when we have lunch together in the teachers’ lounge,  it can be a nice reprieve talking about non-school issues, with food and Ketchikan being popular issues.”

Though school matters will come up, it’s expected that some teachers don’t always want to talk about work.

“I was with Pader and Mitchel at the art walk,” said Lund. “Partway into a conversation about school I said, “Hey, we’re not at school” to which Pader said, “Yeah, so lets not talk about it” we moved on to fishing, The majority of the time its fishing, hunting, boats, weather, shrimp, crab, trucks, weather stuff like that.”

Machado also spoke on the ordeal with keeping out of school conversations non school related.

“I actually find it easy. I don’t mind talking about something that came up during work,” said Machado. “Obviously I don’t always like talking about work, but if it comes up I certainly don’t have a problem with it.”

Almost all teachers have some sort of friendship with another teacher and that has shown to be beneficial to the students.

“Although we certainly weave in and out of all issues when we talk,” said Mitchel. “I actually learn a lot about teaching and what’s happening in the school by interacting with other teachers.”

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