Opinion: Contemplating the universe and baptizing martians

By Connor Bird
Staff Writer

Last year, Pope Francis said he would baptize martians, because the doors of Catholicism are open to everyone! Though there are many skeptics, when it comes down to the belief in other intelligent life, at least he’s embracing the idea, right?
Maybe had the martians (from Mars Attacks) been baptized, Slim Whitman’s “Indian Love Song” wouldn’t have had to be used to explode their heads in the end.
Tim Burton movies aside, we all know the stories of martians, because movies about aliens are everywhere – from Will Smith and Jeff Goldbloom defeating aliens with computer software to microorganisms defeating the tripod antagonists in War of the Worlds, the question of, “Are we alone,” will not go away. I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe we are.
Now we don’t have any widely accepted proof by our society, mainly just stories, accounts, and theories. Many are dismissed, but the entirety of space is so massive – beyond all fathomability- and even farther than that. Our own Milky Way galaxy is a spec of dust compared to some other, more distant parts of the universe.
First of all, within our own Sun, we can fit 1.3 million planets the size of Earth. Makes us seem pretty small right? Well that’s not it, according to Buzzfeed.com, Arcturus, a sun 37 light years from earth (one light year being equal to about 6 trillion miles) can contain around 26 of our Suns. That means that Arcturus could fit 33.8 million Earths!
On top of that, another sun called Antares, could hold 883 of our Suns, meaning at least 1.5 billion Earths could fit within it. Following behind Antares is a star known as a hypergiant, “VY Canis Majoris,” and it could hold 2,000 Suns, and a massive 2.6 billion planet Earths!
Now those are some big stars, but it’s nothing compared to the size of our Galaxy.
The Sun is around 1.4 million km wide, pretty big in comparison to Earth’s width, at slightly over 12,000 km. But the Milky Way Galaxy is 100,000 light years across, or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 kilometers! (That’s 1 sextillion.)
But our galaxy seems pretty tiny compared to the Galaxy known as IC 1011, whose diameter is 6 million light years across, which is sixty times greater than the Milky Way’s diameter! Just think of all that could be in there.
Speaking of Galaxies, the Hubble Telescope has taken pictures of thousands of galaxies! Each galaxy contains billions of stars; each star is orbited by its own planets. The universe is estimated to contain 50 billion galaxies at least, and our universes are theorized to be infinite.
It just seems ignorant to think that we are alone and consciousness only exists on one planet.
Are we really the only intelligent life there has ever been?
After a looking at the entirety of space, I would say maybe we’re not.
There are many other things happening on our own planet Earth that make one wonder.
For example, if you just look around the internet for the Pleiadians (Nordic aliens) you will find that many people are “aware” of them, and attempting to communicate with them. Yes it could be a hoax, but through a method called channeling, certain people claim they come from a star cluster called Pleiades. And they aren’t the only ones. People have claimed to have come into contact with those from Andromeda – another distant galaxy.
That specific example could all be fake and phony; that I understand. But everything from mythology to religion has been asking the questions of how we got here, are there other people out there, and under what circumstances will we ever meet; if in fact we do.
It’s normal to question how and why things are the way they are. It’s reasonable to look at the night sky, and doubt our loneliness in the universe.
In the meantime we’ve got Hollywood.

Girls split with Mt. Edgecumbe

Senior Felicia Ruaro and the Lady Kings wore pink uniforms in Friday night's Pink Game to promote cancer awareness.
Senior Felicia Ruaro and the Lady Kings wore pink uniforms in Friday night’s Pink Game to promote cancer awareness.                                                                                                        JADE HODNE

By Leif Svenson
Staff Writer

The Lady Kings were victorious on Pink Night 47-38 but were unsuccessful on Senior Night losing 53-48 this weekend against the Lady Braves.
Pink Night wasn’t pretty, but Ketchikan earned a win in an ugly turnover-filled game. Junior Eliah Anderson led Kayhi in their victory scoring six of her team-high 18 points in the first quarter.
Mt. Edgecumbe was led by senior Taryln White’s 25 points.
Senior Night had a similar storyline but this time Kayhi couldn’t pull out a win. Anderson was benched for most of the second half after scoring all of her 17 points in the first half. The Lady Kings were down in the second quarter but went on a 9-0 run to go up 34-29 at the half. Kayhi wasn’t able to keep the lead and the Lady Braves came away with the 5-point win.

Sonja Christensen, Felicia Rauro, and Tabitha Gordanier were honored during Senior Night for playing in their last season home games.

