Explore Night and the College and Vocational Fair

By Henning Pankow
Staff Writer

This week is the week to discover and learn more about your college aspirations. Kayhi is hosting two college programs that help kids get information on certain schools and understand college related topics.
Explore Night will be in the Kayhi Auditorium and Science Wing Tuesday, October 11th, from 5:00 p.m.-8:15 p.m. All students and parents are welcome. Explore Night will cover a variety of topics related to getting into and finding success in college.

A list of the sessions provided include:
Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)
How to make out-of-state colleges affordable.

Finding the right college
Finding the college that fits you and makes you happy is just as important as what the college wants from you.

Applications, admissions, and the selection process
Figure out how to apply and the admission process. Learn what school like to see in students and what students should like of colleges.

Making the most of your school visit
Travelling to the campus of a college is important. Find out why, what to expect, and how to prepare.

Application essays
What do colleges look for in applications.

Quality educational opportunities in AK
Discover the quality and diversity of alaskan schools and programs.

How to survive college without going broke
Realistic look about spending before during and after college. Also impulse control and budgeting.

Preparing a winning Scholarship Application
Scholarships are a great way to reduce your college debt. Learn how to prepare an application that will stand out against the competition.

Organization your senior portfolio
Learn how to get and stay organized for college and scholarship applications. (Bring a binder and sheet protectors and build your scholarship/application binder).

Are you ready for tomorrow’s (today’s) world?
Learn more about how today’s labor market expectations are intertwined with academic preparation.

Bring your financial information- recent tax returns and pay stubs – and begin filling out the FAFSA with expert help.

The second program is the College and Vocational Fair in Kayhi’s Main Gym on Wednesday, October 12th, from 10:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m. and 1:00 p.m.-2:00p.m. The college fair provides information on more than 40 visiting colleges and programs  from all over the nation.
“Don’t ever be afraid to know more than you know now,” said Mrs. Stone, Kayhi’s Senior advisor.
For the students who aren’t planning to attend, Mrs. Stone highly encourages them to change their minds because there are so many factors that go into picking a college and these programs can help to clear up those uncertainties.

How to Fix your Procrastination Problem

                                                        Illustration by Rachel Winburn

By Adrian Ronquillo
Staff Writer

Last night I spent the whole night in the YouTube vortex. You know when you click on a video, then the recommended video, then the recommended video, then the recommended video.
The next day, my English teacher is asking where my 5-paragraph essay is. Let’s all be honest here, we all procrastinate. From the smallest job like throwing out the trash to something big such as studying for a test.
Procrastination is annoying, and you end up regretting the time you’ve wasted. In my case, it was a waste of time, and a solid F on my Powerschool. Anyways, you might be wondering how to stop this bad habit. Well first, let’s look at why we procrastinate in the first place.

Why do we procrastinate?
According to psychologytoday.com, people feel that they work better under pressure, so they procrastinate until they feel the danger of a due assignment. However, this doesn’t mean that they’ll do good on the assignment, it just means they are more inclined to finish it.
Other people want pleasure from the activities they do, so they stop doing their task completely in favor of checking their Instagram page for likes every 10 seconds. So now you must be thinking, “Wow, this article needs to get to the point so I can go and do my homework”.

What can you do to stop the habit?
The writers at realsimple.com had many different methods to stop being a lazy bum.
Two of the methods I found very helpful.
The first is to analyze the task and break it down into smaller parts. For example, let’s say you need to read a page of a book and then answer some questions. Read the page twice to get a good understanding. That makes the task less daunting. After that, answering the questions should be slightly easier.
The second method includes doing the most difficult problems first. You usually want to do this while your mind is fresh. If you solve the problem, you’ll feel accomplished, which leads to a sense of confidence. Everything from there should be much easier. If you try these methods, you’ll be finishing your assignments in no time!


Volleyball Weekend Recap

This weekend Kayhi volleyball team played against Juneau Douglas and Thunder Mountain. The Lady Kings lost Friday against Thunder Mountain (25-21, 14-25, 23-25, 17-25). On Saturday Kayhi won against Juneau Douglas (25-17, 25-16, 25-13), then later competed against and lost to Thunder Mountain (17-25, 25-14, 14-25, 25-17, 20-22).

