On the spot: Derek McGarrigan


By Sage Acteson and Jacob Shay

Staff Writers

Current: What is your full name?
Derek McGarrigan.

Current: If you could be any wild animal what would you be?
Nothing underwater, but I could be a seagull. Everyone hates them, and I would do it just to know what it feels like to be hated like that. After I turned back I would be like ‘wow, that sucked’ and become a seagull activist.

Current: What is your favorite wild animal?
Giraffes, those are fun to look at.

Current: What is the best advice you have ever received?
“You’ve got to feel the breeze to know its there.”  -Father, Jim McGarrigan

Current: What is the best advice you have ever given?
“Be strong enough to say and do what is right.”

Current: Any pet peeves?
Cleaning the house, reasking the same question, and joking around in a serious time.

Current: Favorite Movie?
My favorite action movie would be Predator I and my favorite comedy would be Fletch.

Current: Favorite book?
Ender’s Game

Current: Favorite color?

Current: What college did you attend and what did you study?
I went to Anchorage for about a year and a half, then bounced back between Anchorage and Bellingham. I didn’t have the drive to go to class or the focus I needed.

Current: Favorite past time for out of school life?
Either baseball or going to the park with my kids.

Current: Favorite getaway?
My favorite getaway in town would be going on walks with my kids. Out of town, we ferry to Prince Rupert and go on a road trip to Bellingham.

Current: Favorite sport?

Current: How long have you lived in Alaska?
Thirty-three years, most of it in Ketchikan.

Current: Where were you born?

Current: Socks with sandals or are you a normal person?
I can’t do socks and sandals. I can’t even do socks and slides.

Current: iPhone or Android?

Current: Pie or cake?
Cake, and I would take chocolate over vanilla.

Current: Are you right or left handed?

Current: Do you have any pets?
I have a teacup chihuahua named Machete Jay and a hedgehog named Sancho.

Current: What superpower would you have if you could have one?
I would have the strength of Mr. Incredible.

Current: What countries have you traveled to?

Current: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you have and why?
A blanket, for comfort, fresh water, to survive, and fire to stay warm during cold nights.

Current: What is the difference between a taco and a soft taco ?
One is much better, soft tacos all the way. With a hard taco you end up with a fork and plate of nachos.

Current: Do you drink soda?
Yes, diet Dr. Pepper and Cola.

Current: What is the weirdest food you’ve ever been offered?
Oysters, fresh out of the shell they are disgusting.

Current: If you could travel anywhere where would you go and why?
I would visit landmarks around the Mediterranean; the Coliseum, Rome, Greece, Egypt, the whole circuit.

Current: Ethnic background?
I am mostly Tsimshian and some Norwegian.

Current: What is the hardest challenge you’ve faced and how’d you overcome it?
Within one year I got hired, married, bought a house, and had a kid. We overcame everything by sticking together and talking it out.

Current: What question do you hate to answer?
Hey, do you have a minute?

Current: What do you think the most valuable thing in life is?
It’s going to sound cheesy, but hope. You have to have hope.

Current: Would you rather live in the mountains or on the beach?
The beach, so I can be by the ocean. It’s nice to have water nearby.

Current:Would you rather travel by plane, train, boat, or car?

Current: Worst injury you’ve ever had?
When I was 12 or 13 I was running laps in the gym and rolled my ankle. I actually tore all of the ligaments and stretched the achilles tendon in my right ankle.

Current: Favorite food?
Cheeseburgers. I really like a double bacon cheeseburger with a fried egg.

Current: How would you describe your humor?
Good sense of humor, don’t care if people make fun of me

Current: What are your least favorite movies?
Couples Retreat, The Breakup, Killers, The Five-Year Engagement

Current: Do you hunt?
I have never been hunting and don’t really know how.

