Wrestling Finishes Sixth

Gavin Salazar & Rosie Kacenas
Staff Writers

The Kayhi wrestling team finished sixth at the Mt. Edgecumbe High School Invitational with 120.5 points. The Kings had five wrestlers place in the top four in their brackets.
Junior Matthew Rodriguez (6-5) won his first tournament of the season in the 120 weight class.
“It was good getting back on top. It was the first tournament of the year and I won,” said Rodriguez. “I’m ready for regions but, I still have some things I need to work on because I only won by one point in the finals against Conor Norman, and he’ll be my finals match in regions, too.”

1st and 2nd Place Wrestlers:
Matthew Rodriguez – 120
Blaise Boor – 195

ACDC Home Meet Recap

Four Kayhi decathletes placed in the top 10 overall at their first home meet. Senior Adrian Ronquillo said the meet helped the team get familiar with the competition,
“The fact that we now have a meet established, we know the competition better,” said Ronquillo. “We have a whole month until our next meet so we can start preparing now.”

Meet Results

Senior Lydia Sumrall (3rd overall): 4th in Economics, 3rd in Literature, and 1st in Science

Senior Mackenzie Fousel (5th overall): 3rd in Economics, 2nd in Social Science, 1st in Literature and Music

Senior Charisma Manalo (7th overall) 6th in Literature, 5th in Art, and 2nd in Interview

Sophomore Campbell Sande (9th overall) 4th in Essay, 4th in Music, and 3rd in Literature

Sophomore Evelyn Andersen (12th overall) 7th in Science, 5th in Essay, and 4th in Literature

Junior Daniel Neufeldt (13th overall) 7th in Literature, 3rd in Science, and 2nd in Math

Senior Emme Andersen (14th overall) 6th in Music, 5th Economics, and 2nd in Essay

Junior Franklyn Correa (19th overall) 9th in Social Science, 8th in Art, and 8th in Science

Junior Angela Rodriguez 10th in Art

Junior Ruvelen Correa 9th in Music

Freshman August Cooper 7th in Interview

Senior Adrian Ronquillo 6th in Social Science

Senior Megan Cornwall 3rd in Interview

Freshman Robert Cope-Powell 9th in Science, 4th in Literature

Junior John Luke Calderon 9th in Speech, 8th in Art, 8th in Math

Senior Max Varela 5th in Literature, 3rd in Math, 1st in Economics

Lancelot’s Crusade


Joey Karlik
News Editor

The holidays are joyous occasions for everyone every year. Kids go out and get candy from complete strangers. Families gather together and eat turkey. Presents are given and received. Every couple is under Mistletoe. Parents are lifting their small children up and hanging ornaments. Life is supposed to be good, right? Four years ago, Christmas wasn’t a very happy occasion for the Karlik and Thompson families.
It was just like any other December for us. Dad and I had just finished our last shift of selling Boy Scout Christmas Trees. Wrestling season was done and I could eat again. Mom had just finished grading all of her assignments. Debi was being Debi in her room with her Pokemon and Sonic. Chris was hanging out with his crew in town. Everything was going right in our world.
On December 16th, Mom suddenly got a call and started crying. She whispered something to Dad and he sprinted out the door toward Uncle Chet and Aunt Alisa Thompson’s house. I had absolutely no idea what was going on. Mom wouldn’t tell me; she said I didn’t need to know yet. I got frustrated because she tells me everything. Then I paused and realized that she tells me everything and that I should trust her. I went downstairs and try to get my mind off of it and played video games.
It doesn’t work and I constantly lost my matches thinking about what it could be. “Are they getting a divorce?” No, of course not; they love each other too much. “Did dad get a new job somewhere else and we have to move?” No, Mom would’ve told me to start packing.
Time eventually passed and I went up for dinner and Mom told us life-changing news, Lance has Leukemia. I was shocked that my little three year old cousin had cancer. It was devastating. I didn’t think he would make it at first. I rarely heard a good story of a person surviving it. I thought I was about to lose my little cousin to cancer.
Over the first couple of months, it was a rough time for Lance. He couldn’t even be home for Christmas and really bummed us all out. January came and the community started a campaign to help raise funds for the Lance and the rest of the Thompson family called “Lancelot’s Crusade”. They made bracelets and T-shirts with this phrase and got donations. The money helped make care-packages to send to them along with the actual money. We did everything we could to help him.
We had no contact with Lance and the only way we got up to date was Alisa writing journal entries on the site CaringBridge.com. It’s a place where cancer families could write updates of their loved ones to people who supported them and even get donations. Those journal entries were the only things getting us through. Alisa was, and still is, an amazing writer. When mom first told me that Lance had cancer, she showed me the first entry. I cried so hard that day.
I couldn’t focus the next day at school. All I could think about was this little child being very sick. It sounded devastating. Mom and I sat down every lunch period for school and read what Alisa wrote that day. I read about Lance and his first reaction to steroids. He was a miniature Hulk destroying everything and even his parents were scared. I thought poor little guy. The next thought was, poor parents. They must being going through so much more than I am by a long shot.
Being the strong little boy he was, he trudged through the long and enduring battle. Lance got to go to a ton of sporting events as an honored guest. He got to tour so many sports teams’ practice facilities. He even got to go meet frickin Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks! When Sherman asked if he wanted to switch shoes, Lance, being the smart little boy he is, answered,
“Your shoes are too big for me.”
Chet was so starstruck and was so frustrated that Lance would miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. The three of them laughed it out. I still have that picture of them; it’s priceless.
We got frequent updates from Aunt Alisa on Caring Bridge. Some days we were joyous. Some days we laughed over her creative writing ability. Some days we heard minor and major setbacks and some of us cried (It was totally mom every single time. I never cried at all. At least in front of people).
Lance did make it and he is healthy and better than ever. He is now probably my favorite cousin (sorry Brian). He is my mini me. He loves sports and we have intellectual NFL conversations together. He looks more like me than his actual father. Considering I look nothing like my parents most of the time, I jokingly wonder if Lance and I are brothers in some other family. I am so glad he made it. I still wear that orange wrist band everyday with the strong and powerful words, “Lancelot’s Crusade”. I will never forget that strong kid and his story.

