Staff Pick: PFD

College savings (or frivolous spending) accounts got $1600 richer yesterday when the Permanent Fund Divided checks were deposited.

If you could spend your PFD on anything in the world, what would you spend it on?

Jared Valentine:  Fortunately and unfortunately, I don’t get my PFD. I’m told it all goes to college funds. If I did get my PFD, however, I would spend it on a bunch of stupid stuff I don’t need. I can save money when money is limited but the $1600 dollars we get this year would be more than enough to justify reckful spending. I would probably start by buying clothes and “necessities” that make everyday life easier. After that I would slowly embrace a vicious cycle of me telling myself “I might need that someday.” For example, I’ve always wanted a paddle board. In Ketchikan specifically the seasons for paddle boarding are very limited and during those seasons I’m usually caught up with work. Even with all this in mind, I would tell myself again, “I might need that someday,” before proceeding to invest in one just for storage in my garage.

Olivia Kinunen: If I could spend my PFD on anything I would put it towards a vacation to Italy or Ecuador. Traveling the world has always been something that I want to do so I can experience different cultures, meet new people, and see new things. One of the worst parts of traveling is the cost, though, so if I save up money from work and my PFD’s it will all add up eventually so I can take a trip somewhere around the world. The reality though is that I will probably end up using my PFD to pay for gas, food and for college which is super lame.

Madison Rose: Extra money is always a good thing to have. Even though I am a heavy shopper and do enjoy buying things that benefit me, I am also a smart shopper and usually invest my money towards something with more worth. Some of the many things that I do not wish to spend money on but need to include gas, food, movies, fees, activities, material, fundraisers, and fanciest of them all a trip to Europe. This is something I have been working for, because it does not come cheap. With the help of a PFD, I can accomplish this goal more easily. College is another important thing for me to consider saving for.

Connor Wodehouse: The cost of the Close Up trip to Washington D.C is around $2000, that would be a quick and easy use of a PFD. That, or there’s this pretty sweet accordion on Amazon I found for $178.99. Like, who can you think of that plays accordion? That’s right, after this year’s PFD Connor Wodehouse is gonna break it down on the accordion, probably. Plus a little college saving on the side never hurt anyone. But the reality is that it’s probably going into savings, that would be the most money-wise thing to do in my opinion. Not all of it though, just most of it. Some would go towards Kayhi activities, some for the accordion, the rest? That’s for either myself to figure out or for college.

2018 Municipal Election Recap

Cody Kemble
Staff Writer

Felix Wong (1,345) and Sven Westergard (1,13) were the winners for the two Borough Assembly seats. Austin Otos (1,086), Dan Bockhorst (760), James Montgomery (312), and Dani Pratt (280) were the other candidates.  

Matt Eisenhower(1,511), Sonya Skan (1,300), and Rachel Breithaupt (1,274) came out on top  for the three open seats on the School Board. Bridget Mattson was close behind with 1,004 votes and Lana Boler finished with 689 votes.

The City Council race was not as tight as the Borough Assembly or School Board. Sam Bergeron (695) and Janalee Gage (836) won the two seats and  came out ahead of Spencer Strassburg (428) and Dragon London (355).

Election Day in Ketchikan saw a 3% increase in voter turnout. Last year’s local election saw 21% of Ketchikan residence vote, and this year 24% went to the polls.



Weekend Sports Recap

CC @ State Anchorage
Kayhi’s top finisher senior Jacob King took 56th (of 81) with a time of 18:07 at the state cross country meet in Anchorage. Sophomore Phillip Smith placed 60th with a time of 18:14, and freshman Brent Capps took 74th with a time of 18:43.
“I’m pleased with my time this last weekend,” said King. “I’m just glad I got to lead Kayhi with my time and show it up in state.”
On the girls side Morgan Elerding and Ruby Mccue 54th and 67th respectively. Elerding finished with a time of 21:44.9. Mccue finished at 22:31.
“I knew in overall I could’ve done better but that’s what next year if for,” said Elerding. “I dropped 11 seconds off my time from last year in state and I am very pleased with that.”