Current: If you could hunt any animal, which animal would it be?
Alligator, to get an alligator skull

Current: What would you use to hunt it?
A gun

Current: Would you even hunt an animal with a taser
A bear

Current: Have you ever tased a bear?
No, I have heard legends and folklore of it though.

Current: Would you let me fly drones through the school?
Heck yeah.

Current: Remote control helicopters or cars?
For now I would have to pick cars, because they are fast and you can make tracks for them. In a few years though I choose a helicopter if they continue to get cheaper.

Current: Is it possible to drown in fire?

Current: What are some songs that shouldn’t have been written?
I can’t stand almost anything by Pitbull and Marvin Gaye by Charlie Puth.

Current: What is the most ridiculous thing you have ever had to deal with?
Probably overly drunk fools, they tend to make life very difficult.

Current: How long have you been a member of the police force?
Thirteen years and five months.

Who is your hero?

Current: How many pillows do you sleep with?

First debate meet

By Alanna Tarbox
Staff Writer

Kayhi Debate Team competed at Mt. Edgecumbe Oct. 2 and 3. Junior Bella Posey and senior David Willson placed first in Public Forum Debate. Posey placed second in Dramatic Interpretation and third in Original Oratory. In Expository Speaking Arick Mattson placed fifth and Willson placed sixth. In Extemporaneous Speaking Audrey Kistler placed first, Piper Cooper came in third, and Frances Barry in fourth. In Extemporaneous Commentary Michaela Wojcik placed third and Paul Allmendinger came in fifth. Cooper and Kistler placed first in Spar Debate. The debate team will not have another meet until November.

Swim places second at TM

By Mo Bullock
Staff Writer

The Kayhi swim team competed in Thunder Mountain last weekend. The Kayhi boys took second and the girls took fourth in the swim and dive meet. The Sitka boys came in first with 150 points, Kayhi 108, TM 99.5, Juneau Douglas 82.5 and Petersburg 56.
The Juneau Douglas girls came in first with 201 points, Sitka 132, Thunder Mountain 102, Kayhi 32, and Petersburg 28. The Kayhi swim and dive team will be in Anchorage this weekend.

Rodanhisler places 16th at State

Seniors Sarah Cool, Sylvan Blankenship and Leif Svenson prepare for their last High School race.
Seniors Sarah Cool, Sylvan Blankenship and Leif Svenson prepare for their last High School race. LEIGH WOODWARD

By Rudy Pankow
Staff Writer

Seven Kayhi Cross Country runners traveled to State Sept 30. They left early to adapt to the chilly weather before the race on Saturday.The Lady Kings placed well with Erika Rodanhisler finishing16th overall with a time of 20:15. Sarah Cool finished at 21: 34 and Elizabeth Knight with 21:58. Senior Sylvan Blankenship finished with a time of 17:33. Trent Rodanhisler finished with a time of 18:07 and both Leif Svenson and Leif Stephens finished with a time of 18:21. The Cross Country season is officially over.

Seven runners head to State

By Bernadette Franulovich
Staff Writer

The Kayhi Cross Country Team competed at Regions in Juneau last weekend, and seven of the runners will be competing again this weekend at the state meet.
The runners in the top ten qualify for the state meet, Kayhi had four boys in the top ten this year: Sylvan Blankenship, Leif Svenson, Trent Rodanhisler, and Leif Stephens. The girls had three runners qualify: Erika Rodanhisler, Sarah Cool, and Elizabeth Knight.
The girls team placed third overall, with Juneau Douglas in first, and Thunder Mountain in second. The boys team ended second, barely trailing JD and beating TM by a wide margin.
For seniors Cool, Katie Powers, Svenson, Rudy Pankow, Blankenship, and Leo Jackson this is their last Regions.
The state competitors leave Wednesday Sept. 30 to attend the State race in Anchorage on Saturday Oct. 3.

Bon Voyage

A group of fifteen students traveled to France this summer.
A group of Kayhi students traveled to France this summer.

