Weekend sports recap

Kayhi Volleyball plays the Lady Braves over the weekend.  COURTNEE MCDOWELL- JONES
Kayhi Volleyball plays the Lady Braves over the weekend. COURTNEE MCDOWELL- JONES

The Lady Kings had a difficult time against the Lady Braves on Friday, Sept. 11. That day the Lady Kings went through all 5 sets with the Lady Braves and lost the battle, 3-2 with Kayhi only winning 2 sets.
“We were a little unorganized as a team,” said senior Kaia Michalsen
Saturday Sept. 12. The Lady Kings bounced back with 3 sets to none. The game scores include set 1: 25-23, set 2: 25-20, set 3: 25-15.
“I feel that we played really well against them, we won the second day because we played together and we were able to fix our mistakes,” said Michalsen.
Kassandra Montero

Cross Country
Ketchikan girls Cross Country team came in second place as a team in the meet last week in Wrangell. Erika Rodanhisler and Sarah Cool lead the way for the girls. Rodanhisler had a time of 19:53 and Cool had a time of 21:26.67. Leif Svenson was first for the Kayhi boys to cross the finish line and came in 11th place out of all the runners. Svenson’s time was 17:19.19. Kayhi boys team came in 4th place overall. Sitka came in first JDHS came in 2nd and TMHS came in 3rd.
“It’s hard finishing among the top runners you take a beating when you’re running and trying for the top spots,” said senior Captain Svenson.
“It feels good competing and challenging myself and knowing that I’m pushing other people to do their best,” said senior Captain Cool.
The Kayhi Cross Country team will be racing in Ketchikan this weekend.
-Mo Bullock

Juneau beats kayhi on senior night

By Jake Smith
Sports Writer

Kayhi football lost at home 48-30 officially diminishing a playoff hope for the Kings, and continuing a long drought of missed postseasons. Kayhi got down early 27-0, and showed some resilience for a bit in the second half, cutting it down. But, the Crimson Bears finally shut down the revolt, and pulled away.
Nate Fousel, Brian McClennan, Jayce Carlson, and Kyle Schnur all celebrated senior day before the game.
Freshman QB Brendan Wong completed 13 of 32 passes, with 131 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 4 interceptions. Trevor Ortiz had a good rushing day, running downhill most of the game, and scoring on a 10-yard rush. Schnur was targeted most by QB Brendan Wong, and connected on an 18-yard touchdown pass.
“We played played pretty hard,” Fousel said. “Closest game we have had with Juneau.”
Football travels to Juneau to play TMHS on Sept. 19.


Three freshman officers elected

Kayhi Principal Mr. Marshall addresses the freshman class  Sept. 9 during freshman elections.
Kayhi Principal Mr. Marshall addresses the freshman class Sept. 9 during freshman elections.

By Eliah Anderson
Staff Writer

Three students were elected to the Student Body Association freshmen offices on Sept. 9 in the Kayhi auditorium. Raevyn Goodson will be filling the position of freshmen class President. Molly O’Brien is the new freshmen class Vice President and Jacie Johansen is freshman class Secretary. The assembly began with Kayhi Principal Bob Marshall introducing Kayhi Student Body President Cheyenne Mathews. Mathews introduced the candidates, who all ran unopposed.

Weekend sports


The Kayhi football team will play rival JDHS Crimson Bears Saturday at 2 pm. Senior night starts at 1:30. Kayhi is coming off a successful inter-squad scrimmage, and a win about two weeks ago at Eagle River. With a record of 1-1, Kayhi needs a win to go above .500, and keep the winning mentality rolling for when they travel to Thunder Mountain the next week.
“We have confidence coming into this weekend,” said junior right guard Larsen Nebl. “We have a lot of heart, and we are more like a family then we are a team.”

-Jake Smith and Tamara Nunley


Kayhi volleyball has a difficult matchup against the Mt. Edgecumbe Braves Friday at 7pm. Kayhi had a strong performance in San Diego, they are looking to keep the momentum going into this weekend’s match. Although Mt. Edgecumbe is not in Kayhi’s conference, it is Kayhi’s first official match of the season, and will impact their overall standings.
“Looking forward to go up against the Lady Braves on our home turf, the competition between us should be intense,” said senior Gabby Clark  

Matches this weekend are:
Friday, 11                                                   Saturday, 12
C @ 4pm (Inter-squad Game)                   C @ 4pm (Inter-squad Game)
JV @ 5:15pm                                             JV @ 5:15pm
Varsity @ 7pm                                           Varsity @ 7pm

Kassandra Montero

New Sign on Schoenbar Road

First radar sign in Ketchikan on Schoenbar Road. AMBER JUNKER
First radar sign in Ketchikan on Schoenbar Road.    AMBER JUNKER

By Cheyenne Mathews
Editor In Chief

Ketchikan installed its first radar speed limit sign at the end of August on Schoenbar Road. The sign flashes a white light when drivers are over the 25 mph speed limit. KPD Deputy Police Chief Josh Dossett said the sign was placed in that specific location because of the nearby school zones and the library.
“[There was] a lot of concern about the speed of cars, a couple of suggestions were thrown out, about, instead of having an officer there 24 hours,” said Dossett.
The white light is not the flash from a camera but purely a warning according to Dossett.
“It’s a warning, we don’t mind people thinking that though,” said Dossett on the flashing radar sign.
The flashing white light of from the sign is not an epilepsy concern said Dossett.
“These are used all over the country. [They are] not designed to cause [epilepsy], not sure they are on that frequency,” said Dossett.

Swim heads to Petersburg

Rudy Pankow
Staff Writer

The Kayhi swim team will be hitting the water in Petersburg on Sept. 4. The experienced team seems to be ready this year said Co-coach Megan Beattie.
“This will be our fourth week of practice so far,” said Beattie.
This year the team has a new head coach, Patrick Burda, who has brought something new to the team’s workout schedule.
“[Burda] is focusing more on technique and drill work rather than yardage,” said Beattie. “We also have fewer early morning practices so we can focus on smaller group and individual work and we don’t have Saturday practices so it’s not a big push to get yardage in.”
However the year isn’t going to be an easy one. Beattie believes a big challenge will be the numbers of students they have on the team.
“The team lost a handful of seniors last year so fielding relays will be a big challenge,” said Beattie.
The Kayhi swim team has several challenges to overcome this year. We’ll see them in action in Petersburg on Sept. 4.

Only 272 days until summer

Principal Marshall welcomes students back to school on the first day.
Principal Marshall welcomes students back to school on the first day. MARK WOODWARD

Haley Hanna
Managing Editor

The countdown has begun and there are only 272 days left before the last day of school on June 2nd. The Kayhi student body and staff expect good things this year.
Student Body Association President Cheyenne Mathews said she is excited for what’s to come and welcomes our new staff members.
“We can expect great things this year,” said Mathews, “we have great new talent on our staff with our new principal and several new teachers. I have high hopes for the year.”

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