Wrestling travels to Craig

By Rudy Pankow
Staff Writer

The Kayhi wrestling team is heading to Criag Nov. 13 to compete with all of the Southeast teams, except for TMHS and JDHS. The Kings have a very young team.
“80% of our team is underclassmen,” senior Trevor Wutzke said. “We are more conditioned than most teams though.”
The Kings took 4th at the Colony tournament last Friday under Colony, Palmer, and Wasilla. Senior Nate Fousel believes they will do better in Craig.
“We are going to win it,” Fousel said.

Competitive Speech and Debate takes first

By Eliah Anderson
Staff Writer

The Kayhi Competitive Speech and Debate team took first in four out of the seven participated events at Haines this past weekend.
Junior Luke Dosett took first in Expository Speaking, South African exchange student Kirsten Streefkerk second and Dante Troina third. In Original Oratory Cheyenne Mathews took first. Kayhi swept the podium in Extemporaneous Speaking as Audrey Kistler took first, Mathews took second, and Frances Barry took third. In speaker points Mathews took first and Kistler took third. The debate team of Kistler and Piper Cooper went to the final debate and took second and the team of Francis and Mathews came in third. The other teams at the meet were TMHS, JDHS, Skagway, Haines, and Mt. Edgecumbe.

O’Brien places 3rd at state in 50-yard freestyle

By Mo Bullock
Staff Writer

The Ketchikan swim and dive girls finished 13th out of 16 teams and the boys came in 13th out of 19 teams at State last weekend.
Senior Kiera O’Brien came in 3rd place with a time of 28.82 for the 50 yard freestyle. O’Brien also came in 5th (5:21.95) for the 500 yard freestyle. Although she did not place at state senior Bernadette Franulovich was only 1 of 2 girls to go to state for Ketchikan. Franulovich came 16th (1:17.07) for the 100 yard breaststroke. Five boys qualified for State: seniors Chance Rhein, Brennen Schulz, sophomores Gabe Bowlen, Maury Meiresonne, and junior Kegan Rhein.
Chance Rhein, Schulz, Bowlen, and Meiresonne came in 7th (3:21.64) in the 400 yard freestyle relay. Chance Rhein came in 7th (1:01.44) for the 100 yard breaststroke. Kegan Rhein came in 6th with a score of 321.90 for Kayhi’s dive team.
“State was a great experience,” said Franulovich. “I am very thankful that I was fortunate enough to end my high school swimming career with it.”
At State last year O’Brien took 8th in the 500 yard freestyle.
“I’m happy that I ended with lifetime best’s and placed at state in both my events,” said O’Brien. “Our team swam well as a whole and it was a fun meet and a great way to end my last high school season.”
This is the last meet for seniors O’Brien, Franulovich, Chance Rhein, and Schulz.
Having State as my last home meet was tough. It was a very fast meet with a lot of focus and hard work,” said Schulz. “I was happy with what I did at State, I learned some new things, how close my teammates and I were, how much I will miss the sport, and what all my hard work helped me get to.”

Kings take Region volleyball crown

By Bernie Franulovich
Staff Writer

Kayhi volleyball avenged last year’s loss to Juneau-Douglas in the Region Championship by beating the Crimson Bears in the five-game title match Saturday. It is the first regional championship in Kayhi’s history.
The rematch of last year’s championship match was set up after Kayhi beat Thunder Mountain and JD on Friday. JD finished off TM, and moved on to the championship game against Kayhi Saturday.
Jenny Hu, Kaia Michalsen, and Havalah Clark all received all-conference awards, and all seniors (Hu, Michalsen, Gabby Clark, Whitney Hamilton, and Mina Matsura) received all-academic awards.

On The Spot : Allegra Machado

Allegra and Shrek
Allegra and Shrek

By Sage Acteson and Jacob Shay

Staff Writers

Current: What was your favorite part about senior carnival?
When you guys snapped my kids back at the bungee run.

Current: Can you go into further detail about that?
Yes, I can even show you a video.

Current: Did you stop by all the booths?
We did the little kids gym, the cupcake walk, trike riding, and the bungee run in the big gym.

Current: Which booths would you say were the most kid friendly?
The whole little kids gym.

Current: Was there any booths that stood out more than the others?
Anyone who dressed up for the little kids: the Star Wars Plinko was cool, Harry Potter Ring Toss was cool, and the 70s cakewalk was great. Bungee run was good, but it wasn’t really for little kids.

(power shift)

Machado: I think the senior class needs to buy a jump house, and they need to bring back the dunk tank, and have teachers volunteer to be in it.

Current: Would you volunteer to do the dunk tank?
Machado: Yeah, I would do it. With the baseball throw, I would dress up.

Machado: I told Mrs. Whyte I would, but she said maintenance said we couldn’t do it for some reason.

(Interview put back into the hands of the Current)

Current: So, if we got a dunk tank you would dress up and be willing to go in it?
For a good cause, not for a Saturday night thing.

Current: What would be a good cause?
Like for a sports team.

Current: So if the baseball team came up to you and asked you to go in the dunk tank you would?
Yeah, so I think you should get a bunch of teachers to volunteer for that, teachers, coaches, and parents.

(Machado takes control of the interview once again)

Machado: The school has a dunk tank.

Current: Interesting… I didn’t know that. What else do you think we could use that for?

Machado: We need to do it for a good cause like for Pep Club to travel to Southeast, Lund is the pep club president isn’t he?

Current: He’s the adviser.

Machado: Think about this guys, dunk tank is good money and you could have someone donate an old busted up car and they park it in the lot back there, and they have like bowling balls and bats and you could pay $10 and go smash the car.

Current: I like that idea, but it might attract an interesting crowd. Would you ever go out there and beat up a car?

Machado: Yeah, I think we should do it. What about Kiss the Fish? Were you here when we did that?

Current: No, but would you ever kiss the fish?

Machado: I did, I had to kiss the fish. So did Mr. Middag

Current: Would you do it again?
Yeah, I would do it again

Machado: Did you know your teacher Mr. Lund had a book signing last weekend at Fish for Trish?

Current: I didn’t know he did. I would have gone if I had known; did you go?

Machado: I did not go but I wish I would’ve.

Machado: Did you know that Lund is a CrossFit animal? Put that in your bank of knowledge.

Current: (no response)

Machado: …

Current: …

(Machado goes into parent mode)

Machado: Where are you applying to school? Have you applied yet?

Current: No, we have not applied. We can’t make up our minds about which schools to apply to, and we’re still thinking about it.

Machado: Oh yeah that’s a great idea, you should keep sitting around just thinking about it…

Wrestling tops East, Chugiak; sets sights to Colony tournament

By Rudy Pankow
Staff Writer

Fresh off wins over East Anchorage (54-30) and Chugiak (45-35) the Kayhi wrestling team will now focus on the task at hand. Tonight the Kings will begin a two-day tournament at Colony. Defending state champions sophomore Max Collins and senior Nate Fousel said that they are up to the challenge.
“The level of competition is a lot higher and I tend to wrestle better when the competition is higher and express my full potential,” said Fousel.
Collins agreed, “I’ve been practicing really hard and I feel like we will do great.”

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