Sports Recap

The Lady Kings volleyball team lost both games this weekend against Sitka and Mt Edgecumbe. On Friday Sikta defeated Kayhi by (10-25, 22-25, 11-25). On Saturday Mt. Edgecumbe defeated Kayhi by (14-25, 12-25, 21-25).

This last weekend, four Kayhi wrestlers left the Bill Weiss Tournament as champions: Vince Tenebro (113), Brayden Linne (120), Sean Tavares (126), and Max Collins (145). Seventeen of 37 Kayhi wrestlers won their matches during the the Mix and Match event.

Swimming Preview

By Gabe Bowlen
Staff Writer

This year Ketchikan is hosting the Region V Swim and Dive Tournament. The meet starts off at 5pm tonight, and the finals start at 2pm tomorrow. Coach Patrick Burda has many goals for this meet, but one concerns him the most.
“A nice goal is for everyone to improve, or get better time wise,” said Coach Burda. “It’s probable we’ll have a couple swimmers/divers go to the state tournament.”
Senior diver Kegan Rhein thinks getting out of the region and heading to state will be an easy thing to do.
“I’m looking forward to the fact that I have a few new dives,”Rhein said. “I’m possibly going to break 400 for my regions score,”
Rhein does not have much competition this regional meet, with a rookie diver from Petersburg, all he needs to do is get an adequate score to qualify for state. Though the competition is greater at the state tournament, it is possible he could place.
As for swimmers, Maurey Meiresonne, Laura Sherrill, and Logan Hammersland are expected to perform well and make it to state. The team will have at least two boys relay teams, and at least two girls relay teams.

Teams Attending:
Juneau-Douglas Crimson Bears
Petersburg Vikings
Thunder Mountain Falcons
Sitka Wolves
Craig Panthers

Volleyball Weekend Preview

By Shirlie White
Staff Writer

The Lady Kings volleyball team will be playing against Mt. Edgecumbe and Sitka this weekend. Kayhi beat Sitka and lost to Mt. Edgecumbe at the Juneau Jive tournament on Oct 15.
“I hope the team and I will have a fun time in Sitka, and focus on playing this weekend against Edgecumbe and Sitka.” Varsity player Leah Benning said.
Kayhi will be playing tonight at 7:00pm against Sitka and at 6:30pm tomorrow against Mt. Edgecumbe.

Bill Weiss Preview

By Izaak Jensen
Staff Writer

Kayhi is hosting the annual Bill Weiss Tournament on Friday and Saturday, the tournament is named after Bill Weiss for all the support he put into the sports around southeast, he helped wrestlers very heavily in his time, most people probably don’t know but the lettermen jacket in Kayhi’s trophy case was earned by Bill Weiss for all the support and effort he put into high school sports.
There are duals Thursday the day before the tournament for teams that arrived early. Weigh-ins are at 4:00pm on Thursday for duals and Friday to start the tournament. Weigh-ins are at 7:30am on Saturday and finals are at 6:00pm.
Thunder Mountain/Juneau-Douglas (as one team), Hoonah, Mt Edgecumbe, Haines, Sitka, Petersburg, Wrangell, Thorne Bay, Hydaburg, Klawock, Metlakatla, Glen Allen, and Bethel will be competing. Coach Rick Collins believes this will be a competitive tournament that Kayhi will ultimately prevail in.
“This tournament should be pretty competitive, Bethel has 4 returning state champions and state placers,” Collins said. “But I think we will do pretty good. We can probably take 1st or 2nd.”

Cops and Clowns

By Joey Karlik
Staff Writer

Two weekends ago, the sinister clown epidemic hit Ketchikan. Two kids were spotted running away from the Recreation Center, and told their parents that two scary looking clowns were behind the rec-center. The clowns did not do anything to them they said, but just the sight of them sent the little kids away in fright. Is there more clowns to come? Kayhi’s school cop, Officer McGarrigan, certainly doesn’t believe so.
“I think it’s a stupid trend and someone’s going to get hurt, most likely a clown. The reason why is that kids are going to get scared when they see the clowns and the parents are going to do anything to protect our kids,” said the officer. “Even if that means going to drastic measures”.
With Halloween on Monday, parents are nervous about their kids encountering these “threats” while out trick-or-treating.
“We don’t expect anything to happen this weekend but we are keeping a very tiny eye out for it,” said McGarrigan. “I know it looks like a perfect time for people to strike and get away with it but I don’t believe people in this town are that stupid.”
The events are labeled as high schoolers’ shenanigans by some community members. Police officers are suggested to take an assembly and discuss the matter with the kids.
“We believe that you guys won’t be stupid and won’t need that talk,” Officer McGarrigan added. “You guys are around 16-17 year olds and are educated and understand that we won’t need to do cautionary things about this so called ‘epidemic’.”
With speculation all around the U.S, the next big question is where will the clowns strike next, but McGarrigan doesn’t think that next place is here.
“We don’t think it will truly come up in Ketchikan just because we are in such a small town,” said McGarrigan. “I can understand this kind of thing happening in big cities or areas, but not in a small town like Ketchikan.”
When and if the time comes, The Ketchikan Police Department will be ready.
“We can’t really do anything unless something happens, it’s like you can’t have a drug awareness program when drugs aren’t being abused in a certain area,” said McGarrigan. “It’s a reactionary thing and we will have to wait and see what happens next.”

