Explore Night

Preston McLaren
Staff Writer

Explorer Night at Kayhi is an annual event where deans of admissions and representatives from a variety of post-secondary programs speak and teach at sessions the night of Oct. 8 to promote and educate students looking into post-secondary options. The event is from 5:15 to 8:30 in the Kayhi auditorium and science hall. Explore night is open to all students and parents.

Topics covered during the sessions
Application Essays
Applications, Admissions, Selection Process
Financial Aid
Finding the Right College
Gaining Financial Independence
Making the Most of School Visits
Quality Educational Opportunities in Alaska
Scholarship Organization
Still Undecided Post Secondary
Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)
What is a Liberal Arts College?

Lady Kings Split with Panthers

Nadire Zhuta
Staff Writer

The Lady Kings volleyball team won their first game of the season last Friday night against the Craig Lady Panthers. Senior captain and starting setter Mackenzie Merril was excited about their first win.
“This win was very important. It shows how much we’ve grown. I remember looking around at my teammates on the court and I thought to myself, wow, look how far we’ve come,” said Merril. 
Senior co-captain Madison Purcell also thought this win was huge for the team.
“We developed as a team and finally pulled through and won a full set of games. We now know how it feels to earn a win, and it’s time to get stronger and smarter to feel that feeling again,” said Purcell. 

Thursday: Ketchikan vs Craig
(L) (25-15, 25-12, 25-15) (Best of 5) 

Friday: Ketchikan vs Craig 
(25-21 (Craig), 25-23 (Kayhi), 25-18 (Kayhi), 25-18 (Craig), 18-16 (Kayhi)) (Best of 5)

Football Hosts Homer

Kayhi (2-4) will play their last game against Homer (3-3) at home on Friday Oct. 4 at Esther Shea Field. Kayhi will be recognizing their seniors starting at 6pm, they have 14 seniors this season. Senior Kristian Pihl talks about playing his last football game. 
“It’s been a very emotional week coming to realization that football is going to be over for me in about 24 hours, it’s been making me look back on a lot of memories,” said Pihl. “The more I’ve been thinking the more I regret the feel of feeling like I didn’t go hard enough on certain plays and certain games even. What I’ve been suggesting to all the lower classmen in sports is to go as hard as you can, no matter the circumstances because it is going to end soon before you know it.”

Lady Kings Look for Redemption

Nadire Zhuta
Staff Writer

The Lady Kings head to Craig to play the Lady Panthers this Thursday and Friday night. The previous week the Lady Kings lost to the Panthers at home in a close set of games.  Senior, Erika Rauwolf hopes to get a win this weekend. 
“I think that this weekend of games is much needed. We need to start rolling, regions is coming up and it’d be nice to get our first win this weekend,” said Rauwolf. “We are getting better at  keeping our attitudes up and staying together even when we are losing, which is hard at times.”

Kayhi Football Loses 65-0

Dyllan Borer
Staff Writer

Kayhi football(2-4) suffered their fourth defeat 65-0 last Saturday to Houston Hawks(5-0). Kings trailed 51-0 at half and only had one first down the entire game. The Hawks are the number one team in the conference. 
“We were overmatched in every category.” Said Kristian Pihl. 
With 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter Kings coach Ryan Varela subbed in Patrick Garica as quarterback.  
“I haven’t played qb [quarterback] for a while, I came in and had a good mindset not thinking about what happened in the past,” said Garcia. “I believe I have grown as a player mentally.” 
Kristian Pihl said he has had enough of losing. 
“I haven’t seen any film yet, but I am going into Friday expecting to win,” said Pihl
Phil along with other seniors will play their last home game of their highschool against Homer this Friday at 6.

Lady King’s “Roller Coaster” of Games

Nadire Zhuta
Staff Writer

The Kayhi Lady Kings went winless this weekend at home against Thunder Mountain and Craig. This weekend of games were a “Roller Coaster” as said by senior captain Mackenzie Merril. On Friday, the Lady Kings went in dominating the Criag Panthers but lost in the last set by a point given up from a invalid sub in. That loss followed the Lady Kings onto the next game and resulted in them losing to Thunder Mountain 3-0.
“We went in kicking butt against Craig but just couldn’t seal the deal and win over all. Not winning that game made him [Kevin Johnson] upset and the teams emotions started to fall a part,” said Merril. “We were out of control of everything.” 
Saturday night was a turn around for the Lady Kings. 
“Those games were amazing. We came together and had our energy up. The team felt amazing seeing Kevin smiling and everyone cheering for us,” said Merril. “Having all those people [Crowd] there made such a difference.”

(L) Kayhi JV vs Craig JV 
(L) Kayhi V vs Craig V (25-23 (Kayhi), 25-17 (Craig), 25-22(Craig)) (Best of 3)
(L) Kayhi JV2 vs TMHS C
(L) Kayhi JV vs TMHS JV 
(L) Kayhi V vs TMHS V (25-8, 25-11, 25-11) 

TMHS JV vs Criag JV  (TMHS (W) 4-1)
TMHS V vs CRAIG V    (TMHS (W) 3-0) 
(L) Kayhi JV2 vs TMHS C
(L) Kayhi JV vs TMHS JV
(L) Kayhi V vs TMHS V (25-17, 25-20, 25-13)

Cross Country Regions at Sitka

Kayhi cross country will send seven boys and seven girls to Sitka for Regions to race Sep. 28. The top team and the top ten individuals for both sides will head to state Oct.5. 
“The competition got steeper this year,” said junior Morgan Elerding. “My freshman year I placed 7th in Regions, and I have the same time now as I did then and I place 15th now.” 
The boys race will start at 11:40 and the girls will follow after them at 12:55. The 4A portion of the competition will consist of Kayhi, Thunder Mountain and Juneau Douglas. Elerding talks about her confidence in freshman Anneliese Hiatt on qualifying for state.
“Anneliese Hiatt has a good chance to make it to state,” said Elerding. “She is top 9 right now and just needs to stay up with the front of the pack on Saturday to make it.”
Sophomore Brent Capps is Kayhi’s top runner on the boys side. Last weekend Brent came in second to Dominic Baciocco from Sitka.  
“I believe that I can get first this race putting in everything I’ve got,” said Brent Capps.

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