Lee Leads team to victory

Chris Lee shoots a guarded jump shot against Juneau Douglas

Dyllan Borer
Staff Writer

“I couldn’t hardly get him to talk last year and now he talks I don’t have to prompt him, he’s leading.”

Chris Lee had to because eight seniors from last year’s state championship team graduated. 

“I think he’s part of the reason we are going to have success,” said Coach Eric Stockhausen.  “We are starting to peak at the right time and a lot of that has to do with his leadership and ability.”

Lee is starting this season with only three returning players and the majority of the team being underclassmen. His role has taken a drastic change from junior to senior year.

“My role has changed by just being a leader,” said Lee. “We have a lot more young guys on the team that are going to be in the program for a long time, and just setting an example for them.”

Lee, a four-year starter, is one the best players to wear the Kings jersey and is currently No. 2 (1767) on the all-time points list at Kayhi, 21 points shy of breaking the record.

 “All the individual awards and everything is more credit to the teammates I’ve played with so far,” said Lee.

So much pressure is put on Lee, but he doesn’t feel it.

“I don’t feel the pressure,” said Lee. “I just go out there and play for my team and play together, play for the name on the front of the jersey is what I always try to do.”

Lee is averaging 29 points a game and has scored 30 or more points in 9 games this season, with 11 wins and 6 losses on the season. 

Junior Tyler Slick said he enjoys playing along side with Lee and has improved a lot this season already.  

“Fun to watch a teammate succeed,” said Slick. “It’s great to play with a player like him to learn and expand my basketball IQ.”


Nadire Zhuta
Staff Editor

The Dance Committee is hosting Sadies this upcoming Saturday the 22nd. The dance will begin right after the varsity basketball game and will go on until 11:30 p.m. in the Kayhi aux gym. The theme of the dance is “Out of This World”  and there is a $5 fee to get in. 

Dance committee chairmen Olivia Berg and Morgan Elerding are excited about the upcoming dance and said that it took a lot of preparation. 

“Morgan, I and other committee members have put a lot of effort and thought into the planning of this” said Berg. “The theme is very original to what Kayhi dances have been in the past and I hope that everyone shows up and has a good time.” 

Positive Distractions

Erin Shea
Staff Writer

“What a week” I said to myself laying down Sunday night reflecting on the worst week I’ve had in my life.

A week that just felt like everything was going bad, no matter how hard I tried to make it right. Family issues, friend issues, bad grades, and even boy issues. All these things just kept adding up as the week went on.

I tried to read, watch movies and even just sleep to avoid my problems but I couldn’t. It made me think of them even more. I would watch a show and everything I saw would relate back to my problems.

I knew that these problems in my life were both temporary and fixable, but I just made them worse.

Finally I decided to try google, I thought “maybe if I google my situation there will be answers from other people.” That wasn’t exactly the case..

After reading article after article on “how to forgive a friend” or “getting along with my mom.” I realized that it was a waste of my time, until I came across an article about positive distractions.

A positive distraction, something that would both benefit me while taking my mind off of all of the stress and drama I had in my life.

This article consisted of ideas such as working out, painting/drawing, yoga and a few other basic ways to clear your mind. I decided that working out sounded like the only one I’d actually try.

I dug out my old running shoes along with my workout gear and headed to the gym. This not being something I usually do, felt kind of strange. I had not been in the gym in so long I didn’t even know what machine to use.

The only machine I knew to use was the treadmill, I honestly didn’t think a quick run would distract me at all, but I was wrong. I ended up running for half an hour with my playlist on shuffle not even picking my phone up once to change the song.

After my run, I felt so relaxed and like a pile of stress had been lifted off my shoulders, all my problems didn’t seem to be as serious as I thought.

Sometimes the stress can really pile on, and as much as we want to fix everything right away, it’s also important to relax, take some time to clear your mind and look at the situation after that.

Finding the right distraction for me helped, especially because it’s something that benefited me.

Lady Kings Head to Thunder MOuntain

Tyler Slick
Staff Writer

Lady Kings (11-7) head to Thunder Mountain to play the Lady Falcons (2-10) this weekend. 

The Lady Kings are 2-0 this season against the Falcons with a 25-0 streak since 2015.

Senior captain Nadire Zhuta says she is ready to play some games after a long week of practice. 

“I’m excited, we had an off weekend so i’m excited to get to play some games,” said Zhuta.

Although the Lady Kings have a 25-0 streak against the Falcons, Zhuta feels like it isn’t a factor to their game at this point and she just wants to improve and get ready for March.

“The streak isn’t really a factor anymore. The only thing on our minds right now is to get better and to get ready for regions,” said Zhuta. “The streak is still there and it’s nice if we keep it going but it’s going to have to end one of these days we can’t dwell on it too much, hopefully it doesn’t end anytime soon but it will. Eventually”

Kings Host Last Home Games Against Falcons

Pictured is junior Tyler Slick shooting a pull up jump shot against the Craig Panthers during the CCCC tournament

Nadire Zhuta 
Staff Editor 

The Kings (3-1) are hosting the Falcons (3-1) on Friday and Saturday night. The Kings are 1-1 against the Falcons this season.  On the offensive side the Falcons are led by senior Bryson Echiverri averaging 17 points while the Kings are led by senior Chris Lee averaging 29.  

On Saturday night the Kings will host their senior night, where they will be recognizing three senior players Kristian Pihl, James Nordlund, Chris Lee and their senior manager, Besjan Kamberi. 

For senior Kristian Pihl this upcoming weekend is something he never expected to come as fast as it did. 

“It’s literally crazy. I’m a little sad just cause I never felt that I would run out of time and that I would ever stop playing for Kayhi,” said PIhl. “Nothing has ever felt so real before.”

Senator Murkowski comes to Ketchikan

Leah Call
Staff Writer

Tomorrow Senator Lisa Murkowski is coming to Ketchikan and will be at Kayhi at 10:15 to address the students. The presentation is an optional opportunity to hear from one of our senators. Although all students are welcome, only seniors will be permitted to ask questions. History/government teachers Susan Stone and David Mitchel, organized the assembly.

Murkowski was last on campus to give the commencement speech at graduation in 2016. 


Robert Cope-Powell
Staff Writer 

The ASVAB test will be held this Wednesday at Kayhi. This no-cost test can be used to learn about your interests, aptitudes, and potential career paths. Test results will also be available for students looking at a military career. For more information, see school counselor Mrs. O’Brien. 

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