Staff Picks

Is Halloween important?

Pablo Orta: Is Halloween an important holiday? Heck no! Should we keep it as a holiday? Heck yeah! Who doesn’t love dressing up and walking up to awesomely decorated houses to get candy? Who doesn’t love carving pumpkins and eating pumpkin pie with loads of whipped cream? No one, that’s who. So while Halloween may not serve a religious, cultural, or emotional purpose, it doesn’t need to. Halloween serves one single purpose, to give kids something to look forward to in the gloomy month of October, and that’s perfectly fine.

Avery Olson: Define the word important. We definitely don’t get to miss school for this “Holiday”. Halloween seems like the ugly friend of Christmas. I’ve never been a fan, but it’s fun to have an excuse to eat all that leftover candy.

Tug Olson: If you break Halloween down from a fundamental standpoint, you’ve got costumes, the ability to stay out a little later than usual, and free candy. To me, not a single one of those is important. These aspects make Halloween fun, but as I get older, the interest level of dressing up, goes down, and I have homework, so I can’t stay up all night hyped up on candy. Halloween is even losing it’s pizazz this year, falling on a Monday. We all can attend school dressed outrageously for one day and that’s about it because you’ve got to get up and go to school the next day. Some people love dressing up and getting in the scary mood, but for me, Halloween isn’t that important. I would rather just go home and watch My Name is Earl.

Jacob Smith: Halloween isn’t really a holiday. It’s like an excuse to wear weird, scary, or just gross stuff in public. Through the years, I have found less involvement in the madhouse that is Halloween. I’m in that awkward in between stage where I can’t Trick-or-Treat, but I can’t go to those adult parties, so Halloween turns into my typical night, Netflix and sit alone. So to some people, Halloween is this “WHOO! Chocolate all night long!” and all in holiday. Others just kind of brush it off and wait for Thanksgiving. I like Halloween, and I like my fun-sized Snickers, but I don’t want to leave the couch dressed up as Harry Potter to get some.

Mey Tuinei: We go to school, we go to work- is this even a holiday? Important? Debatable. If I wanted a night of stuffing my face with candy and watching scary movies, I’d just do it. This doesn’t mean I’m against others dressing up and seeking the thrill of being scared. I have my splurge days and girls’ nights to take a break from everyday life, to let loose and have fun and America has days like this, Halloween.

Sports Recap

The Lady Kings volleyball team played in the silver bracket at the Dimond Invitational last weekend. They lost to Colony and fell out of contention for the silver bracket championship game. During pool play, Kayhi tied with Kenai 25-20, 19-25 and Service 16-25, 25-21. They lost to Kodiak 25-18, 25-17 and East Anchorage 25-10, 25-20.
Friday Statistics
Assists: Kreylynn Johnson 25, Leah Benning 17, Alanna Berry 4, Megan Webb 2, Sherrine Bautista 2, Kassi Montero 2, Grace Clark 1.
Kills: Havalah Clark 35, Johnson 11, Grace Clark 3, Kinani Halvorsen 2, Benning 2, Webb 2. Blocks: Havalah Clark 4, Grace Clark 4, Benning 4, Webb 2, Halvorsen 1.
Digs: Bautista 45, Havalah Clark 22, Montero 18, Johnson 13, Grace Clark 8, Benning 4, Berry 3.
Aces: Grace Clark 7, Montero 4.
Serving: Benning 23/23, Berry, Bautista, Webb, Lezille Sagrado all 100 percent.
Top passers: Bautista, Johnson, Montero.
Saturday Statistics
Digs: Sherrine Bautista 29, Kreylynn Johnson 19, Kassi Montero 13, Havalah Clark 13, Kinani Halvorsen 2, Leah Benning 2, Grace Clark 1, Alanna Berry 1.
Serving: Benning 16/16, Grace Clark 11/11, Bautista 8/8, Havalah Clark 19/20, Johnson 8/10, Montero 11/12.
Aces: Montero 2, Havalah Clark 2, Johnson 1, Grace Clark 1, Benning 1.
Assists: Benning 13, Johnson 11, Berry 2.
Kills: Johnson 18, Havalah Clark 9, Halvorsen 7, Grace Clark 3, Megan Webb 2. Blocks: Halvorsen 5, Grace Clark 3, Havalah Clark 1.

Kayhi Wrestling took second place in the the Brandon Pilot Invitational in Juneau last weekend. Kayhi had 156 points with five finalists; Max Collins, Vince Tenebro, Joey Karlik, and Matthew Rodriguez. Collins and Rodriguez took 1st place for weights 145 and 106. Kayhi did not perform well against the reigning state champions from Colony High School.

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