Weekend sports recap

Blankenship impressive in national run
Sylvan Blankenship participated in the Annual Army 10-mile race this past weekend. He placed 22nd in his age category 461th out of 35,000 runners.

Wrestling wins again
The Kayhi wrestling team again finished first with 207 points in Juneau over the weekend.
Max Collins, Sean Tavares, Marcus Martin, T. McBurnette and Nate Fousel each placed first in their divisions.

Volleyball takes first in bronze division
The volleyball team got a glimpse of some potential foes at a tournament in Anchorage.  Friday the girls went 1-7 in pool play but rebounded to finish first in the bronze division.

Hicks, McClennen, McBurnette, Fousel named All-Conference
The following Kayhi football players were honored. 
First team – Connor Hicks (RB), Brian McClennen (DL), T. McBurnette (punter), Nate Fousel (LB)
Second team – Robert Williams (LB), Nate Fousel (K), McClennen (OL)
Honorable mention – Fousel (FB), Noah Silver (WR), Kyle Schnur (WR), Michael Greer (OL)

Selective hearing

What to look for when choosing headphones

By Connor Bird
Staff Writer

When you’re going to buy a new pair of headphones, there’s a lot to consider – prices, style, color and quality all play into the decision.
Senior Douglas Cook said he looks for a specific sound.
“With headphones I look for strong bass,” said Cook. “As long as the sound quality is crystal clear, then I’m good.”
If style is more important than money, Beats would be your best choice, ranging from a low of $170, to the high of Special Edition for $600 (along with a range of colors) With the title of “Beats by Dre,” attached, many spend top dollar on the headphones due to the celebrity endorsement. Dr. Dre is a Hip Hop icon who revolutionized the music genre in the 90’s, and is now a well known producer. Senior Nathaniel Day said he was excited when he got his first pair.
“It was the first expensive pair of headphones that I bought,” said Day. “But I wasn’t sure if it was the money that made them sound so good.”
If you’re looking for something less fancy, and focusing on quality, then Bose is a good choice; with a price range of $100-$400, Bose captures many different levels of sound quality. Careers Teacher Allegra Machado said Bose has a good reputation with her.
“Bose just has great sound, and they’re affordable,” said Machado. “They also have a great product replace warranty.”
In terms of less spendy headphones that capture a grand sound, Skullcandy ($70-$120) might be the best bargain buy and has more customization options than other brands. Skullcandy wearers can choose what they want down to the color of the cord. Junior Brandon Garton, said he likes the price.
“They’re cost effective,” said Garton. “And you don’t have to spend as much as you would on beats for the same quality.”
Finally, there are Turtle Beach headphones, which focus mainly on quality for video games; but considering the grand sound they provide, and the low down price range of $16-$300, why not make an investment for the music? With an identical look to regular over ear headphones, gamers are often the only ones who will notice the difference in what you’re wearing. Senior Owen Tarpey said he enjoys the quality.
“They’re really clear, and every part of every song is audible,” said Tarpey. “You get to hear what you’re intended to hear.”
Though there are many other brands of headphone manufacturers, it’s all up to you to choose the best pair, and the ones that fit you. So do some research before you spend, and you could save yourself lots of money, and still get what you’re looking for.