Boys sweep Braves

Junior Nathan Bonck scores a layup in a win over Mt. Edgecumbe.
Junior Nathan Bonck scores a layup in a win over Mt. Edgecumbe.                             JADE HODNE

By Jake Stout
Sports Editor

The Kayhi boy’s basketball team swept the Mt. Edgecumbe Braves over the weekend.
On Saturday, the Kings (13-9) led by 26 entering the 4th quarter on their way to a 58-45 win.
Mt. Edgecumbe managed to stay closer on Friday, but the Kings prevailed 57-50.

Kayhi hoops host Mt. Edgecombe

Kayhi boys and girls will be in action this weekend.
Kayhi boys and girls will be in action this weekend.                                                              JADE HODNE

Leif Svenson
Staff Writer

Both Kayhi boys and girls will be in action this weekend against Mt. Edgecombe. The Lady Kings will have the main event Friday night at 8 pm (JV at 6 pm) in the Pink Night for Breast Cancer Awareness. The Lady Kings have been selling Pink Night shirts and will tip-off the game with a traditional pink ball.
The boy’s JV will be playing Mt. Edgecombe at 2 pm, varsity at 4 pm in the Clarke Cochrane gym.
Saturday is Senior Night for the Lady Kings. Varsity tip-off is at 7:30 pm and JV at 3 pm.
The boy’s JV game will start at 1 pm and the varsity boy’s game will begin at 5 pm.

Kayhi’s finest at the annual wearable arts show

By Leif Svenson
Staff Writer

The Ted Ferry Civic Center was full of life this weekend as the Annual Wearable Art showcased strange costumes and creative dances with the theme of World Beat.
Ketchikan is actually the first place to have a Wearable Art Show and proudly continued its wacky tradition this year with some Kayhi’s own artists and models. In this years show, Bella Posey, Mrs.Whyte, Mrs. Karlick, and Gwen Ranniger all participated and were all models. But Posey wasn’t just a model, she was also the artist, creating her own costume.
“It is a bird,” said Posey, “there are multiple birds, the world beat, and wings beating was done by multiple artists universally.”
These costumes take plenty of time and are made by very talented artists.
“I got about 22 black trashbags and the inside is rainbow table clothes, many people went with a color there,” said Posey. “But I thought what looks good with black – everything!”
The backs of her wings took about 10 hours and the inside took about 5. Next years themes are still being debated but artists will definitely be ready to impress, just like every year.

Three Kayhi students selected to northwest band

By Cheyenne Mathews
Editor in Chief

Juniors Hannah Crowder, Lora Starr and Amber Junker will be representing Kayhi at the All Northwest Honor Band in Spokane, Washington this year.
Starr plays the trumpet and said she was excited to be accepted.
“Everyone auditions and they pick the best to be in the band,” Starr said.” It’s an honor.”
Junker and Starr said that Kayhi band members were eligible for the honor band but only a few auditioned.
“Nuss [Mrs. Pagnotta], told the whole band they were eligible to audition if they wanted to,” said Starr, “but we [Junker, Crowder and Starr] were the ones who wanted to.”
Starr and Junker said that six states are featured at All Northwest Honor Band and the honor band lasts about three days.
Starr said that she is happy to being going to Spokane but worried about playing her instrument.
“[I’m] excited, I guess but nervous,” said Starr. “It’s intimidating because everyone will be really good at their instrument.”
Crowder said she was excited to make the honor band especially because she plays the bassoon.
All three students are part of a smaller sect of Northwest Honor Band called Wind Symphony. Wind symphony is for smaller schools with less than 1,000 students. Starr said that the Wind Symphony audition was not as hard as the North West Audition.
“For wind symphony it [ the audition] was really easy,” said Starr. “For all Northwest it was really challenging.”
Junker, Crowder, and Starr have all participated in other bands such as Southeast Honor Band and State Honor Band but All Northwest is the only one outside of Alaska.
Junker said that her experiences in other honor bands have made her a better trombone player.
“You always learn new things,” said Junker, “from playing under a new director.”
Starr said that she has also had good learning experiences in other honor bands and said that All Northwest will only further her abilities as a trumpet player.
“Being able to work with a professional director is a new experience,” said Starr. “And you also get to work with peers who are equally good or better, which is inspiring.”
Senior Tommy Varela is also going to All Northwest but instead of band he is going for choir.
In the past Kayhi has sent alumni Micah Long to All Northwest Choir.

Saber-toothed Salmon impress at Tsunami Bowl

Staff Reports

Kayhi had a good showing at the 18th annual Alaska Region National Ocean Sciences Bowl in Seward over the weekend.
“We could have done better, but we polished our work,” said senior and two-year captain Keenan Sanderson. “I’d say I’m pretty proud.”

Kayhi results –
Best in show and first place in category: Tyler Leavitt
Third place in research paper
Third place in research project (includes presentation)
Fourth place in quiz bowl and overall
Most improved (shared with Cordova)

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