Sports Recap

The Lady Kings volleyball team played in the silver bracket at the Dimond Invitational last weekend. They lost to Colony and fell out of contention for the silver bracket championship game. During pool play, Kayhi tied with Kenai 25-20, 19-25 and Service 16-25, 25-21. They lost to Kodiak 25-18, 25-17 and East Anchorage 25-10, 25-20.
Friday Statistics
Assists: Kreylynn Johnson 25, Leah Benning 17, Alanna Berry 4, Megan Webb 2, Sherrine Bautista 2, Kassi Montero 2, Grace Clark 1.
Kills: Havalah Clark 35, Johnson 11, Grace Clark 3, Kinani Halvorsen 2, Benning 2, Webb 2. Blocks: Havalah Clark 4, Grace Clark 4, Benning 4, Webb 2, Halvorsen 1.
Digs: Bautista 45, Havalah Clark 22, Montero 18, Johnson 13, Grace Clark 8, Benning 4, Berry 3.
Aces: Grace Clark 7, Montero 4.
Serving: Benning 23/23, Berry, Bautista, Webb, Lezille Sagrado all 100 percent.
Top passers: Bautista, Johnson, Montero.
Saturday Statistics
Digs: Sherrine Bautista 29, Kreylynn Johnson 19, Kassi Montero 13, Havalah Clark 13, Kinani Halvorsen 2, Leah Benning 2, Grace Clark 1, Alanna Berry 1.
Serving: Benning 16/16, Grace Clark 11/11, Bautista 8/8, Havalah Clark 19/20, Johnson 8/10, Montero 11/12.
Aces: Montero 2, Havalah Clark 2, Johnson 1, Grace Clark 1, Benning 1.
Assists: Benning 13, Johnson 11, Berry 2.
Kills: Johnson 18, Havalah Clark 9, Halvorsen 7, Grace Clark 3, Megan Webb 2. Blocks: Halvorsen 5, Grace Clark 3, Havalah Clark 1.

Kayhi Wrestling took second place in the the Brandon Pilot Invitational in Juneau last weekend. Kayhi had 156 points with five finalists; Max Collins, Vince Tenebro, Joey Karlik, and Matthew Rodriguez. Collins and Rodriguez took 1st place for weights 145 and 106. Kayhi did not perform well against the reigning state champions from Colony High School.


Staff Picks: Clowns, should you be worried?

Gabriel Bowlen: This fall has been full of clown sightings, especially in the southern part of the country. I’m honestly thinking about going to Walmart and buying my own clown mask. Not to join them, but to blend in, like camouflage. But really, the best way to avoid these clowns is to just go the other way, or if you can’t go anywhere else, just notify someone, and especially notify the cops. If an officer of the law is scared of a stupid clown, then I think people should worry. Other than that, you should just stand your ground, and not panic.

Henning Pankow: Many of these people dressing up as clowns are doing it for attention and to get a reaction out of people. In many ways they are like the classic elementary school bully. How were you supposed to deal with a bully? Don’t fight back or show emotion or give them any reason to keep pestering you. Simply remain calm and report him to the principle. This same tactic works with these clowns. Don’t freak out and scream because that’s exactly what they want you to do, just back away and call the cops. If they do inflicted harm against you, you have every right to fight back, so it may be smart to keep a weapon on you if there have been sightings of clowns near you.

Juan Orta: This clown problem is nothing to be worried about. It’s nothing but a couple of immature guys running around the country trying to make the news headlines. But, if you are seriously concerned and think that you and your loved ones are in danger, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to carry around some pepper spray. Although, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that you need a gun or any sort of lethal weapon to keep you safe. If you happen to spot a clown in the street, instead of turning to violence and beating the clowns like many people have this past week, stay out of their way and inform the police. Just to be safe and don’t let your kids run around the neighborhood alone this Halloween.

Izaak Jensen: The clown problem people have been seeing has been nothing real. About ten percent of the clown sightings are real while the rest are fake, planned out videos, fabricated to make a scene. The chances of you driving down a spur road and seeing a clown are not very high. That clown would either have to be very lucky and probably be all hot and sweaty from wearing costume all day with a chance of no one going by at all. It doesn’t seem like there are enough psychopaths in the world to account for all the clown sightings that have been uploaded on the internet. I don’t think this is anything to even be concerned about.

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