Football @ Home
The Kayhi Kings football team defeated the Seward Seahawks this weekend 50-40 in their final regular season game. Kayhi recognized 11 seniors before the game on Friday.
Kings lead at half 50-18 over the Seahawks. Kayhi’s head coach Jim Byron pulled the seniors at half, resting the seniors for their playoff game at Eielson.
Three seniors scored against Seward. Quarterback Brendan Wong rushed for two touchdowns. Brandon Wieber caught one touchdown pass and Crist Carlson caught three. Junior Alex Malouf caught a 75 yard touchdown pass from Wong.
The Kings will travel to Fairbanks to take on Eielson for their 1st playoff game.

Volleyball @ Home
The Lady Kings fell 3-0 to the Thunder Mountain Falcons over the weekend. The Lady Kings will play their final games this weekend at home, in a small school tournament.

Swim @ Juneau
Kayhi swim and dive team placed 5th overall at Saturday’s meet in Juneau. The boys placed 4th with 61 points, and the girls placed 5th with 55 points.
Junior captain Caity Pearson is disappointed about the results this weekend but she is ready for the teams next meet on Oct. 12 at home.
“It wasn’t our best meet but we kept our spirits up and cheered through the whole thing,” said Pearson. “We are working very hard for our home meet and we are super excited for it.”
Juneau Douglas won the meet with a combined score of 282.5.


Weekend Sports Preview


The Kayhi football team (5-1) take on Seward (2-5) tonight for Their last regular season game of the year. The game will kick off at 6 p.m at Esther Shea field on Friday . Kayhi’s coming off a victory at Barrow 8-6 and are averaging 44 points a game. The Kings will honor eleven seniors before the game.
“It’s upsetting knowing that this is my last home game,” senior Brandon Wieber said. “But that’s not gonna get in the way of me and my fellow seniors getting a W.”

Brandon Wieber
Brendan Wong
Crist Carlson
Renzie Lorenzo
Tarrant Sasser
Stevie Byron
Chris Brown
Tyler McLaren
Richard Stuart
Riley Vierra
Mark Jasper


The Lady Kings volleyball team will host Thunder Mountain this weekend. The last time Kayhi faced the Falcons they fell 0-3 in Juneau.
Junior Mackenzie Merrill said the Lady Kings are hoping to use their home court advantage to even out the score.
“I definitely think having home court advantage will help us pull together as a team and get the job done knowing our parents and peers are watching and supporting us.”
The Lady Kings will recognize 3 seniors Saturday before the game.

Autumn Yiesly
Louise Peterson
Kailey Edenshaw

Cross Country

The high school cross country state meet will take place this Saturday.
For the boys side, senior Jacob King and freshmen Brent Capps both qualified and will represent Kayhi in the meet this weekend. For the girls side, Morgan Elerding and Ruby McCue will both be representing Kayhi as well.
“I’m not expecting to get near top three but we’re just gonna be out there running our best and try to PR on all of our times,” said Elerding. “It’s really just all about leaving it out on the course.”

Swim and Dive

The Ketchikan Swim and Dive team travel to Juneau this Thursday to compete in their third meet of the year on Friday evening and Saturday morning. The Kayhi Kings placed 5th in their last meet in Sitka with a total score of 572.
Senior Jessilyn Sivertsen is expecting a fun meet this weekend.
“I think it will be a hoot,” said Sivertson. “The entire team is traveling to compete and I believe we will see a huge improvement in everyone this meet.”

