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College Fair

Preston McLaren
Staff Writer

College Fair is back again as 51 colleges from around the US meet at Kayhi to promote their school today.
Representatives from these colleges will be at Kayhi for the duration of the day with stats, figures, and pamphlets to help students learn about their college and opportunities provided. 
All students have an opportunity to go to the fair during the day. It lasts from 10:30-11:50, and resumes from 12:30-1:50.

Explore Night

Preston McLaren
Staff Writer

Explorer Night at Kayhi is an annual event where deans of admissions and representatives from a variety of post-secondary programs speak and teach at sessions the night of Oct. 8 to promote and educate students looking into post-secondary options. The event is from 5:15 to 8:30 in the Kayhi auditorium and science hall. Explore night is open to all students and parents.

Topics covered during the sessions
Application Essays
Applications, Admissions, Selection Process
Financial Aid
Finding the Right College
Gaining Financial Independence
Making the Most of School Visits
Quality Educational Opportunities in Alaska
Scholarship Organization
Still Undecided Post Secondary
Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)
What is a Liberal Arts College?