Weekend Sports Preview

Girls soccer
The Kayhi girls soccer team (0-5-1) travel to Juneau Thursday morning to play three games. They will play JD, Thunder Mountain, and a non conference game against Grace Christian. The Lady Kings are 0-3 against the Crimson Bears and 0-1 against the Falcons, this will be the first time Kayhi has played Grace Christian. 

The Lady Kings softball team (5-1, 3-1) travel to Sitka (5-1, 4-0) for the third regular season games. Junior Kiara Hodges expects this match up to be tough against the Sitka Wolves (4-0).
“We are going to have to have a positive mindset no matter what happens,” said Hodges. “The girls just have to keep working hard in practice and give it all we got before it’s game day.”

2 p.m. and 4 p.m. JV
6 p.m. Varsity

2 p.m. JV
4 p.m. Varsity (conference)
6 p.m. (non-conference)

Track and Field
Kayhi Track and Field is traveling to Juneau this weekend for the Capital City Invite. Preliminaries (qualifying rounds) will start Friday and end with finals Saturday.
This is the first meet that all Region V teams will be competing.
Senior Crist Carlson says this meet will be different than previous ones.
“This meet will be harder because Thunder Mountain will have their whole team,” Carlson said. “In the previous meets they haven’t brought their full team.”


Kayhi’s baseball (5-1) team will play Thunder Mountain (1-2) at Adair Kennedy Field this weekend. Coming off of a 2-1 weekend against Sitka, the Kings have prepared for their quick turnaround.
“We’ve worked on being more patient at the plate, and making solid contact this week,” said senior Cody Kemble. “Our defense is looking sharp and we’re ready to play Juneau.”


Softball sweeps JD

Cody Kemble
Staff Writer

Kayhi Softball swept Juneau-Douglas this weekend at home. The Lady Kings dominated the bears winning 15-7 and 17-4. “We played well as a team and kept our heads high which is why we were so successful,” Senior Jenna Miller said. “If we keep playing like this, we should have no problem winning the rest of our games.”  

Game 1
Kayhi started the game hot, and had a 6-2 lead after two innings. They then tacked on three more runs in the third to extend their lead to 9-2. JDHS responded in the fourth inning with two runs of the own to cut the deficit to 9-4. Juneau then added two more unanswered runs in the fifth to closed the gap, and then scored another in the sixth to bring the score to 9-7. The Lady Kings then exploded for six runs in the sixth to extend their lead to 15-7, and then shut the door on JD to win it.

K. Hodges- 2-4, 4R
E. Rauwolf- 2-4, 3RBI
M. Parker- 0-2, 2BB
B. Gentry- 2-3, 2R
G. Clark- 2-3, 2R
J. Schultz- 1-3, 2RBI
L. Guevarra- 0-4, 3RBI
K. Bermudez- 2-4
D. Borer- 3-4, 2RBI

Game 2
The Lady Kings started the game on fire and scored 12 runs through the first two innings, and holding Juneau to three runs. Kayhi then scored five more runs in the third to take a commanding 17-3 lead. They held JD to one run in the top of the forth, and the game was called due to run differential. Kayhi won 17-4 in 3 ½ innings.

K. Hodges- 1-3, RBI
E. Rauwolf- 1-3
J. Miller- 1-3, RBI
G. Clark- 0-2, RBI
J. Schultz- 0-1
L. Guevarra- 2-2, 2R
K. Bermudez- 3-3, 5RBI
D. Borer- 1-2, 2RBI

Kayhi goes 2-1 against sitka

Cody Kemble
Staff Writer

I’ll never play another home game for Ketchikan High School. Us seniors went out on a good note with a 6-3 win over Sitka. I’m glad that we won our final home game, because there are many people who will never see us play baseball again. It’s crazy to think that it was my last game at Walker Field.
In the first game of Friday’s double header, we piled on five runs in the first inning and I felt like that really set the tone for the game. We scored again in 2nd inning, and then in the 4th, Brock scored on a wild pitch to extend to lead to 7-0. Sitka scored in the sixth, but by then it was too late for them and we won 9-2
Game two was a little different. We made some mistakes in the first inning and Sitka had a 2-0 lead. Sitka then added another run in the third to extend their lead to 3-0. Our next time up, Gavin stoked a 2 RBI double in the gap to make it 3-2. Sitka then scored three runs in the fifth to make their lead to 6-2. After a play at home where Gavin was called out trying to score, coach Dan was thrown out of the game arguing the call. Though we lost one our coaches, I felt like ejection sparked a rally for us. We scored two more runs in 6th, but we eventually lost 6-5.
Senior night started with senior recognition at 11:30, and the game at noon. We scored two runs in the second inning, and two more in the third. Liam threw a complete game, and had 0 earned runs. We won 6-3.

Annual Zombie Run

Tarrant Sasser
Staff Writer

Kayhi’s track and field team will be hosting their 8th annual zombie run on Wednesday at Ward Lake. The zombie run is a 5k race that is ran with a belt of flags. The goal of the race is to finish with as many flags as possible while avoiding the zombies hidden on the trail and collecting replacement flags as you run.
“It’s something fun that we do each year. It started when we needed to raise some money for our first Washington trip,” said track head coach Alex Pennino.
“A video of a zombie run from down south was shown to me, and ever since then it has become an annual fundraiser for us,” said Pennino.
There will be a fire, snacks, and refreshments after the race.
Registration for the race will open at 5 p.m.
The kids 1 mile race will start at 6 p.m. while the adults 5k will start at 6:30 p.m.
If you have any questions or would like to register, contact Coach Pennino at alex.pennino@k21schools.org or text 907-254-0712.

