Volleyball takes third in Juneau

By Jake Stout
Sports Editor

The Kayhi volleyball team played at the Juneau Jive Tournament at Juneau-Douglas Oct. 10-11.  The Lady Kings beat Thunder Mountain in the third place match after losing to Mt. Edgecumbe in the semi-finals.
Kayhi junior Gabriela Clark said  the team played well, but can always improve.
“It was a tough tournament, but we ended up taking third out of twelve teams,”  Clark said. “ We changed our lineup and we did great as a team.”
Kayhi eliminated host Juneau-Douglas before meeting up with Mt. Edgecumbe.

Senior gets free tour of Dartmouth

By Cheyenne Mathews
Staff Writer

Senior Keenan Sanderson was selected as 1 out of 55 students nationally to get a free tour of Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire.
Dartmouth is one of the most prestigious colleges in the country.
Ketchikan High School counselor Bob McClory said that he was the first student he had ever persuaded to apply for the free tour.
“[He was the] first one I ever got to sign up. [Dartmouth] took 55 from around the nation and Keenan is one of them, they pay for air, room and board, take him through college workshops. It’s a sweet deal.”

College fair at Kayhi Oct. 14-15

By Cheyenne Mathews
Staff Writer

The College Fair is being held Tuesday, Oct. 14 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at the Ketchikan High School main gym. Forty-two colleges will be represented at the fair. EXPLORE night is tonight starting at 5 p.m. with FAFSA information and ending around 8 p.m. School counselor Mr. McClory said that EXPLORE night is done by college representatives and going to these workshops could potentially minimize future debt.
“Explore night workshops are being done by the college reps here,” Mr. McClory said. “They will be the ones reading your applications if you decide to apply this year or next year… If you go to these workshops hopefully we can minimize the debt you would incur.”
EXPLORE night is special for Kayhi because Kayhi is the only school that has the EXPLORE night the day before the college fair.
“We’re the only school that has workshops the day before. We are the first stop on their tours,” said Mr. McClory.
Mr. McClory said that during the college fair it would be a good idea to ask for fee waivers and save some money.
“One good thing to ask them is for a waiver for the applications. If they like you they give those things out like candy.”


Choir to perform Tuesday

By Kodi Goodman
Staff Writer

The Kayhi Choir will be preforming its first concert  at 7 pm Oct. 14 in the Kayhi Auditorium.
Director Trina Purcell said she hopes the hard work memorizing, rehearsing, and hitting pitches will pay off.
“I think it will go great,” she said. “In two different ways, one the group always pulls it off… and the other way I know it will be great is that the parents are going to love it no matter what.”
Junior Alanna McKee agrees.
“The most challenging part of the choir would be memorizing lyrics,” said McKee.
This is the first choir to have over a hundred students and the first ever women’s choir group. The songs that will be sung are ‘Babethandaza’ a South African song sung in the Zulu language, ‘Ubi Caritas’ sung in Latin, ‘Hark I Hear The Harps Eternal’, and also ‘We Are The Ones We Been Waiting For’ a South African song.

Blankenship top Kayhi runner at state

By Jake Stout
Sports Editor

The Ketchikan Cross Country team competed in the state championships Oct. 4 at Bartlett High School.
Senior Chris Llanos said the runners did great for their first year at state but he was personally expecting to do better at his final race.
“I think our team did pretty good, it was their first year up there besides me, which was my fourth year at state,” senior Chris Llanos said. “I expected myself to do better, but I just went out there and ran my heart out.”
Junior Sylvan Blankenship (17:08.9) was the top Kayhi finisher at  35th.

Boys results
35th Sylvan Blankenship 17:08.9
56 Christopher Llanos 17:36.1
70 Leif Svenson 18:24.9
72 Trent Rodanhisler 18:28.4

Girls results
35 Erika Rodanhisler 20:32.1
64 Sarah Cool 22:01.0
73 Desiree De Mello 22:47.0

PA system fixed – for now

By Connor Bird
Staff Writer

After three weeks of issues , the Kayhi Public Address system is fixed. Over the summer, the school received an upgrade to the phone system through Ketchikan Public Utilities. But the upgrade, sending calls through the computer’s IP addresses, made the bells and phones incompatible.
Secretary Kelli Carlin-Auger said the problem arose during the announcements.
“Every time we would go to make an announcement, the bells would stop working,” said Carlin-Auger. “So we started to catch on, and sure enough, it was because of the new system.”
KPU made a temporary fix to the phone, but it won’t be for long. The current phone system relies on one analog phone that is the only phone capable of doing announcements (without shutting off the bells). Maintenance Foreman Tim Jensen said the issue was the age of the phone.
“That phone system is about twenty five years old,” said Jensen. “It’s going to be difficult trying to get new parts for it, since it’s been around for so long.”
Soon enough, all of the 80-100 phones will be updated, and compatible. Though it will not be cheap roughly $300 per phone.  KPU will also have to adjust every clock in the building.
The change has been on the budget for years, voted by the City and the Borough.

PSAT set for next Wednesday

By Catey Mendoza
Staff Writer

Sophomores and juniors will be taking the PSAT in the auxiliary gym and library on Oct. 15. The test is designed to prepare students for the SAT.
The signup deadline has already passed but Kayhi counselor Natasha O’Brien said some extra tests were ordered for kids who still want to take it.
On average, students in Alaska who have taken the PSAT first tend to score about 200 points higher on their SAT said Mrs. O’Brien.
“I think that’s partly because they get some practice with the format of it, maybe makes them a little less nervous, and when you get your results back you get study suggestions so you know what you are good at and what you still need to work on,” Mrs. O’Brien said.
Senior Hailee Miller said the PSAT helped her prepare for the SAT because then she knew to not answer the questions she didn’t know.
“You get docked a quarter of a point for every question answered incorrectly, but if you leave an answer blank then you don’t get penalized for it unlike the ACT which doesn’t subtract any points for wrong answers,” said Miller.

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