Kayhi getting (cross)Fit

By David Wilson
Staff Writer

High school athletes know no off-season. Whether it be skill work, or strength, those who want to be successful are driven to constantly put in time.  That’s probably why CrossFit workouts are gaining popularity around the country and Ketchikan is no exception.
CrossFit methodology is used throughout Kayhi such as in boys conditioning and during wrestling practice.
CrossFit methods are used for training during practices instead of traditional, muscle isolation exercises, or weight training. While a traditional “leg day” workout might feature leg presses and squats, a CrossFit workout would include squats before a Workout of the Day (WOD) which might include running, squats and box jumps all in immediate succession done as fast as possible while maintaining good form.
Wrestling coach Rick Collins uses CrossFit methods in his class and has his wrestling team do them also.
“I really like the philosophy,” said Collins. “It combines both strength and cardio training. It really falls in line nicely with wrestling.”
Collins also uses CrossFit methodology in his boy’s conditioning class.
“We do do a few more CrossFit workouts for the class, for the wrestlers we do a few that we rotate. I did CrossFit fit at the local gym for a while, I did notice a great improvement.” said Collins. “CrossFit is definitely is great, it works different muscle groups that might be skipped.”
For a better health improvement, Collins also does traditional weightlifting and cardio runs, such as running to the Carlanna Lake and back. He believes that exercise is the fountain of youth, that it will keep you young looking and healthy.
CrossFit is the focus on specific areas in short amounts of time, which engages multiple muscle systems.
“I believe to get into the best shape is (CrossFit, which is) weight training and cardiovascular (in the same workout.)” former football coach Steven McLaren said. “Don’t over do it. Online is a great place (to find certain or daily workouts) that you can adjust.” said McLaren
Danny Lehr is a co-owner of CrossFit Excel in Manteca, California. He said the intensity of the workouts is not something people can jump right in to and that certain people might be better fit for the workouts.
“As far as CrossFit as a sport, certain body types excel over others,” said Lehr. “Generally someone around 5-foot-9, 185 pounds has certain advantages. Light enough to be good at bodyweight exercises, but big enough to have a certain level of absolute strength.”
It is also a very effective way to get results with intense and stressed workouts.
“Once I graduated from high school, my workouts were much more like a standard body building workout. chest one day, legs the next, etc,” said Lehr. “Once I started CrossFit I lost about 20 lbs, and at the same time got stronger.”
Lehr said CrossFit can help train your body in many real-life ways and isn’t just for weight lifters.
“For example, back-squats, which translates to athletics and hiking, etc.  However, leg curls of leg extensions on a machine work the same muscle groups, but not in a way that mimics real life in any way,” said Lehr.
But can also be dangerous.
“Exercise is inherently a dangerous activity,” said Lehr. “The most important thing is to stress technique first, and then layer in intensity along the way.”
There has been a great leap from the amount of CrossFit-affiliated gyms in the US. In 2010 there were 1,700 gyms, up from 18 in 2005. It also went up by 40% by 2011, then up by 43% by 2012. The amount of affiliated gyms have crossed over 5,000 worldwide recently, about 72.7% being in the US alone in 2012.
CrossFit can help in all athletics Lehr said. “The way CrossFit works, one will get stronger as well as more flexible and mobile.  That will help with staying injury free.  Additionally, the midline strength developed in CrossFit is extremely useful.”
That strength is what Collins had in mind when he adopted it as part of his training.
“It helps simulate how the wrestlers will feel after a match,” said Collins.
After finishing first at the Petersburg Invitational last weekend, the wrestlers have been feeling good.

Weekend sports recap

By Jake Stout
Sports Editor

Volleyball sweeps JDHS
Kayhi volleyball celebrated their senior night in style by sweeping Juneau Douglas 25-21, 25-18, 25-21.
They have thirteen seniors on the team counting the managers.

Boys win, girls second in swim
The Ketchikan High School swim team celebrated senior day at the Gateway Aquatic Center on Saturday Oct. 18th.  They competed with Juneau-Douglas, Metlakatla and Craig.  The boys team took first while the girls finished second.

Wrestling first in Petersburg
Kayhi wrestling team won the Petersburg Invitational over the weekend, amassing 183.5 points, 10 more than second place Kotzebue.  Four Ketchikan wrestlers took first place on Saturday.
Nate Fousel (195)
Marcus  Martin (138)
Max Collins(126)
Sean Tavares (106)

Weekend sports preview

Jake Stout
Sports Editor

Kayhi swim and dive team will compete at the Gateway Aquatic Center Friday and Saturday at 6 p.m.  The boys swim teams will be starting off the swim meet against Juneau, Craig and Metlakatla.  At the last swim meet on Oct. 3rd girls swimming won by 14 to win with 160 points and boys swimming won with 208 points.

Kayhi wrestling team will be competing in Petersburg this weekend in its second meet of the year.