Staff Pick

Staff Pick 4/24
Prom is…

Cody Kemble: Prom is pretty fun and whatnot, but I’m not a huge fan. I think that prom for dudes, is something you do for your date and your parents. It really isn’t something I sit around and stress about. I don’t really care about it, but I’ll try my best to make it fun for everyone else.

Cristopher Carlson: Exciting but stressful.

Wyatt Barajas: Prom is fun but some parts are overrated. Getting dressed up and taking your woman out on the town for a night is fun. Dancing and hanging out with your classmates is a heck of a time. The overrated parts are the preparation, the getting fitted for a suit and deciding what to do for the night. These are things that no man honestly likes to do and it just tarnishes the experience. Decision making on nights like prom never go easy because of the stipulation that the night has to be perfect. But at the end of the night the good outweighs the bad.

Brendan Wong: Proms is arguably one of the most valued moments in high school. Most people look forward to it as a freshman. I was just never that person. To me, my most memorable time, is playing sports with my teammates. When I look back on high school, dances won’t be the thing I think about, the sports trips and games would be what I think and tell stories and talk about. Granted, prom is something special and I hope everybody gets that memorable time but it just is not for me and that is why I am choosing to go on a track trip instead of prom.

Jonathan Barron: Prom is supposed create memories that last forever and allow us to reflect on high school later in life, but I really don’t want one night to depict what I think about high school. I see girls spending several hundred dollars on a dress that they’ll only wear for one night, people making reservations to expensive restaurants, and spend a whole day getting ready for the event and to me the whole investment in prom is just absolutely ridiculous. I ordered my suit off amazon for a cheap $70, I did not make any special dinner reservations, and I am not spending a huge amount of time to ready myself all because I simply don’t care.

Weekend sports preview

Girls Soccer

The Lady Kings (0-4-1) host Soldotna High School Thursday at 5:00 p.m. at Esther Shea Field.  This will be the 3rd time the Lady Kings have faced Sohi in the past two years (0-2). Senior Captain Ezrie Anderson is feeling very confident and prepared for tomorrows game.
“We can’t expect the game to go our way but I know that if we work hard and play together we have a good chance to win” said Anderson.
Anderson also spoke on how the offense has been practicing a lot preparing for the upcoming game. “Our offense has really improved and I’m excited to see what happens tomorrow,” said Anderson. “The team just needs to go out and leave it all on the field”.

Track & Field

Kayhi’s track & field team will compete in Sitka’s annual invitational meet over the weekend. Due to prom, many seniors will be staying behind, and will not attend this meet.
Top runner for the Kayhi girls team, “Sitka particularly isn’t my favorite trip because of their dirt track, but that isn’t going to stop us this weekend. Our plan is to go score as many points as possible.” sophomore Rachel Knight said.
Freshman runner Brent Capps is excited for his weekend in Sitka. “It’s going to be good for us to go to a meet without our captains. We’re going to get to experience being on our own more and it will be a good change of pace with regions soon approaching.”
The meet will start at 1 p.m. on Friday and 10 a.m on Saturday.
Thirty athletes from Kayhi will be competing in Sitka over the weekend along with 5 teams from Juneau Douglas, Thunder Mountain, Haines, Sitka, and Ketchikan.


Kayhi Baseball (8-2-2) takes on the Sitka Wolves this Friday and Saturday. Kayhi dominated the Vikings, scoring 16 points in the first inning of Saturday’s game. Senior Cody Kemble believes that they can use last weekend as momentum for this weekends games.
“We were stroking last weekend,” Kemble said.
“We had 10 hits in the first inning, we just need to stay consistent at the plate, and we’ll definitely win this weekend.”

Friday Varsity Double Header: 4 and 7 p.m.
Saturday: 12 p.m.


The Lady Kings (2-1, 1-1) host Juneau-Douglas (0-3, 0-2) this weekend. They kick it off with a conference game Friday at 6 p.m. The Kings play a doubleheader Saturday at 1 p.m. (conference) and then 4 p.m. (non-conference).
Sophomore Dyllan Borer said the team needs consistent effort this weekend.
“We’re going to come into every game with the same energy that we did Friday,” said Borer. “These first two games are the ones that count towards seeding, so we need to buckle down and everybody needs to play with everything they got.”

Girls soccer 0-2 in Juneau

Crist Carlson
Staff Writer

The Kayhi girls soccer team (0-4-1) fell 3-1 Friday night to Thunder Mountain and 8-0 to JD Saturday. The Lady Kings struggled to keep the ball off their side of the field this weekend. Senior Aleks Bolshakoff is very proud of how teammate goalie Ezrie Anderson performed this weekend.
“Ezrie was definitely the MVP in both of our games,” said Bolshakoff. “We would have lost by a lot more if it wasn’t for her amazing goalie work. She was taking so many shots right after each other and it really showed her athleticism.”

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