KOI at Kayhi

Chanell Browne
Staff Writer

PBIS is a new education program created by KOI (Knowledge Outcomes Impact) that’s being implemented in schools across the country. The goal of the program is to help students focus more in school and to stabilize their behavior.
Principal Bob Marshall said he is excited to implement the program at Kayhi. He hopes it will improve student’s abilities to learn and process new information at school. The program is targeted towards students who lack focus and aren’t succeeding as a result.
“As you know most kids come to school from families where parents are present and have a good foundation, other kids don’t have some of those things,” said Marshall. “It’s figuring out how to help students who have a lack of behavior leading to their lack of success.”
Marshall selected the teachers he wanted to participate in the program. Those teachers received two days of training and instruction in finding effective ways to approach students who need additional guidance.
“There was a site team decided by me so I got to choose teachers that were going to be good leaders in learning what KOI is and how it works,” said Marshall. “Basically it’s a school wide positive behavior interventions and support training. It’s a program that tries to encourage more positive behaviors.”
The site team will meet again in March and the program created by the site team will be rolled out next year.

Final Tournament before Regions

Fourteen Kayhi wrestlers are heading to Sitka this weekend for their last regular season tournament. All Region V teams will participate in exception of one team from Mount Hood, Oregon.
Senior Joey Karlik said he hopes that this tournament will help him shake off any rust before regions.
“The majority of our team is staying home because they would like to have a bigger break before regions,” said Karlik. “But I feel like I need to wrestle before then and I am rested enough to do that.”

Meet the Kings

With the air getting colder, and the holidays coming around, you know what season it is? Yup, it’s Kayhi Basketball season. Both the Kings and Lady Kings are kicking off their season with Meet the Kings, the annual event introducing this year’s arsenal to the public. Meet the Kings will start at 6:00 p.m.. Philly Cheese Steak dinner comes with a purchase of a ticket.

Staff Pick

Given last week’s upsets in college football, what teams are going to make the playoffs?


Dante Troina:
Clemson vs. Miami is a win if you’re in game, as is Georgia vs. Auburn. Auburn dominated Georgia just three weeks ago, so Georgia will come out with revenge on their minds, but Auburn will still pull away, as they are just a better team on a hot streak right now. Tigers 31-20. Miami and Clemson are two of the best four teams, but since they play one another, one of them won’t be able to make it. Clemson is the gold standard for consistency over the last three years, but The U has risen to the occasion and then some for every big game this year (Notre Dame). This game could really go either way, but I think on a big stage, Miami will get pressure on Kelly Bryant and force him into turnovers late. Miami 35-31, turnover chain and all. Oklahoma is the next team I think will make it. They already beat TCU with their second stringers in for the second half, so 52-28 Sooners. The Wisconsin/Ohio State game is where the committee can really get in a tough spot. Wisconsin is who I want to win, but they lose games like these every year. Urban Meyer will come up with a gameplan to beat them in a close, low scoring game. That win will give the Buckeyes a slight advantage over Alabama, Ohio State will have 4 top 25 wins to Alabama’s 2, one of which is against a team who lost to Troy at home. The Buckeyes will also have a conference title, so they’re my fourth team for the playoffs.

Kody Malouf:
The college football playoff is a madhouse this year. There is one undefeated team left (Wisconsin), everyone is good, and no matter who the CFB playoff committee selects, people are going to be pissed off. There are so many deserving teams and only four spots, the committee has an impossible job this year. With that in mind, I’m going to just put four teams in that have a chance, knowing that there are at least 10 teams that deserve to make it and I will definitely be wrong. Clemson in currently ranked #1 so they’ve got a very good chance. Oklahoma sits at #2 with the current Heisman front runner under center all while riding a seven game win streak, so I’ll give it to them. Auburn just knocked off the former #1 team in Alabama, and the last seven winners of the Iron Bowl have played for the National Championship, Auburn gets in. And last, it’s hard not to jump on the Miami bandwagon. The swagger, the poise, the confidence, I like the way they play and they could very well get a playoff berth based on those attributes alone, so I’ll sneak in Miami for my last spot.

Wyatt Barajas:
It’s hard to tell even at this point in the season because of the way it is chosen. It’s not all about what your record is. But if I had to choose a team to win it all it would be The U. They have had a strong season beside last week’s loss. They are the most all around strong team with a single mission, victory. The way it is chosen can be good, but also kind of bush league. The lack of watching college football may be why I have this opinion, but I’m still right.

Kyle Smith:
I don’t watch college football very much at all. That being said, the four teams that will make the playoffs this year will be Clemson, Oklahoma, Auburn and Alabama. I have no idea who is good and who is not, but by looking at the rankings I feel like this is a good educated guess. All of the teams I have picked are in the top five. A couple of years ago when I used to watch more college football, these teams that I’ve picked were good. History repeats itself, so I know these teams will be in the playoffs.

Liam Kiffer:
I have to agree with Kyle on this one, I watch maybe one college football game a year. Even though I’m not too familiar with who’s good and who’s not, I certainly know who the most popular teams are, and I mean if someone like me knows about them they have to be good. My four picks for the college football playoffs, in no particular order, are Alabama, Auburn, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma. My boy Baker Mayfield is on track to win the Heisman and take his Oklahoma all the way. If I were old enough to bet, I’d put all my money down on Oklahoma.