The Kayhi varsity volleyball team will be playing Juneau Douglas on Oct 17-18 at 8 p.m.  Kayhi’s C team will be starting at 4 p.m. and JV at 6 p.m.  Senior night will be held  on Saturday at 8 p.m. before the varsity game against JDHS.  In the last meeting  Kayhi beat Juneau Douglas.

KTB Autumn Showcase this weekend

By Cheyenne Mathews
Staff Writer

Ketchikan Theater Ballet is presenting their Autumn Showcase. The showcase features jazz students in levels three through six and tap students in levels five and six. Some members of the staff will also perform at the showcase.
The performance will be held at the Schoenbar Middle School starting at 3 p.m Oct. 19th. Tickets are $14 for one and $25 for two. Tickets can be purchased at KTB.
For more information contact ktbdance@hotmail.com

Ranniger wins $10k scholarship

Nordstrom Scholarship winner Gwen Ranniger holds up her $10,000 check.
Nordstrom Scholarship winner Gwen Ranniger holds up her $10,000 check.  Photo by Caitlin Jacobson

By Cheyenne Mathews
Staff Writer

If senior Gwen Ranniger didn’t like Nordstrom before, she definitely does now, after winning a Nordstrom Scholarship for $10,000. Ranniger was one out of 80 who won the scholarship and the first Kayhi student to win. Ranniger said that there were multiple rounds of cuts.
“For the first round it was a basic questionnaire, like your grade point average,” said Ranniger.
Ranniger said she had to complete two essays. The prompts were, “If you had the power to change the world what would you do?” and “How cultural experiences have shaped you?”
Ranniger said she also had to complete a 15 minute interview portion.
“[There were] … ten people sitting in this conference room. [They asked questions like] how I was doing, my typical day in the school year, and how I deal with stress.” Ranniger said.
The scholarship win was announced on Thursday in Ranniger’s first period class.  School counselor Bob McClory brought in a video about the scholarship and at the end of the video it announced that a Nordstrom Scholarship winner was in the room.
“It made me very happy. It made my day,” said Ranniger.
Ranniger said that she would be interested in using the scholarship at one of her dream schools.
“My top school is Vanderbilt. I’m also very interested in American University,” said Ranniger.


New method brings more to Parent-Teacher conferences

By Connor Bird
Staff Writer

This year to increase attendance at parent teacher conferences Kayhi administration tried a new method. It succeeded as 58-percent of the student body was represented.
Secretary Kelli Carlin-Auger said it was an efficient new system.
“It’s called Powerschool Messenger, and we used it for the first time this year,” said Carlin-Auger. “What it does is find the parents contact information, and sends out the voicemail.”
Counselor Lynn Wadley said it is important for parents and students to attend.
“We don’t track student attendance,” said Wadley, “but often the ones who show up are the ones who struggle.”
Kayhi has an enrollment of 616 students, with 217 students represented on Monday, and 146 on Tuesday.

Volleyball takes third in Juneau

By Jake Stout
Sports Editor

The Kayhi volleyball team played at the Juneau Jive Tournament at Juneau-Douglas Oct. 10-11.  The Lady Kings beat Thunder Mountain in the third place match after losing to Mt. Edgecumbe in the semi-finals.
Kayhi junior Gabriela Clark said  the team played well, but can always improve.
“It was a tough tournament, but we ended up taking third out of twelve teams,”  Clark said. “ We changed our lineup and we did great as a team.”
Kayhi eliminated host Juneau-Douglas before meeting up with Mt. Edgecumbe.

Senior gets free tour of Dartmouth

By Cheyenne Mathews
Staff Writer

Senior Keenan Sanderson was selected as 1 out of 55 students nationally to get a free tour of Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire.
Dartmouth is one of the most prestigious colleges in the country.
Ketchikan High School counselor Bob McClory said that he was the first student he had ever persuaded to apply for the free tour.
“[He was the] first one I ever got to sign up. [Dartmouth] took 55 from around the nation and Keenan is one of them, they pay for air, room and board, take him through college workshops. It’s a sweet deal.”

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