Low voting turnouts in Ketchikan

Cody Kemble
Staff Writer

The saying “every vote counts” is one that holds true in local elections. Direct democracy is something that all educated Americans should participate in. The number of educated voters in Ketchikan is quite low.
“At a local level more than a national level, it makes a huge difference,” Kayhi Government teacher David Mitchel said. “And yet we continue to see much lower rates of voter participation in local government, even though it makes a huge impact on your life.”
In the 2016 Borough Assembly election, 4,892 votes were cast, and 4,146 votes in the School Board election.
Historically, Ketchikan has had pretty low voter turnout for it’s local elections.
“Only 20% of residents vote,” Mitchel said. “So it usually comes down to not many votes.”
Ketchikan will be holding a local election on Oct. 2. The elections will feature candidates for Borough Assembly, School Board, City Council, and City Mayor.
“The first thing in local elections is we need good people to run,” Mitchel said. “And we need to have options, so that’s nice when this year there seems to be enough people to give us some options and good candidates.”
There are plenty of candidates in this years local election, with six people running for two seats on the Borough Assembly. Dan Bockhorst, Austin Otos, Danielle Pratt, Sven Westergard, James Montgomery, and Felix Wong are all battling for those two seats.
Three vacant seats are looking to be filled on the School Board by five candidates. The candidates are Matt Eisenhower, Sonya Skan, Rachel Breithaupt, Bridget Mattson, and Lana Boler.
City Council has two seats and four candidates. Janalee L. Gage, Sam Bergeron, Dragon London, and Spencer Strassburg and looking to fill the two seats.
Bob Sivertsen is the lone candidate for City Mayor.
Mitchel said that voters should vote on the character of candidates, not on political affiliation.
“It’s not based all on ideology,” Mitchel said. “Get to know their perspective on issues and get to know who they are and their character. Have conversations about what they want to do.”

Weekend Sports Recap

Kayhi Kings football improved their record this weekend with a victory against the Barrow Whalers 8-6. The Kings traveled over 1600 air miles for their last regular season away game.
The Kings scored early in the game with a pick 6 from Junior CJ Jasper returning it for 105 yards. Kings Senior Brandon Wieber followed up CJ with a 2 point conversion ending the half on top 8-0.
“It was a great feeling when CJ scored,” junior Jackson Kaye said. “Our defense was holding a strong fight and we needed a touchdown to get us back in the game.”
The Kings take on Seward this weekend for their last regular season game.

Cross Country
The Region V cross country race was held in Juneau over the weekend. The Kayhi Kings boys came in second place, and the girls came in third. Kayhi boys runners Brent Capps (18:01) and Jacob King (18:05) both placed for state. Kayhi girls runners Ruby McCue and Morgan Elerding also qualified for state.

Kayhi Kings volleyball traveled to Craig over the weekend. Kayhi fell 3-0 Friday night, and 3-1 Saturday night.


Weekend Sports Preview

CC to Regionals
Spots at the state cross country meet are at stake this weekend at the Region V meet in Juneau.
The Kings’ best chances to qualify for state are freshman Mickey Lapinski and sophomore Morgan Elerding.
Lapinski finished 6th among 4A runners (12th overall) last week and will try to crack the top 10 and qualify for state. Lapinski said he is going to develop a game plan to put himself in the best position to have a strong race.“I’m going to learn the Juneau course to know how to pace myself,” said Lapinski.
Elerding finished 9th among the 4A runners last week and will try to keep her spot there to qualify.
“I need to stay with the three JD girls and hope to out sprint them at the end,” said Elerding. “They’re all 10 seconds within my time.”  

Football to Barrow
Kayhi Kings football (4-1) will travel 1,300 miles north to take on the Barrow Whalers (3-3) Saturday in their last away game of the regular season. The Kings are coming off a victory at Homer 48-12, and have averaged 51.6 points this season, while the Whalers have an average of 18.8 points.
Senior Tarrant Sasser said he is excited for this weekend’s trip up to the North slope.
“Our defense has been doing great forcing punts,” said Sasser. “And they have been putting the offense in great positions.”

Volleyball to Prince of Wales
The Kayhi girls volleyball team (1-7) will play the Craig Panthers Friday and Saturday with C team starting at 4:30 p.m. both nights.

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