Eliah Anderson
Staff Writer

The French have a history of being grandiose by nature which leads to a history as rich as their cheese. How to be French according to Alison Blair: “Basically be a really big snob and think that you’re better than everyone else, but you also have to look presentable.”
This past summer you could have had witnessed France first hand with Madame Z. and a handful of Kayhi students. For roughly $6,000, a group 15 Kayhi students and chaperones had a one of a kind experience. The group flew to London and from there went to Paris on June 15. Then the trip started to get exciting. Although the group arrived exuberant and ready to go, some of the  luggage did not get the memo and missed the flight to Paris.
“Five people were without their suitcases because the connection at Heathrow [Airport] was too quick,”  said Madame Z.
Several hours later luggage and owners were reunited and the trip continued on without further complications.
In order to get an authentic experience, the group sometimes spent up to ten hours on the tour bus daily. Because the group from Ketchikan was the only group on the bus, they were able to visit extra stops and had a more personal experience.
“It was a sweet trip because we were the only people on the bus. We had the bus driver and tour guide all to ourselves. We were able to load our stuff onto the bus quickly and because of that we got to visit additional stops,” said Madame Z.
The majority of French people don’t ride tour busses but instead choose to lead more active lifestyles.
“French people do a lot more walking, biking and ride on these cool scooters. The French are a lot more active than Americans,” said Blair.
Some of the sites visited were Normandie, Saumande, Loire Valley, Tours, Sarlat Village, Toulouse, Arles, Nîmes and Nice. Humorously enough, the people from Nice were reported to be the nicest. The highlights of the trip included visiting two chåteaus (castles), cooking an authentic French dinner and learning how to fence.
Throughout the journey, the Kayhi students met many local French citizens. Some were nice and some were, to say the least, not. When asked if the French were rude Blair replied, “Yes! Oh my God they were so offensive. I literally got shoved down at the Mona Lisa. In general people were pretentious, especially the Parisians.” However, outside of Paris the people were much nicer and more accepting towards Americans.
An additional  benefit of traveling to another country is getting to eat exotic cuisine. Croissants  were eaten everyday and students were given the opportunity to try new and different foods., “Madame Z tried to get me to eat snails and frogs but I was like ‘no thanks,’” said Blair.
The drinking age in Paris for wine is 16 and Parisians are able to order wine everywhere at anytime.
Spencer Landis was an advanced French student who participated on the tour. Her favorite parts included seeing historical sights and communicating with the native people.
“Seeing famous, historical sites, like the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Roman Arena, which are really old was definitely one of my highlights,” said Landis.
Sitting in French class learning French for one hour a day provides decent exposure, but immersing yourself in the birthplace of the native language provides a much more in depth experience with the language.
“Hearing French spoken at normal speed was really interesting and good for practical purposes,” said Landis. “Having to get medicine at a pharmacy gave a real world example for using the language.”
Blair added, “A lot of the French actually speak a lot of English. If a French person recognizes an American they will often reply in English, even if it’s a student attempting to learn French.” Blair also added, “Even though I tried speaking French they still thought I was speaking English.”
This was Madame Z’s seventh time taking students to France and she said just how important it is for her curriculum.
“[For] Students who can afford to go, it solidifies the things that they learn about France and about the French language [in class],” said Madame Z.
It also helps teach this year’s up and coming class because Madame Z brought back goodies for this year’s Advanced French students. Such items include apple cider and paté, a French delicacy made from goose liver. The two week trip provided a small glimpse of France and historical and cultural knowledge was gained first hand.
“[The trip was] overwhelming at times but really inspiring. It made me want to see more of the world,” Landis said.

Smith named new AD

By Bernadette Franulovich
Staff Writer

Jenn Smith was selected Wednesday as the new Athletic Director by a committee of staff, administration, and students. The position opened when Ed Klein, the former AD, announced his resignation in late August. Smith has worked as the secretary for Fast Track Virtual School for the last six years.

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