Varsity Stats vs Juneau-Douglas
Assists- Kreylynn Johnson 16, Leah Benning 11, Sherrin Bautista 1.
Digs- Bautista 14, Kassi Montero 7, Johnson 7, Havalah Clark 4.
Kills- Havalah Clark 9, Kinani Halvorsen 3, Johnson 2, Grace Clark 1.
Blocks- Halvorsen 4, Havalah Clark 1.
Serves- Kayloni Bermudez 7/7, Havalah Clark 6/6, Benning 5/5, Bautista 2/2, Johnson 9/10, Montero 11/12
Aces- Montero 3, Bermudez 1, Johnson 1
Top passers- Bautista, Montero

Varsity Stats vs Thunder Mountain
Assists- Johnson 24, Benning 8, Megan Webb 1
Digs- Bautista 16, Johnson 9, Havalah Clark5
Kills- Havalah Clark 21, Halvorsen 7, Grace Clark 9, Johnson 4, Benning 2, Webb 2, Montero 1
Blocks- Grace Clark 8, Halvorsen 7, Havalah Clark 4, Webb 2
Serves- Bermudez 9/11, Havalah Clark 14/15, Benning 16/16, Bautista 12/12, Johnson 11/13, Montero 19/20, Grace Clark 11/12
Aces- Grace Clark 2, Montero 1, Havalah Clark 1, Benning 1
Top passers- Bautista and Havalah Clark


Swim and Dive Recap

By Justin Albecker
Staff Writer

Kayhi swim and dive did not place at the Bartlett/ Chugiak Invite this past weekend. The swimmer who placed the highest in individual races was freshman Laura Sherrill, placing fourth out of 41 swimmers in the Girls 100 Yard Breaststroke with a time of 1:12.86. The highest placing relay team for Kayhi was Logan Hammersland, Lukas Oswald, Jaret Warstler, and Ethan Thomas, placing tenth out of fourteen in the Boys 400 Yard Freestyle Relay with a final time of 4:13.51. Kayhi’s next meet will be in Juneau, hosted by JDHS on October 14-15.

Kayhi Wrestling Preview

Kayhi wrestling kicked off on Sept. 28 with its first official practice. This year the team has 17 state qualifiers returning from last years season, only losing last year’s seniors Nate Fousel and Trevor Wutzke. 
The highest returning placer last season is Brayden Linne, coming in sixth at the state tournament. State qualifier Max Collins will be a big contender for placing at state this year with a freshman year record of 32-2, and a sophomore year record of 28-12. Collins has never lost a match in Southeast in his high-school career. Payton Stewart, Justin Albecker, Kadin Hodges, Patrick Rauwolf, Vince Tenebro, Grant Collins, and Cameron Harris are all also contenders to place at state.
With all this potential, Coach Rick Collins believes, “this could be the best team in Kayhi wrestling history”.

2016 Wrestling Schedule
Oct. 14-15 Invitational @Petersburg
Oct. 21-22 Brandon Pilot Invitational @Juneau
Oct. 27 Duals @Home
Oct. 28-29 Bill Weiss Tournament @Home
Nov. 3 TBA duals @Anchorage
Nov. 4-5 Colony Tournament @Anchorage
Nov. 11-12 Metlakatla Tournament @Metlakatla
Nov. 17 Wasilla Dual Meet @Wasilla
Nov. 18-19 Lancer Smith Tournament @Palmer
Dec. 2-3 Wrangell Tom Simms Invitational Tournament @Wrangell
Dec. 9-10 Sitka Southeast 4A Tournament @Sitka
Dec. 16-17 Anchorage State Tournament @Anchorage

Lady Kings Volleyball Weekend Preview

Kayhi Lady Kings volleyball faces the Thunder Mountain Falcons and Juneau-Douglas Crimson Bears this weekend. The Lady Kings will compete in conference games Thursday through Saturday.

Game times:
Crimson Bears vs. Lady Kings
JV 6:15 p.m., Varsity 8:00 p.m.

Falcons vs. Lady Kings
JV 6:15 p.m., Varsity 8:00 p.m.

Crimson Bears vs. Lady Kings
JV 11:45 a.m., Varsity 1:30 p.m.

Falcons vs. Lady Kings
JV 6:15 p.m., Varsity 8:00 p.m.

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